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The bellfoundries listed below have supplied bells that are (or were) contained in carillons or chimes that are described on this Website.  For each such foundry, the link given is to an index page which lists all such instruments (and any "great bells") that are known, in chronological order of installation.  Thus instruments which have bells from multiple foundries, or in which bells were installed over a period of years (especially those which developed from chimes into carillons), will have multiple entries in these indexes.  Other work by these foundries (single bells, peals, clock-chimes, etc.) is not indexed, though such bells will be mentioned in the Remarks section of a site data page if they were later incorporated into a carillon or chime, or if they are companions in the same tower with a carillon or chime.

These foundries, along with other known bellfoundries for which no index pages have been made, are also shown in a list by country.

Part 1 — Makers of bronze bells

In alphabetic order
with locations
In database code order
with status
Unknown (unidentified or anonymous)

Van Aerschodt - Leuven (Louvain), Belgium
Allanconi - Ripalta Cremasca (CR), Italy
Bergholtz - Sigtuna, Sweden
Bigelow - Princeton, New Jersey, USA
Bollée - Orléans, France
Capanni - Italy
Causard - Tellin, Belgium
      and   Colmar & Strasbourg, France
Cavadini - Verona
Colbachini - Verona, Italy [closed 1974]
Cornille-Havard - Villedieu-les-Poêles, Manche, France
De Poli - Revine, Treviso, Italy
Eijsbouts - Asten, Netherlands
Gillett & Johnston - Croydon, England
Grassmayr - Innsbruck, Austria
Hanks/Niles - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
de Haze - Antwerp, Belgium
Hemony - Netherlands
Hooper/Blake - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Jones - Troy, New York, USA
Mabilon - Saarburg, Germany
McShane - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Meeks, Watson & Co. - Georgetown, Ohio, USA
Meneely - Troy, New York, USA
Meneely - West Troy / Watervliet, New York, USA
Michaux - Leuven, Belgium
Michiels - Belgium
Olsen - Nauen, Tønsberg, Norway
Paccard - Annecy, France
Perner - Passau, Germany
Petit & Edelbrock - Gescher, Westphalia, Germany
Petit & Fritsen - Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands
Rincker - Sinn, Germany
Rüetschi - Aarau, Switzerland
Schilling - Apolda & Heidelberg, Germany
Sergeys - Belgium
De Smithske - Aalborg, Denmark
Sørensen - Brønderslev, Denmark
Stuckstede - Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
Sunderlin - Ruther Glen, Virginia
Taylor - Loughborough, England
Vanbergen - Midwolda & Heiligerlee, Netherlands
      and   Greenwood, South Carolina, USA
Vanden Gheyn
Vanduzen - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Warner - London, England
Wauthy - Douai, France
Whitechapel - London, England

Miscellaneous (no individual index)
Unknown (unidentified or anonymous)

Van Aerschodt  —  closed
Bigelow  —  closed
Schilling  —  both closed
Causard  —  all closed
Vanden Gheyn  —  closed
Meeks, Watson & Co.
Petit & Fritsen  —  closed 2015
Gillett & Johnston  —  closed c.1957
Hemony  —  all closed
Hooper/Blake  —  closed
Michiels  —  closed
Capanni  —  closed
Jones  —  closed 1887
De Poli
Colbachini  —  closed 1974
Meneely (Watervliet)  —  closed c.1951
Meneely (Troy)   —  closed c.1951
McShane  —  foundry dismantled c.2019
Sergeys  —  closed
Vanbergen - NL  —  closed 1980
      & USA  —  closed 1977
Cavadini  —  closed 1974
Whitechapel  —  closed 2017
Warner  —  closed c.1924
Michaux  —  closed
Wauthy  —  closed 1930s
Bergholtz  —  closed 2012
Vanduzen  —  closed c.1951

The following foundries share the "miscellaneous"
code in the database but do have individual indexes.

Mabilon  —  closed 2002
de Haze  —  closed
Stuckstede  —  closed 1931
Hanks/Niles  —  closed 1869
Petit & Edelbrock
De Smithske  —  closed
Sørensen  —  closed

Miscellaneous (no individual index)

The foundries that have contributed to only a few known installations do not (yet) have separate index pages, but they can be found listed in a "miscellaneous" section at the end of the combined foundry index for the particular geographic regions of such installations, as well as in an index of work by miscellaneous foundries.

A great deal of work on various tower bell instruments has been reported in ways that do not identify who performed it.  These installations, or phases of work, are listed in an index of work by unknown foundries, along with work that is anonymous (i.e., unidentifiable).

Part 2 — Makers of steel bells

Part 3 — Makers of porcelain bells

Part 4 — Makers of tubular bells

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