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Privacy policy and use of cookies

Privacy policy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union (EU) went into effect on 25 May 2018.  Consequently, Website visitors may reasonably expect to find a policy statement that provides a clear understanding of how the Website owner acquires and uses personal information -- that is, in the terminology of the GDPR, information that is related to the identification of a data subject (a real person).  The text that follows on this page is the current policy statement for the Website on which you, a visitor to this Website and the reader of this page, find it resident.

1.  This Website is owned and operated by a real person (Carl Scott Zimmerman, hereinafter referred to by the editorial "we"), not by any corporation, association, or other fictive entity.  It is operated as a public service, and as such it has no commercial function.  The owner is a citizen and resident of the United States of America (USA), and the computers used by the owner to maintain the content of this Website are located in the USA.

2.  We do not collect any personal information from or about visitors to this Website.  Therefore, we believe that the GDPR has little or no legal relevancy to the operation of this Website, and that the same holds true for any similarly-intentioned law in any other jurisdiction.

3.  The computers through which you access this Website (known as Web hosting servers or Webservers) are owned by, and their location is unknown to us.  While that company does collect the IP addresses of Website visitors as part of the normal process of hosting a Website (including statistical analysis of network traffic), we do not use those IP addresses for any purpose, and we have no means of associating any IP address with a person (a data subject) or a place.  It is therefore impossible for us to identify any visitor, or the current location of any visitor.

4.  The purpose of this Website is to make certain kinds of information publicly available to any interested visitor.  This information has to do with publicly audible tower bells, and as such it includes contact information for persons who have publicly identifiable responsibilities related to those bells or to the institutions that own those bells.  We do not collect, maintain or use any other kind of personal information for such persons.  We do not "process" that contact information except as described in paragraph 6 below.

5.  We collect personal and non-personal information for use as described in paragraph 4 (above) from a variety of public and private sources not connected to this Website.  Public sources include books, magazines, news articles (in print or online), other Websites, etc.  Private sources include personal communications via email (either individually or on mail-lists), postal mail, telephone, etc.  While we may share this information publicly on this Website as described above, we do not share it in any other manner.

6.  The only use we make of the personal contact information that we publish (specified in paragraph 4 above) is to send a one-time email announcement that the Webpage on which that information appears has been added to or revised on our Website.  The intent of this announcement is to enable the person so identified to review the published information for accuracy, as well as to invite them to inform us of any corrections that ought to be made.  That includes removal from this Website of contact information that they wish to regard as private.  We will remove such information upon request--see paragraph 9 (below).

7.  You can find out whether we publish any personal contact information about you by using our search page to search this Website for any occurrence of your last name.

8.  Prior to 2020, this Website did not use "cookies" in its operation; for subsequent use, see below.  It does not use any other kind of visitor tracking information except as implied by paragraph 3 above.

9.  For questions, comments or concerns regarding this policy in general, please use the email link at the bottom of this page.  For communication regarding one of our Webpages on which your personal information appears (or should appear), please use the email link at the bottom of that page, so that we will know exactly where your concern is focussed.

NOTE:  From at least as early as 2001, this Website had an announced privacy policy.  You can find its most recent version near the end of the page of Credits and Disclaimers, under the Privacy heading.  Although the wording has been improved from time to time, there has been no substantive change to our privacy policy since this Website began, and therefore we do not publish a log of precisely what those improvements in wording have been.

Use of cookies

Effective January 2020, if you use the locator map facility that is associated with site data pages on this Website, we will attempt to use cookies to remember your choices with respect to mapping services, as you specify via the Service Selector page.  If you are using a public computer, your choices will be remembered for the duration of your present session; you should be careful to follow the locally-published procedure for ending that session.  If you are using a private computer, your choices will be remembered for up to a year after the last time that you saved them using that Service Selector page, in the Web browser that you were then using.  You should be aware that cookies are not accessible outside the Web browser where they were set.

If you tell your Web browser not to accept cookies for this domain (, the only effect it will have is that you will be asked to choose a mapping service every time you request a locator map.  There is no default choice of service, only a default in the presentation of options on the Service Selector page.

If you want to see what cookies (if any) are currently set for you by this Website, click here.  If you want to change your choices regarding mapping services, you can click on the Service Selector page link in the first paragraph of this section.  That page is also accessible from various other places on this Website.

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This page was created on 2018/05/18 and last revised on 2020/03/21.

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