Tower-bell instruments in Europe:
index by country and city

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, etc., as well as great bells, may be found in these European countries:
Belarus,  {Belgium}
Bosnia (formerly part of Yugoslavia) Bulgaria
Croatia (formerly part of Yugoslavia) Czech Republic (formerly part of Czechoslovakia)
{England (UK)},  Estonia
{Faeroe Islands (Denmark)}
Finland,  {France}
{Germany} (former East & West combined)
{Greenland (Denmark)}
{Ireland (Republic of)},  {Italy}
{Northern Ireland (UK)}
{Scotland (UK)}
Serbia (formerly part of Yugoslavia)
{Shetland Isles (UK/Scotland)} Slovak Republic (formerly part of Czechoslovakia)
Slovenia (formerly part of Yugoslavia)
{Wales (UK)}

Click on any underlined country name above to go directly to that section of this index or to the {separate country or regional index page}.  Within a country, sites are listed alphabetically by city and site-name.  Countries that are not named here are not (yet) known to have any bells eligible for entry in our database or lists of great bells.

There is a regional locator map which shows all of the non-tubular sites indexed below which are in countries that do not have their own single-country regional maps.  The single-country maps can be reached either from that regional map or from the links at the tops of the corresponding country sections of this index page (below).  (The regional locator maps are separate from the site locator maps that can be found from the site data pages.)

Greenland and the Faeroe Islands are indexed with Denmark (since they are Danish territories), but are regionally mapped with Europe as a whole (since they are geographically separated by long distances).

If you are looking for a specific site by its institutional name (e.g., a church or school) or by the instrument's proper name, then use the "find in page" feature of your Web browser to locate a distinctive word (or partial word) in that name.


  1. For an explanation of the instrument-type tag at the end of each site link line, see the Instrument Type Abbreviations.

  2. Cities which have (or had) a carillon or chime during a historical period when they were part of, or were occupied by, a different country may be cross-referenced by the name which they bore in the language of that country.  For the same reason, place names are sometimes given in alternate languages.  Such references enable the reader to connect historical references with present circumstances, and are not intended to express any political opinion regarding past or present facts.

  3. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more for this region.  If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.


TIRANA                        : ALBANIA      chime
   Katedralja Ngjallja e Krishtit
   (Resurrection Cathedral)


Country locator map (dynamic)
GRAZ - GM                     : AUSTRIA      non-trad
   Toenendes Erz dat Graz
   (Sounding bronze of Graz)
   Gottfried Maurer residence
GRAZ - MK                     : AUSTRIA      non-trad
GRAZ - MS                     : AUSTRIA      chime
   Mariensäule (Marian column)
GRUENAU-HOFSTETTEN            : AUSTRIA      chime
   RC Church
HEILIGENKREUZ                 : AUSTRIA      trad
   Stift Heiligenkreuz (Holy Cross Abbey)
INNSBRUCK - D/1               : AUSTRIA      trad
   North tower
   Dom Sct.Jacob (St.James Cathedral)
INNSBRUCK - D/2               : AUSTRIA      peal/great
   Both towers
   Domtoren Sct.Jacob
INNSBRUCK - G                 : AUSTRIA      non-trad
   Glockengießerei Grassmayr
INNSBRUCK - STJ               : AUSTRIA      non-trad
   Johanniskirche (St.John's Church)
INNSBRUCK - Z                 : AUSTRIA      non-trad
Innsbruck                     : Austria      great
   Jesuit Church
LANGENLOIS                    : AUSTRIA      chime
LINZ - F                      : AUSTRIA      chime
   Feichtinger Home
LINZ - K                      : AUSTRIA      chime
   Linzer Kiwanis Glockenspiel
Mösern                        : Austria      great
   Peace Bell 
SAINT POELTEN                 : AUSTRIA      non-trad
   Rathaus (City hall)
SALZBURG                      : AUSTRIA      non-trad
   Cupola, Archbishop's Palace
     (Neubau; Neue Rezidenz)
Salzburg                      : Austria      great #1
Salzburg                      : Austria      great #2
   Salzburger Dom (Cathedral)
VIENNA                        : AUSTRIA
  *See:  WIEN                 : AUSTRIA
WIEN - BF                     : AUSTRIA      chime
   Berndorf Factory
WIEN - STJ                    : AUSTRIA      chime
   (St.Joseph Church at Kahlenburg)
WIEN - STS                    : AUSTRIA      peal/great
   South tower
   St.Stephen's Cathedral
Wien (Vienna)                 : Austria      great
   "Die Pummerin"
   North tower
   St.Stephen's Cathedral


