Degraded European tower bell instruments

Some carillons or chimes in Europe have had bells or traditional playing mechanisms removed, but survive in that degraded condition.  The lists below identify those instruments, categorized according to their original (or maximum) size.  The nature of each degradation is given here, and in each case there is a link to the site data page which describes the instrument in its present state.


Carillons which have lost their traditional mechanisms:

Offenburg, Germany, Altes Rathaus
A traditional carillon of 25 bells was installed here by Peter Schilling in 1989, and was played by hand for many years.  In 2009, the baton keyboard was partially dismantled, and an electro-pneumatic system was installed to drive the original mechanical transmission through the remains of that keyboard.  The bells are now playable only automatically or through a 5-octave electric keyboard.

Chimes which have lost their traditional mechanisms:

(Identification of instruments in this category has not yet been done.)

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