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The TowerBells Website has been structured and indexed to be as useful as possible without searching.  However, we realize that some visitors prefer to use a search tool, and that others may be seeking information that isn't readily located using our structure and indexes.  To meet these needs, we provide a customized search facility based on the well-known Google search engine.

You can search the TowerBells Website for any word or phrase.

Tip:   To search for a phrase, such as a multi-word name, enclose it in quote marks, thus: "Christ Church".

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NOTE:  The Google search results page will not list any pages that we have added since the last time that Google crawled this Website.  (No one knows when that was, and Google isn't telling!)  Also, the results page might not reflect changes we have made during the same period, if the changes added the the word(s) for which you are searching.

To find those newly-added or changed pages, you might look at our What's new page, which reports our view of non-trivial changes to the Website.

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