ZHYROVICHY                    : BELARUS      zvon
   Svyato-Uspenskiy Zhyrovichy Monastery


(formerly part of Yugoslavia)
MEDJUGORJE                    : BOSNIA       trad
   Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace
   Crkva Sv.Jakova (St.James Church)


SOFIA - AN                    : BULGARIA     zvon/great
   Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
SOFIA - KM                    : BULGARIA     non-trad
   Kambanite Monument


(formerly part of Yugoslavia)
UNKNOWN                       : CROATIA      chime

Czech Republic

(formerly part of Czechoslovakia)
BRNO                          : CZECH REP.   chime
   Brno City Museum
   Hrad Špilberk
BRODEK U PREROVA              : CZECH REP.   chime
   Freestanding bell frame
KRTINY                        : CZECH REP.   non-trad
   Pilgrimage church
LODENICE                      : CZECH REP.   zvon
   Monastyr svatého Václava a svaté Ludmily
   (Convent SS.Wenceslas & Ludmila)
NOVY JICIN                    : CZECH REP.   chime
   Radnice (town hall)
PRAGUE                        : CZECHOSLOV.
  *See:  PRAHA                : CZECH REP.
PRAHA - L                     : CZECH REP.   trad
   Loreto Cloister Museum Tower
PRAHA - mobile                : CZECH REP.   trad
   Prazská Mobilní Zvonohra
   (Prague Mobile Carillon)
PRAHA - STT                   : CZECH REP.   chime
   Church of St.Theresa
PRAHA - V                     : CZECH REP.   chime
   Church of St.Peter & Paul at Vysehrad
   (Svaty Petr a Pavel)
Praha (Prague)                : Czech Rep.   great
   St.Vitus Cathedral
ZD'AR NAD SAZAVOU             : CZECH REP.   chime
   Old Town Hall


TALLINN                       : ESTONIA      zvon/great
   Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral 
TARTU                         : ESTONIA      non-trad
   Town Hall


Country locator map (dynamic)
HELSINKI                      : FINLAND      zvon
   Uspenski Cathedral (Finnish Orthodox)
KOUVOLA                       : FINLAND      chime
KUOPIO                        : FINLAND      non-trad/zvon
   The Orthodox Church Museum of Finland 
   (Suomen Ortodoksinen Kirkkomuseo) 
PYHÄSALMI - 1                 : FINLAND      non-trad
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (restaurant, indoors) 
PYHÄSALMI - 2                 : FINLAND      chime
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (main bell shed) 
PYHÄSALMI - 3                 : FINLAND      chime
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (west garden) 
PYHÄSALMI - 4                 : FINLAND      chime
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (southwest garden) 
PYHÄSALMI - 5                 : FINLAND      coll/great
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
VANTAA                        : FINLAND      trad
   Tikkurila Church


GIBRALTAR                     : GIBRALTAR    tubular
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity


MOUNT ATHOS                   : GREECE       zvon/great
   St.Panteleimon Monastery
Mount Athos                   : Greece       great
   St.Panteleimon Monastery
PATRAI                        : GREECE       non-trad
   St.Andrew's Cathedral
   (Aghios Andreas)


BUDAPEST                      : HUNGARY      non-trad
   Méria Magdolna Torony
   (Mary Magdalene tower)
Budapest                      : Hungary      great
   St.Stephan's Basilica
HEVIZ                         : HUNGARY      chime
   Town hall
KECSKEMÉT                     : HUNGARY      non-trad
   Városháza (City Hall)


