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What's new in these pages?

This page reports on the evolution of this Website as it occurs, both for the sake of those who like to follow such things and to help the Webmaster remember what was done and when.  The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates show when groups of pages were installed on the Web server, which is not always the same as the internal dates of revision of individual pages.

This report covers not only the root directory but all subdirectories.

NOTE:  If you have a tool or method for monitoring changed Webpages, this is the only page that you need to monitor on this Website, because it will always point to all other recently changed pages where the cause of the change was something other than a typographic error.

2020/01/17 - Revised the Goeppinger book commentary with respect to the Blakes (pp.66-67).

Corrected the identification of the Salisbury MD carillon in various indexes.

2020/01/11 - Revised the site locator map system to allow the visitor to choose any of six worldwide mapping services, with options for two regional mapping services where appropriate, all via a new Mapping Service Selection page.  Revised the Map Systems FAQ page accordingly.
Added a new Map Services Features page, thereby obsoleting the existing Maps Comparison page, which is retained for historical purposes.
Revised the user guide that is built into Google site locator maps to fit Google's changes in the human interface.

Revised the Privacy Policy page to add a section on our use of cookies, which are required to remember the newly-offered mapping service choices.

Revised the "Direction" note block which follows (and floats in this page):

"To travel far, you must choose a direction"
William F. Woo, "Letters from the Editor" (chapter title)

The direction in which the TowerBells Website is traveling can be seen in the worklist which is set out below.  In roughly prioritized order, this shows the major tasks which the author has set himself, and which are intended to result in future news items on this page.

  • Post to the site data pages all additions and changes reported by correspondents, found in publications, or discovered from Google Alert messages; revise locator map links as needed.
  • Finish adding site data pages for various instruments in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, British Isles and the Netherlands.  (Traditional carillons are complete.)
  • Enhance page-generator code to display full technical information for prior phases of an instrument.
  • Extend the Google site locator map functions to show nearby sites upon request.
  • Expand the Google regional locator map system to add filter capability (by size, type, type of institution, denomination).
  • Move existing photos in site data pages from Links block to Photos block.
  • Search my photo archives for relevant material which can be posted to site data pages.
  • Regenerate all site data pages older than July 2012 for which information exists about auxiliary mechanisms and/or tower details.
  • Write an essay on HTML maintainability, for the guidance of those who don't appreciate the necessity of it and the subtleties involved.
  • Add numerous entries to the lists of great bells for Germany and other continental European countries.
  • Find and fix obsolete links to the Global Gazetteer.
  • Supply all of the "planned" items listed on the Data_Top page.
  • Update all Summaries that are more than a year old.
  • Review the index to the work of miscellaneous bellfoundries to determine whether additional separate indexes should be constructed.
  • Actively hunt for information to resolve various "unknown" details (foundry, year, weight, number, keyboard ranges, etc.), including location and status of Deagan tower chimes that are not yet mapped.
The words "roughly prioritized" indicate that work on many of these tasks may be going on simultaneously, so that particular sub-tasks may be completed in a different sequence.  There will also be changes from time to time that have no apparent connection to any of these major tasks.  Furthermore, there will be no explicit description of revisions to this task list, nor any record of prior revisions to it, though it will usually move up on this page whenever such a revision occurs.

/signed/   Carl Scott Zimmerman, database owner

2019/12/30 - Restyled index pages specific to traditional carillons.

2019/12/21 - Restyled the data top page, all of the great bells pages and most miscellaneous pages similarly, also revising external links (but not locator maps) to open in separate pages or tabs.

2019/12/20 - Restyled area index lists similarly, removing notes about planned additional indexes, and reordering links for consistency of presentation.

Restyled "unrelated" essays similarly, along with a few map-related pages.  However, some functionally obsolete map advice pages have not been restyled.

2019/12/19 - Restyled pages in the root directory for consistency and proper centering; because none of the content was changed, the revision dates for those files were generally not changed.

2019/12/17 - Revised the document type and/or character set encoding of numerous indexes, summaries and miscellaneous pages for consistency of style and for proper display of some accented characters; because none of the content was changed, the revision dates for those files were generally not changed.

2019/12/09 - Moved the Goeppinger book announcement from the home page to a new page about bell-related books, including another announcement of a new book.

Revised 8 site data pages and added 32 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Added a paragraph on the early history of the Petit & Fritsen bellfoundry.

2019/10/31 - Revised 77 site data pages (see list or map) to correct hyphenation of Dutch province names Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland and Noord-Brabant; indexes and regional maps were unaffected.  Since no substantive changes to the database were made, no announcement message was sent for this update.

Changed "none posted yet" to "none known" in many index categories.

