Traditional carillons in Europe:
index by country and city

Traditional carillons may be found in Europe in the indicated countries:

Countries: Austria,  {Belgium},  Bosnia (formerly part of Yugoslavia),  Czech Republic (formerly part of Czechoslovakia),  {Denmark},  {England (UK)},  {France},  {Germany (former East and West combined)},  {Ireland (Republic of)},  {Italy},  LithuaniaLuxembourg,  {Netherlands},  {Northern Ireland (UK)},  NorwayPolandPortugalRussia,  {Scotland (UK)},  SpainSwedenSwitzerlandUkraine

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  1. Cities which have (or had) a carillon during a historical period when they were part of, or were occupied by, a different country may be cross-referenced by the name which they bore in the language of that country.  For the same reason, place names are sometimes given in alternate languages.  Such references enable the reader to connect historical references with present circumstances, and are not intended to express any political opinion regarding past or present facts.

  2. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more for this region.  If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.


HEILIGENKREUZ                 : AUSTRIA      
   Stift Heiligenkreuz (Abbey)
INNSBRUCK - D/1               : AUSTRIA    
   Dom Sct.Jacob (St.James Cathedral)


(formerly part of Yugoslavia)
MEDJUGORJE                    : BOSNIA     
   Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace
   Crkva Sv.Jakova (St.James Church)

Czech Republic

(formerly part of Czechoslovakia)
PRAGUE                        : CZECHOSLOV.
  *See:  PRAHA                : CZECH REP.
PRAHA - L                     : CZECH REP. 
   Loreto Cloister Museum Tower
PRAHA - mobile                : CZECH REP. 
   Prazská Mobilní Zvonohra
   (Prague Mobile Carillon)


VANTAA                        : FINLAND    
   Tikkurila Church


KAUNAS                        : LITHUANIA  
   Military Museum of Vitautas the Great 
KLAIPEDA                      : LITHUANIA  
   Central Post Office 
SIAULIAI - SPP                : LITHUANIA  
   Cathedral of SS.Peter & Paul
VILNIUS                       : LITHUANIA  
   Church of the Apostles St.Philip
     and St.Jacob


ECHTERNACH - 1                : LUXEMBOURG 
   Basilica of St.Willibrord


Website about Norwegian carillons, with Norwegian and English versions
BAERUM                        : NORWAY     
   Rådhus (Town Hall) 
BERGEN                        : NORWAY     
BODØ                          : NORWAY     
DRAMMEN - BK                  : NORWAY      
   Bragernes kirke (church) 
HAUGESUND                     : NORWAY     
   Vår Frelsers kirke 
MOLDE                         : NORWAY     
   Domkirke (Cathedral) 
NAUEN - mobile                : NORWAY     
   Traveling Carillon
   Olsen Nauen Bellfoundry (home) 
OSLO - C                      : NORWAY      
   Domkirke (Cathedral) 
OSLO - R                      : NORWAY      
   Rådhus (City Hall) 
OSLO - U                      : NORWAY      
   Uranienborg kirke (church) 
SANDEFJORD                    : NORWAY     
STAVANGER                     : NORWAY     
   Domkirke (Cathedral) 
TRONDHEIM                     : NORWAY     
   Nidarosdomen (Cathedral) 


CZESTOCHOWA - JG              : POLAND       
   Our Lady Tower 
   Jasna Góra (Bright Hill) Monastery 
GDANSK - K                    : POLAND      
   Sw.Katarzyna (St.Catharine's Church)
GDANSK - R                    : POLAND      
   Old Town Hall


ALVERCA                       : PORTUGAL   
   Carillhão dos Pastorinhos
   Igreja dos Pastorinhos
   (Church of the Little Shepherds)
CONSTANCIA - mobile           : PORTUGAL   
   CICO Lvsitanvs Traveling Carillon
LEIRIA                        : PORTUGAL   
   Sé Cathedral
MAFRA - N                     : PORTUGAL   
   Lower belfry, north tower
MAFRA - S                     : PORTUGAL   
   Lower belfry, south tower
PORTO - CC                    : PORTUGAL   
   Igreja dos Cléricos
   (Church of the Clerics)


KUBINKA - A                   : RUSSIA       trad/great
   Triumphal Arch
   Upper park
   Petropavlovskaya Krepost 
   (Peter & Paul Tower; new lower belfry) 


ARANJUEZ                      : SPAIN      
   Monasterio San Lorenzo de El Escorial
   (El Escorial Monastery)
BARCELONA - P                 : SPAIN      
   Palau de la Generalitat
   (Palace de Diputacion Provincial)
BILBAO                        : SPAIN      
   Basilica de la Madre de Dios de Begoña
CORDOBA                       : SPAIN      
   Iglesia de San Pablo
VILLARREAL - 2                : SPAIN      
   West tower 
   Basilica de San Pasqual


GAVLE                         : SWEDEN     
   Rådhuset (City Hall)
GOTEBORG                      : SWEDEN     
   Krystine Kyrka (St.Kristine Tower,
     or Christinenkirche)
KARLSKRONA                    : SWEDEN     
LANDSKRONA                    : SWEDEN     
   Sofia Albertina kyrka
LINKOPING                     : SWEDEN     
   Sct.Lars Kyrka
MALMÖ                         : SWEDEN     
   Jaernhardte Stift (or) Rådhuset
NORRKÖPING                    : SWEDEN     
SIGTUNA - mobile              : SWEDEN     
   Traveling Carillon
   Bergholtz Klockgjuteri
STOCKHOLM - HE                : SWEDEN     
   Hedvig Eleonora kyrka
STOCKHOLM - STG               : SWEDEN     
   Deutsche St.Gertruds Kirche
   (Sct.Gertruds kyrka)
STOCKHOLM - STC               : SWEDEN     
   S:ta Clara kyrka
VASTERAS                      : SWEDEN     
   Rådhuset (City Hall Tower)
VAXJO                         : SWEDEN     
   Domkyrka (Cathedral)
VISBY                         : SWEDEN     
   Sancta Maria Domkyrka (Cathedral)


CAROUGE                       : SWITZERLAND
   Eglise Sainte-Croix 
GENEVA - STP/2                : SWITZERLAND
   Central spire (fléche)
   Cathédrale St.Pierre
LENS                          : SWITZERLAND
   Eglise Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens 
MONTHERON                     : SWITZERLAND
   Abbaye de Montheron
PULLY                         : SWITZERLAND
   Le Carillon de Chantemerle
   Eglise de la Rosiaz
   Abbey of Saint-Maurice d'Agaune 
ZOFINGEN                      : SWITZERLAND 


HOSHIV                        : UKRAINE    
   Bell tower
   Basilian Monastery of Yasna Hora
KIEV - B                      : UKRAINE      hybrid
   Mobile carillon
   Botvinko family
KIEV - STM                    : UKRAINE    
   Gatehouse belltower
   St.Michael's Cathedral & Monastery
KIEV - STN                    : UKRAINE    
   St.Nicholas Church at Askold's Grave
   (Askoldova Morgia)
KIEV - STT/1                  : UKRAINE    
   Tower carillon
   St.Theodosius Pechersky Monastery
   (Tserkva Feodosivski)
KOLOMYIA                      : UKRAINE    
   St.Josaphat bell tower
   Tserkva Svyashchenomuchenyka
     Yosafata Kuntsevycha

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