REYKJAVIK - BR                : ICELAND      chime
REYKJAVIK - BU                : ICELAND      chime
REYKJAVIK - H                 : ICELAND      non-trad
   Hallgrímskirkja (Cathedral)


RIGA - NC                     : LATVIA       zvon/great
   Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
RIGA - R                      : LATVIA       non-trad
   Ratsnams (City Hall)


VADUZ                         : LIECHTENST.  chime
   Schlössle Mahal (restaurant;
   was Hotel Schlössle)


GELGAUDISKIS                  : LITHUANIA    non-trad
   Water tower
   Gelgaudiskis dvaras (Manor house)
KAUNAS                        : LITHUANIA    trad
   Military Museum of Vitautas the Great 
KLAIPEDA                      : LITHUANIA    trad
   Central Post Office 
SAKIAI                        : LITHUANIA    non-trad
SIAULIAI - SM                 : LITHUANIA    chime
   Svc. Mergeles Marijos Nekaltojo Prasidejimo
   (Church of the Immaculate Conception
     of the Virgin Mary)
SIAULIAI - SPP                : LITHUANIA    trad
   Cathedral of SS.Peter & Paul
TELSIAI                       : LITHUANIA    non-trad
VILNIUS                       : LITHUANIA    trad
   Church of the Apostles St.Philip
     and St.Jacob


ECHTERNACH - 1                : LUXEMBOURG   trad
   Basilica of St.Willibrord
ECHTERNACH - 2                : LUXEMBOURG   chime/great(2)
   West towers
   Basilica of St.Willibrord
LUXEMBOURG                    : LUXEMBOURG   non-trad 
   Cathedrale Notre Dame
TROINE-ROUTE                  : LUXEMBOURG   chime
   Donatuskapell (St.Donatus Chapel)
WASSERBILLIG                  : LUXEMBOURG   chime 
   St.Martin's Church


BIRGU                         : MALTA        chime
   Malta Maritime Museum
Birkirkara                    : Malta        great
   St Helen's Basilica
GHAJNSIELEM                   : MALTA        peal
   Ghajnsielem Parish Church
GOZO                          : MALTA        chime
   Lady of Ta' Pinu Shrine Basilica
GOZO                          : MALTA
  *See also:  Lija, Gozo      : Malta
  *See also:  Victoria, Gozo  : Malta
  *See also:  Xewkija, Gozo   : Malta
Lija, Gozo                    : Malta        great
   Parish Church of Christ the Saviour
Qormi                         : Malta        great
   Parish Church of St.Sebastian
Siggiewi                      : Malta        great
   Parish Church of St Nicholas of Myra
SLIEMA                        : MALTA        chime
   St.Gregory the Great Parish Church
     (San Girgor)
VALLETTA                      : MALTA        chime/great
   St.John's Co-Cathedral
Valletta                      : Malta        great
   "Memorial Siege Bell"
Valletta                      : Malta        great
   St.Dominic Basilica
Victoria, Gozo                : Malta        great
   Cathedral of the Assumption
Xewkija, Gozo                 : Malta        great
   Parish Church of St.John


