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Anyone who has survived in this world for four-fifths of a century ought to have some potentially useful thoughts to share with other passengers on Planet Earth.  Here are a few of mine, each in the form of an essay on a subject.  Some of them truly are totally unrelated to the purpose of the main body of the TowerBells Website.  Others are peripherally related, in that they were prompted by things that happened in the course of development of that Website, which now spans over 20 years (or 23 years, or 45 years, or 63 years, depending on what's taken as the starting point for its contents and organization).

Carl Scott Zimmerman
Campanologist & Webmaster
USAF Weather Officer (ret.)
Senior systems analyst (ret.)
Volunteer church musician
Husband, father, grandfather
Presbyterian with Anglican leanings
Writer, editor, proofreader
Problem solver

Topics with links are listed in reverse order of when they were written or were last significantly revised (latest at the top).
Topics without links are still floating around in my head, waiting to take on written form, and are listed in alphabetic order.

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