Indexes to tubular tower chime sites
throughout the world

Tower bell instruments of 8 or more tubular bells can be found mostly in America and England, with only a few located elsewhere.  This Website has a site data page for each such instrument which is known outside of the British Isles.  To facilitate finding pages of interest to visitors, as well as to show related information about groups of sites, those site data pages are indexed in several different ways, as follows:

For extant and defunct tubular chimes in the British Isles, see Mike Chester's Website.  (For easier use, either download the spreadsheet or make it full screen.)  About 300 are listed there; 21 are identified as having come from Harrington, while the rest (though probably from the same source) are currently unidentified.  About 177 are believed to remain extant (as of early 2019).

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