Country locator map (dynamic)
ARENDAL                       : NORWAY       chime
   Trefoldighet kirke 
BAERUM                        : NORWAY       trad
   Rådhus (Town Hall) 
BERGEN                        : NORWAY       trad
BODØ                          : NORWAY       trad
DRAMMEN - BK                  : NORWAY       trad
   Bragernes kirke (church) 
DRAMMEN - LS                  : NORWAY       chime
   Lier Sykehus 
HAMMERFEST                    : NORWAY       chime
   St.Michael the Archangel
HAUGESUND                     : NORWAY       trad
   Vår Frelsers kirke 
KRISTIANSAND                  : NORWAY       non-trad
   Kristiansand Domkirke 
LILLESTRØM                    : NORWAY       chime
   Øvre Rælingen kirke 
MOLDE                         : NORWAY       trad
   Domkirke (Cathedral) 
NAUEN - mobile                : NORWAY       trad
   Traveling Carillon
   Olsen Nauen Bellfoundry (home) 
OSLO - BK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Bredtvet kirke 
OSLO - C                      : NORWAY       trad
   Domkirke (Cathedral) 
OSLO - EK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Ellingsrud kirke 
OSLO - FK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Fossum kirke 
OSLO - HK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Holmlia kirke 
OSLO - LK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Langhus kirke 
OSLO - R                      : NORWAY       trad
   Rådhus (City Hall) 
OSLO - RK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Rødtvet kirke 
OSLO - SVK                    : NORWAY       chime
   Skøyen Vest kirke 
OSLO - U                      : NORWAY       trad
   Uranienborg kirke (church) 
OSLO - VK                     : NORWAY       chime
   Vålerenga kirke 
SANDEFJORD                    : NORWAY       trad
STAVANGER                     : NORWAY       trad
   Domkirke (Cathedral) 
TONSBERG                      : NORWAY       non-trad
   Sems Sparebank 
TRONDHEIM                     : NORWAY       trad
   Nidarosdomen (Cathedral) 


CZESTOCHOWA - JG              : POLAND       trad
   Our Lady Tower 
   Jasna Góra (Bright Hill) Monastery 
CZESTOCHOWA - U               : POLAND       chime
CRAKOW                        : POLAND
  *See:  KRAKOW               : POLAND
GDANSK - B                    : POLAND       chime
   Biskupia Górka
   (Bishop's Hill youth hotel)
GDANSK - K                    : POLAND       trad
   Sw.Katarzyna (St.Catharine's Church)
GDANSK - R                    : POLAND       trad
   Old Town Hall
KRAKOW - B                    : POLAND       chime
   Sanktuarium Bozego Milosierdzia
   (Sanctuary of Divine Mercy)
KRAKOW - W                    : POLAND       chime/great(2)
   The Wawel Royal Cathedral of
     St.Stanislaus B.M. & St.Wenceslaus M.
Kracow                        : Poland       great(2)
LEGNICA                       : POLAND       chime
   SS.Peter and Paul Cathedral
LICHEN STARY                  : POLAND       non-trad
   Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen
   (Matki Bozej Lichenskiej Basilica)
Licheń Stary                  : Poland       great
   Sanctuary tower
   Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen
Licheń Stary                  : Poland       great(2)
   Bell house
   Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen
POZNAN                        : POLAND       chime
   Mobile chime
   Firma Prais
Torun                         : Poland       great
   Ss.Johns Cathedral
WARSAW (WARSZAWA)             : POLAND       chime
   Parafia sw.Tomasza Apostola
   (Church of St.Thomas the Apostle)


Country locator map (dynamic)
ALVERCA                       : PORTUGAL     trad
   Carillhão dos Pastorinhos
   Igreja dos Pastorinhos
   (Church of the Little Shepherds)
CONSTANCIA - mobile           : PORTUGAL     trad
   CICO Lvsitanvs Traveling Carillon
FATIMA                        : PORTUGAL     non-trad
   Lower belfry
   Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima
LEIRIA                        : PORTUGAL     trad
   Sé Cathedral
Lisbon                        : Portugal     great
MAFRA - N                     : PORTUGAL     trad/great
   Lower belfry, north tower
MAFRA - S                     : PORTUGAL     trad/great
   Lower belfry, south tower
Mafra                         : Portugal     great
   Clock bell, upper belfry, south tower
PORTO - CC                    : PORTUGAL     trad
   Igreja dos Cléricos
   (Church of the Clerics)
PORTO - FN                    : PORTUGAL     chime
   Galerias Palladium
POVOA DE VARZIM               : PORTUGAL     non-trad
   Heart of Jesus Church


