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Subscribing to TowerBells update notices

Why update notices?

This Website is updated as new information is found (or reported) or as old information is discovered to be incomplete or incorrect.  Thus it changes frequently, and not simply by the addition of new material as some Websites do.  Since the first of these site data pages appeared on the Web in early 1997, it has been our policy to send update notices to all eddresses (email addresses) which appear in site data pages within a batch of such newly added or revised pages.  These notices serve two purposes:

The update notice subscription facility serves a different purpose:

While the site data pages for instruments made of conventional bells were part of the GCNA Website, update notices were automatically copied to all members of the committee which had oversight of that Website.  That automatic service was terminated when those pages were moved to this Website in April 2012.

All copies of update notices are sent with blind addressing (BCC), to eliminate the risk of eddress harvesting by malware on any recipient's computer.

How to subscribe

It's very simple  —  just send an email to the Webmaster/owner.  Using the link in the preceding sentence will pre-set the subject of an email message appropriately.  It would be helpful if you used the body of the message to explain your interest in tower bells, especially which of the following fields of interest best fits you:

If you do not specify a field of interest, I will assume that your interest is in all types of instruments.

Once you are added to the appropriate subscription list, you will receive a copy of each Website update notice for which the new or revised site data pages include instruments in your field of interest.  (Such notices may also include instruments outside your field of interest.)  If you wonder (or worry) how often that might be, look at the dates in the What's New page to get an idea of how ofteh then have been sent in the past.  Only those updates which explicitly include site data pages will trigger the sending of update notices, and each notice will tell you precisely how to find those site data pages that were added or revised.  But it will not tell you what was changed within each page.

How to unsubscribe

It's very simple  -  just reply to any update notice, adding the word UNSUBSCRIBE to the end of the subject line of the message.  You don't need to explain anything!

Unlike other email subscriptions, there are no subscribe/unsubscribe instructions in the update notices themselves.  That is because their primary addressees are the people or offices who are identified on the new or revised site data pages, and they do not have the option to unsubscribe except by requesting removal of their names (or at least eddresses) from those pages.  Their "subscriptions" are not like yours would be, because they will receive update notices only when the site data pages for their own instruments are added or changed.

An alternative to subscribing

If you have a tool or method for monitoring changed Webpages, the only page that you need to monitor on this Website is the What's New page, because it is changed in every batch of updates, and it will always point to all other changed pages, either directly or via an update index page.

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