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Elsewhere on the World Wide Web (colloquially called the Web), a page like this would be called a "site map."  Here it's called a "Website map" because we use the word "site" to mean the location of a tower bell instrument of some kind.  That is most commonly seen in the term "site data page", which is a page (on this Website) that identifies, locates and describes one particular tower bell instrument or collection.

Website Map for

This map covers only the topmost part of this Website, which is only a small portion of the total.  For the contents of the rest, see the Data Top page referenced in this map.  See also the Navigation Tips below.

Home page

Tips on navigating this Website

  1. Every page outside the Data section has a navigation bar at the top (as this one does), showing one possible hierarchical path between the home page and the current page.  That bar has links back to the preceding pages on that path.  (Obviously the home page has no need of such a navigation bar.)
  2. Every page except the home page has a 4-item menu bar near the bottom of the page (as this one does), presenting links to a few useful pages that are not hierarchically connected.  The selection of items presented on such menu bars in the Data section of this Website is different from the selection presented elsewhere.
  3. This Website Map page, together with the Contents portion of the Data Top page, shows all major topic (i.e., non-data) pages in a hierarchical layout.
  4. Every site data page can be reached from several different index pages as well as from at least one regional locator map.  The Links section of each site data page contains several back-links to the referencing lines of various such index pages (though not all).  This enables finding any site based on a variety of criteria, as well as exploring the relationships between any site and others that are similar to it with respect to size, weight, age, maker or geographic area.
  5. Index pages and other list pages within the Data section have a link near the bottom which goes back to the "index list" page for that particular set of related indexes.
  6. There are numerous cross-links between pages, as well as jump links within pages.  Watch the status bar of your Web browser as you mouse over a link to foresee where it will take you if you click it.

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