Country locator map (dynamic)
BELAYA GORA                   : RUSSIA       zvon
   Belogorsky Monastery
BELGOROD - mobile             : RUSSIA       hybrid
   WW2 memorial of Prokhorovka tank battle
Dzerzhinskij                  : Russia       great
   Svyato-Nikolskij Ugreshsky Monastery
GUBKIN                        : RUSSIA       zvon
KALUGA OBLAST                 : RUSSIA       tubular
   Industrial Carillon
   Nikola-Lenivets art park
KEM - 1                       : RUSSIA       zvon
   Solowyetskiy Cloister
KEM - 2                       : RUSSIA       zvon/great
   Solovetsky Monastery
KONDOPOGA - IP                : RUSSIA       non-trad
   Ice Palace
KONDOPOGA - P                 : RUSSIA       chime
KOSTROMA                      : RUSSIA       zvon
   Ipatievsky Monastery
   (Hypatian Monastery)
KUBINKA - A                   : RUSSIA       trad/great
   Triumphal Arch
KUBINKA - C                   : RUSSIA       zvon/great
   Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ
Moscow                        : Russia       great
   Kremlin ("Tsar Kolokol")
Moscow                        : Russia       great
   Kremlin ("Trotzkoi")
MOSKVA - AM                   : RUSSIA       zvon
   Andreevsky Monastery
MOSKVA - AN                   : RUSSIA       zvon
   Andronikov Monastery
MOSKVA - DM                   : RUSSIA       zvon/great
   Zvonnitsa (Gatehouse tower)
   Danilov (St.Daniel) Monastery
MOSKVA - IV                   : RUSSIA       zvon/great(2)
   Ivan Veliki (Ivan the Great) Bell Tower complex
   within the Kremlin
MOSKVA - JV                   : RUSSIA       zvon
   Church of Joseph Volotsky
MOSKVA - ST/1                 : RUSSIA       non-trad
   (ancient carillon)
   Spasskaya Bashnya (The Savior Tower)
   Kremlin (east wall)
MOSKVA - ST/2                 : RUSSIA       chime
   (flat chime)
   Spasskaya Bashnya (The Savior Tower)
   Kremlin (east wall)
MOSKVA - ST/3                 : RUSSIA       non-trad
   (new carillon)
   Spasskaya Bashnya (The Savior Tower)
   Kremlin (east wall)
Moscow                        : Russia       great #1
Moscow                        : Russia       great #2
   Temple of Christ the Savior
NOVGOROD                      : RUSSIA       zvon
   Yuriev (St.George's) Monastery
Novgorod                      : Russia       great
   St.Sophia's Cathedral
ROSTOV VELIKII                : RUSSIA       zvon/great(4)
   Uspenski Sobor
   (Assumption Cathedral)
SAINT PETERSBURG - CI/1       : RUSSIA       non-trad
SAINT PETERSBURG - CI/2       : RUSSIA       zvon
   Primorsky Park of Victory
SAINT PETERSBURG - P          : RUSSIA       trad
   Upper park
SAINT PETERSBURG - PK/1       : RUSSIA       zvon
   Petropavlovskaya Krepost 
   (Peter & Paul Tower; main belfry) 
SAINT PETERSBURG - PK/2       : RUSSIA       non-trad*
   Petropavlovskaya Krepost 
   (Peter & Paul Tower; lantern) 
SAINT PETERSBURG - PK/3       : RUSSIA       trad
   Petropavlovskaya Krepost 
   (Peter & Paul Tower; new lower belfry) 
SERGIEV POSAD                 : RUSSIA       zvon/great(4)
   Holy Trinity St.Sergius Lavra
     Monastery (Russian Orthodox)
SUZDAL                        : RUSSIA       zvon
   Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery
Tomsk                         : Russia       great
   Svyato Voskresenskij Cathedral
TALDOM                        : RUSSIA       chime
   A.A.Tsvetkov School of Arts
TYUMEN                        : RUSSIA       chime
   Sberbank plaza
VORONEZH                      : RUSSIA       zvon
   Church of St.Xenia of St.Petersburg
YAROSLAVL - 1                 : RUSSIA       zvon
   (Heavy zvon)
   Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery
      (Transfiguration of the Savior)
YAROSLAVL - 2                 : RUSSIA       zvon
   (Light zvon)
   Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery
      (Transfiguration of the Savior)
ZAGORSK                       : RUSSIA
  *See:  SERGIEV POSAD        : RUSSIA
ZVENIGOROD                    : RUSSIA       zvon/great
   Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery
   (Storozhi monastery of St.Savva)
Zvenigorod                    : Russia       great
   Savvino-Storozhevskij Monastery


