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What was new in these pages?

This page reports on the evolution of this Website during the year 2016.  This helps to keep the "What's New" page to a manageable size.  The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates of entries show when pages were installed on the Web server, which is not always the same as their internal dates of revision.

2016/12/31 - Added weight table links to the page about Neil Goeppinger's book; most of the the tables (supplied by Neil) come from bellfoundry catalogs.  Added a new page incorporating all of those tables, linked from the existing data page about bell weights.

2016/12/27 - Expanded the story of Rinckers in America.

2016/12/19 - Improved linking for 382 site data pages for tubular chimes

2016/11/30 - Revised the structure of the "by type" indexes in the right-hand box near the top of the main page in the data section.

Updated the Website map to include the page announcing Neil Goeppinger's book.

2016/11/25 - Added some errata and commentary to the page about Neil Goeppinger's book.

Revised the page about Saint Louis bellfoundries to show the name of Burd, Rucker & Company as having been found on a surviving bell.

Corrected the span of proprietorship of Vanduzen & Tift in the Vanduzen foundry index.

Expanded the history of the Hooper/Blake foundry.

Revised the American part of the history of the Rincker foundry slightly.

2016/11/04 - Added the announcement of Neil Goeppinger's new book, linked from the home page.

Added a special note and a section about notable bells to the page about Meneely (Troy) foundry production; replaced the graphs in the page with more accurate versions resulting from recent proofreading of the.transcription.

Expanded description of the parents of Uriah Hanks in the Hanks-Meneely genealogy page.

Added cross-references from Hull to Kingston-upon-Hull, UK.

Split 2015 news into the separate history file referenced below, to save space here.

Reorganized storage of some photos; this may affect links from other Websites.

2016/09/04 - Revised 18 site data pages and added 5 (see list); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.  The former combined ring+chime of Towcester, England, is now two separate instruments.

Replaced the site data page for a traditional carillon in Sellersville, PA, with a site data page for a non-traditional mobile carillon based in Norfolk, VA, plus a paragraph in the page about degraded instruments in North America.

Replaced the site data page for a Deagan tower chime in Anchorage, KY, with a paragraph in the page of tubular sites that are no more; revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Added a significant historical note to the Vanduzen foundry index.

Changed alignment of home page.

All mobile instruments can now be found via regional locator maps as well as via indexes, though their maximum zoom levels are limited.

Reorganized storage of some photos.

Fixed missing "add" parameters on several regional maps.

2016/07/17 - Fixed regional maps for Europe and Germany (all instruments).

2016/05/21 - Revised 14 site data pages and added 32 (see list); revised affected indexes and regional maps accordingly.

Revised the Vanduzen foundry history; revised other foundry-related pages to reflect the 2014 closure of the Petit & Fritsen foundry.

2016/02/14 - Revised the links to ANZAB Webpages in all site data pages and indexes for rings in Australia and New Zealand, following discovery of that Website's redesign.

2016/01/15 - Fixed a broken link in the Rincker foundries index page.

2016/01/05 - Revised the Rincker foundry index page, now identified as "Rincker foundries", expanding the history of the Chicago foundry; added H.W.Rincker's great Chicago fire bell to the page of great bells of North America.

Fixed errors in several regional maps for traditional carillons, and made text wording in map headings and info windows more consistent.

Prior years' news has been moved into the following separate files to save space here:

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