2019/10/29 - Revised 2 site data pages and added 6 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Deleted the page of "sites that are no more" for Denmark, merging its sole entry into the similar page for Europe, to which several other entries were also added.

Expanded the history of the Petit & Fritsen bellfoundry.

Revised locator map routine to handle locations for which the "fix it" option is not appropriate.

Added alphabetic sectioning to the index of traditional carillons in the Netherlands by city name.

2019/09/30 - Revised 42 site data pages (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Removed the site data page for the anticipated ring at Pauli Murray Residential College, Yale University, as that has turned out to be an unsubstantiated rumor.

2019/09/26 - Revised 16 site data pages (see list or map); revised affected indexes accordingly.  (Regional maps were unaffected.)

Added a great bell in Viet Nam.

Revised the Vanduzen foundry history with respect to the name of G.W.Coffin.

Updated the contact information for the American agent for the Paccard bellfoundry.

Improved the styling of several pages in the root directory.

2019/09/20 - Revised 56 site data pages, added 4 and replaced Sugar Grove OH with Venice FL (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.  All traditional carillons of the Netherlands (and the world) are now listed.

Added a new great bell in North America

Changed status of Otterbein UMC in the Deagan sites page.

Split 2018 news into the separate history file referenced below, to save space here.

2019/06/22 - Corrected the foundry attribution for the great bell of Edmond, Oklahoma.

Revised the list of geographic indexes for traditional carillons to include the index of travelling carillons.

2019/06/20 - Revised 8 site data pages and added 41 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Revised the sort order of Dutch city names with "IJ" to conform to modern usage.

2019/05/28 - Revised link text for info windows in regional maps.

Standardized widths of many pages in the home directory.

2019/05/13 - Added a set of regional locator maps solely for the great bells of the world, as well as a FAQ page describing and explaining the customized map systems used here; revised the Data Top page (both standalone and frames versions) accordingly.

Added material to the entries for James Doolittle, for A.F.Shapleigh and for Ward, Bartholomew & Brainard in the Goeppinger book.

2019/05/10 - Redesigned some map-tack icons (map pins) for regional maps, added some, and revised the regional map help page, both in support of forthcoming changes regarding great bells.

Regional maps in the "traditional carillon" system (starting here) will now present a visual indication of which instruments contain great bells, and the number of such bells will be stated in the info window for each site.

Added a Statistics button to regional locator maps; for an example, see North America traditional carillons.

Added some locator maps to the page of great bells in Germany.

NOTE:  Although the regional mapping system now has the capability to show the locations of individual great bells as well as those embedded in various kinds of instruments, little of this information has been added to that system.

2019/05/02 - Revised 2 site data pages and added 15 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

2019/04/26 - Added a new paragraph to the end of the Website history.

Revised "Fixit" text in site locator map routine.

Removed update locator maps from 2015 news; update lists remain.

2019/04/19 - Revised 49 site data pages and added 32 (see list or map)' revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

2019/04/05 - Rewrote the explanation on the second page of the supplementary information on weights.

Fixed clustering in several regional locator maps, and revised the text of the Help window for such maps to add a section on "Using Google's standard map controls".

2019/03/31 - Added a new independent great bell in North America (#16).

Added a link and a locator map to the great bell of Sydney General Post Office.

2019/03/15 - Revised 20 site data pages (see list or map), no indexes or regional maps were affected.

Revised the history of the chime at Trinity/Wall Street based on newly discovered newspaper articles.

2019/03/02 - Revised 26 site data pages and added 8 (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Added locator map to the largest known great bell in South America.

Added three basses from the great peal of Utrecht to the great bells of Europe.

Corrected numbering in western-profile great bells in the Asia-Pacific area.

Added date of marriage of C.D.Meneely to the Hanks-Meneely genealogy.

2019/02/05 - Corrected remarks regarding the disposition of the Vanduzen chime exhibited at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

2019/01/25 - Revised 19 site data pages and added one (see list or map); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

2019/01/16 - Revised the Deagan sites page and the page of tubular sites that are no more to reflect new information from Jack Gercken about his father's activities as a tower chime installer for the J.C.Deagan company, as well as the donations of four sets of tubes to various symphony orchestras.
Revised 50 site data pages (see list or map) and deleted three, for the same reasons; revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

2019/01/10 - Added the Westley Group (UK) to the Bellfoundries page.

Revised 9 site data pages (see list or map), no indexes or regional maps were affected.

Replaced most of the standard PDFs available for download, eliminating a few and adding a few, and revising the page about hardcopy; the set incorporates all database changes up to and including the current update package (see paragraph immediately above).

Prior years' news has been moved into the following separate files to save space here:

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A Website history explains the merger.
2000-2011 - See What was new in the TowerBells pages before the merger?.
1996-2012 - See What was new in the GCNA data pages before the merger?

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