BELGRADE                      : SERBIA       non-trad
   Temple of Saint Sava

Slovak Republic

(formerly part of Czechoslovakia)
KOSICE                        : SLOVAK REP.  chime
   Freestanding, near fountain


(formerly part of Yugoslavia)
KRANJ                         : SLOVENIA     chime
   St.Cantianus & Companions Parish Church


Country locator map (dynamic)
ALMERIA                       : SPAIN        chime
   La Catedral de la Encarnación
ARANJUEZ                      : SPAIN        trad
   Monasterio San Lorenzo de El Escorial
   (El Escorial Monastery)
AVILA                         : SPAIN        chime
   Catedral de El Salvador
   (Cathedral of the Savior)
BARCELONA - P                 : SPAIN        trad
   Palau de la Generalitat
   (Palace de Diputacion Provincial)
BARCELONA - NS                : SPAIN        chime
   El Carillón de la Diagonal
   Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Nuria
   (Església de la Mare de Déu de Núria)
BARCELONA - SF                : SPAIN        tubular
   Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família
BILBAO                        : SPAIN        trad
   Basilica de la Madre de Dios de Begoña
CIUDAD REAL                   : SPAIN        chime
   Casa del Arco y Reloj Carillón
CORDOBA                       : SPAIN        trad
   Iglesia de San Pablo
LEON                          : SPAIN        chime
   North tower
   Catedral de Santa Maria
LIRIA                         : SPAIN        non-trad
   Iglesia y Convento de Nuestra Señora
     del Remedio
MADRID - PB                   : SPAIN        chime
   Plus Ultra Building
MADRID - SF/1                 : SPAIN        ring
   South tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
MADRID - SF/2                 : SPAIN        chime
   North tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
MURCIA                        : SPAIN        chime/great(2)
   Murcia Cathedral
PAMPLONA                      : SPAIN        chime/great
   Catedral de Santa María la Real
SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA        : SPAIN        chime
Santiago de Compostela        : Spain        great #1
Santiago de Compostela        : Spain        great #2
   Catedral del Apóstal Santiago
SEVILLE                       : SPAIN        non-trad/great
   Giralda Tower
   Catedral de Santa María de la Sede
TARRAGONA                     : SPAIN        chime
   Catedral Metropolitana
     i Primada de Santa Tecla
TOLEDO                        : SPAIN        peal/great(3)
   Catedral Primada
VALENCIA                      : SPAIN        chime+great
   Catedral de Santa Maria
VILLARREAL - 1                : SPAIN        chime
   East tower 
   Basilica de San Pasqual
VILLARREAL - 2                : SPAIN        trad
   West tower 
   Basilica de San Pasqual


