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What was new in these pages?

This page reports on the evolution of this Website during the year 2017.  This helps to keep the "What's New" page to a manageable size.  The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates of entries show when pages were installed on the Web server, which is not always the same as their internal dates of revision.

2017/12/31 - Revised the Whitechapel foundry index to reflect its closure earlier this year; revised lists of foundries accordingly.

Corrected and expanded the story of Rincker in America.

Rewrote the help for MapQuest maps.

Revised the glossary link in the introductory paragraph of all indexes by year of completion.

My apologies to those who have contributed information this year and were promised that it would appear "in the next update."  Life happens, but a data update did not.  Please be assured that your contribution has not been lost, but is part of a huge accumulation that is waiting to be integrated into the database.     /s/ CSZ

Prior years' news has been moved into the following separate files to save space here:

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