Country locator map (dynamic)
ARSTA                         : SWEDEN       chime
GAVLE                         : SWEDEN       trad
   Rådhuset (City Hall)
GISLAVED                      : SWEDEN       non-trad
GOTEBORG                      : SWEDEN       trad
   Krystine Kyrka (St.Kristine Tower,
     or Christinenkirche)
HARNOSAND                     : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Domkyrka (Cathedral)
JONKOPING                     : SWEDEN       chime
   St.Sofia Tower
KALMAR                        : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Två Systrars kapell
   (Two Sisters chapel)
KARLSKRONA                    : SWEDEN       trad
KARLSTAD                      : SWEDEN       non-trad
KIRUNA                        : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Radhus (or) Stadshustorn
KRISTIANSTAD                  : SWEDEN       non-trad
KUMLA                         : SWEDEN       non-trad
LANDSKRONA                    : SWEDEN       trad
   Sofia Albertina kyrka
LINKOPING                     : SWEDEN       trad
   Sct.Lars Kyrka
MALMÖ                         : SWEDEN       trad
   Jaernhardte Stift (or) Rådhuset
MARIESTAD                     : SWEDEN       chime
   Dom Tower
NASSJO                        : SWEDEN       non-trad
NORRKÖPING                    : SWEDEN       trad
NYKÖPING                      : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Sankt Nicolai kyrka
OSTERSUND                     : SWEDEN       non-trad 
OXELÖSUND                     : SWEDEN       non-trad
   St.Botvids kyrka
SIGTUNA - mobile              : SWEDEN       trad
   Traveling Carillon
   Bergholtz Klockgjuteri
SODERTÄLGE                    : SWEDEN       non-trad
STOCKHOLM - AFK               : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Adolf Fredriks Kyrka Tower
STOCKHOLM - DC                : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Dutch Church
STOCKHOLM - HE                : SWEDEN       trad
   Hedvig Eleonora kyrka
STOCKHOLM - O                 : SWEDEN       non-trad 
STOCKHOLM - SH                : SWEDEN       chime
STOCKHOLM - STG               : SWEDEN       trad
   Deutsche St.Gertruds Kirche
   (Sct.Gertruds kyrka)
STOCKHOLM - STC               : SWEDEN       trad
   S:ta Clara kyrka
SUNDBYBERG                    : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Fredens Kyrka
TASJO                         : SWEDEN       chime
   Kyrka (church)
UPPLANDS-VÄSBY                : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Vilunda kyrka
UPPSALA                       : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Gottsunda kyrka
VALLINGBY                     : SWEDEN       chime
VASTERAS                      : SWEDEN       trad
   Rådhuset (City Hall Tower)
VAXJO                         : SWEDEN       trad
   Domkyrka (Cathedral)
VISBY                         : SWEDEN       trad
   Sancta Maria Domkyrka (Cathedral)
YSTAD - MK                    : SWEDEN       non-trad
   St.Maria Kirka
YSTAD - OK                    : SWEDEN       non-trad
   Ohlssons Klockgjuteri


Country locator map (dynamic)
AARAU                         : SWITZERLAND  chime
BAD RAGAZ                     : SWITZERLAND  chime
   (bell poles)
BERN - M                      : SWITZERLAND  peal/great(2)
BUELACH                       : SWITZERLAND  chime
BUEMPLIZ                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Tscharnergut Bethlehem
BULLE                         : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens
CAROUGE                       : SWITZERLAND  trad
   Eglise Sainte-Croix 
CHAMPÉRY                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
CHIASSO                       : SWITZERLAND  ring/A
   Chiesa San Vitale Martire
CHUR                          : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Jäggi Uhren & Bijouterie
DAVOS                         : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Nederlands Astmacentrum Davos
   (Dutch Asthma Centre)
DISENTIS/MUSTÉR               : SWITZERLAND  chime
   (Bell frame)
ETOY                          : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Chapelle de l'Espérance
FINHAUT                       : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
   Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption
FLANTHEY                      : SWITZERLAND  chime/great
   Eglise Notre-Dame-des-sept-douleurs
   (Our Lady of Seven Sorrows)
FRIBOURG                      : SWITZERLAND  peal/great
   Saint Nicholas Cathedral
FROIDEVILLE                   : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Centre oecuménique
   (Ecumenical Center)
GENEVA - G                    : SWITZERLAND  chime
GENEVA - STP/1                : SWITZERLAND  peal/great
   North & south towers
   Cathédrale St.Pierre
GENEVA - STP/2                : SWITZERLAND  trad
   Central spire (fléche)
   Cathédrale St.Pierre
GRUYERES                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Eglise St-Théodule
LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS             : SWITZERLAND  tubular
   International Museum of Horology 
LE LOCLE                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Musée d'horlogerie
   Château des Monts
LENS                          : SWITZERLAND  trad
   Eglise Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens 
LUCERNE (LUZERN)              : SWITZERLAND  chime
MAGDEN                        : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Reformed Church
MONTHERON                     : SWITZERLAND  trad
   Abbaye de Montheron
   Chiesa Madonna deo Miracoli
MORGINS                       : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
OERLIKON                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Restaurant Zur Katrin
PULLY                         : SWITZERLAND  trad
   Le Carillon de Chantemerle
   Eglise de la Rosiaz
RHEINFELDEN                   : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Glockenspiel im Rumpel
   Zum Schiefen Eck (north wall)
RUESCHLIKON                   : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Nidelbad Hospital
RUETTENEN                     : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Kirchliches Zentrum (Kirchenzentrum,
     Church Center)
SAINT MAURICE                 : SWITZERLAND  trad/great
   Abbey of Saint-Maurice d'Agaune 
SALVAN                        : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Eglise Saint-Maurice
SCHARANS                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Personalhaus Scalottas
SEMBRANCHER                   : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Église St.-Etienne
SISIKON                       : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
SOLOTHURN                     : SWITZERLAND  chime/great
   (St.Ursus Cathedral)
SORENGO                       : SWITZERLAND  chime
   (Destination in Italy; unknown)
   Reformierte Kirchgemeindehaus Hasel
     (Kirchliches Zentrum)
STEINHAUSEN                   : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Kirchen- und Begegnungszentrum
   (Chilematt Center)
STIERVA                       : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Alp da Stierva
SUMISWALD                     : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Turmuhrenfabrik Sumiswald
   (J.G.Baer AG)
TAMINS                        : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Wieland Blumen und Gartenbau AG
USTER                         : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Stiftung Wagerenhof
WIKON                         : SWITZERLAND  chime
WILLISAU                      : SWITZERLAND  chime
ZOFINGEN                      : SWITZERLAND  trad
ZUORT                         : SWITZERLAND  chime
   Casa Mengelberg
ZURICH - BK                   : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
   Bijouterie Kurz
ZURICH - PP                   : SWITZERLAND  chime
   People's Park
ZURICH - ZA                   : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
   Hotel Zurich Airport (Holiday Inn)
ZURICH - ZR                   : SWITZERLAND  non-trad
   Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf (Holiday Inn)


HOSHIV                        : UKRAINE      trad
   Bell tower
   Basilian Monastery of Yasna Hora
KIEV - HC                     : UKRAINE      chime
   Heroes of Chernobyl monument
KIEV - PL                     : UKRAINE      zvon
   Kyievo-Pechersk Lavra
   (Kiev Monastery of the Caves)
KIEV - STM                    : UKRAINE      trad/great
   Gatehouse belltower
   St.Michael's Cathedral & Monastery
KIEV - STN                    : UKRAINE      trad
   St.Nicholas Church at Askold's Grave
   (Askoldova Morgia)
KIEV - STS                    : UKRAINE      non-trad
   St.Sophia's Cathedral
KIEV - STT/1                  : UKRAINE      trad
   Tower carillon
   St.Theodosius Pechersky Monastery
   (Tserkva Feodosivski)
KIEV - STT/2                  : UKRAINE      zvon
   Courtyard zvon
   St.Theodosius Pechersky Monastery
   (Tserkva Feodosivskii)
KIEV - T                      : UKRAINE      non-trad
   Bell tower
   Transfiguration Cathedral
   (Spaso-Preobrazhenskogo sobor)
KOLOMYIA                      : UKRAINE      trad
   St.Josaphat bell tower
   Tserkva Svyashchenomuchenyka
     Yosafata Kuntsevycha
KYIV                          : UKRAINE
  *See:  KIEV                 : UKRAINE


VATICAN CITY                  : VATICAN      tubular
Vatican City                  : Vatican      great
   Basilica di San Pietro (St.Peter's Basilica)

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