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The Perner foundry has provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout the world.  See the bottom of this page for contact information, historical notes and links to related material.

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Perner, Passau, Germany

Budapest                      : Hungary      ???? -  great
KRAKOW - B                    : POLAND       ???? C  chime
   Sanktuarium Bozego Milosierdzia
   (Sanctuary of Divine Mercy)
MOSKVA - AM                   : RUSSIA       ???? C  zvon
   Andreevsky Monastery
NUREMBERG                     : GERMANY      ???? C  chime
   City-Point Shopping Center
PASSAU - P/2                  : GERMANY      ???? C  chime
   Glockengießerei Perner

MOEHRENDORF                   : GERMANY      1973 F  non-trad
ETTERZHAUSEN                  : GERMANY-BRD  1980 C  chime
   St.Michael's Church
PYHÄSALMI - 3                 : FINLAND      1980 C  chime
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (west garden) 
DONAUWOERTH                   : GERMANY      1990 C  chime
   Rathaus (Town Hall)
MOEHRENDORF                   : GERMANY      1993 E  non-trad
GUNZENHAUSEN                  : GERMANY      1996 C  non-trad
KIEL                          : GERMANY      2005 E  trad
UNTERSCHLEISSHEIM             : GERMANY      2000 C  non-trad
VILLINGEN-SCHWENNINGEN - 2    : GERMANY      2000 C  non-trad
PRAHA - STT                   : CZECH REP.   2001 C  chime
   Church of St.Theresa
PRAHA - V                     : CZECH REP.   2001 C  chime
   Church of St.Peter & Paul at Vysehrad
   (Svaty Petr a Pavel)
Niederalteich                 : Germany      2003 -  great
   Klosterkirche Niederaltaich
KONSTANZ                      : GERMANY      2004 C  chime
   Mainau Island
SCHWALMSTADT                  : GERMANY      2005 C  chime
   Private house
SCHEYERN                      : GERMANY      2007 C  peal
   Klosterkirche Heilige Kreuz
OFFENHAUSEN                   : GERMANY      2008 C  non-trad
   St.Nikolaus Wehrkirche
WUERZBURG - STK               : GERMANY-BRD  2008 E  peal
   Dom St.Kilian
PASSAU - P/1/mobile           : GERMANY      2009 C  trad
   Mobile carillon
   Glockengießerei Perner
HILVARENBEEK                  : NETHERLANDS  2010 E  trad
   R.K.Kerk St.Petrus-Banden
   (St. Peter in Chains)
PASSAU - P/1/mobile           : GERMANY      2011 R  trad
   Mobile carillon
   Glockengießerei Perner
PULLY                         : SWITZERLAND  2011 I  trad
   Le Carillon de Chantemerle
   Eglise de la Rosiaz
HONG KONG - M                 : CHINA - HK   2017 C  non-trad
   Methodist International Church
BAD SULZA                     : GERMANY      2019 C  chime
GRAZ - MS                     : AUSTRIA      2019 C  chime
   Mariensäule (Marian column)


    Rudolph Perner GmbH & Co. KG
    Stephanstraß 18/20
    D-94034 Passau

    T: +49 (0)851 95529-0
    F: +49 (0)851 54912
    W: (German) (German, alternate URL)
On the primary company Websites, flag options at the bottom of the home page offer alternatives in seven other languages.  Some of them are downloadable PDFs, while others are alternate Websites.

Historical Notes:

The Perner family has a bellfounding tradition going back about four centuries.  In 1701, Jan Perner held civic rights in Pilsen, and bells were cast by Perners in the center of Pilsen up until 1905.  Matthias Perner, a son of Jan, went to Eichstätt and cast bells there, but had no successor.  Josef Perner, his brother, established his foundry in the Bohemian town of Budweis (Ceské Budejovice). 

Already by 1895, Perner bells were shipped from Budweis to West Africa.  The firm positioned itself in brassware and water sprinklers and was frequently excellent.  Already in Budweis, Rudolph (2nd) developed additionally the "Durrippe" [major profile] with special sound spectrum. 

As a result of the displacements after World War II, Rudolph (2nd) Perner, who had already taken over the operation of the Budweis works from his father, Rudolph (1st) Perner, came to Passau.  With great difficulties, but with the support of the Passau bishops, he carried the tradition forward.  He and his son, Rudolph (3rd), soon delivered bells throughout Germany, quickly gaining respect also throughout Austria and neighboring lands.  Besides bells themselves, a great role soon developed for bell fittings and accessories.  In 1956, Perner claimed a German patent for a ringing machine.

The sudden death of son Rudolph (3rd) brought a difficult time.  At age 74, Rudolph (2nd) resumed management and determined to make sure that his grandson could carry the firm forward.

Rudolph (4th) Perner, the present proprietor, began at age 14 to learn craftsmanship along with schoolwork.  After his studies of business management in Passau and master examination in bellfoundry craftsmanship, he became the youngest master bellfounder in Germany.  In 1998, Rudolph (4th) Perner took over the Karlsruhe Bell- and Art-foundry, and therewith the bell traditions of the famous Ulrich and Schilling (Apolda and Heidelberg) bellfoundries.

Source: foundry publicity leaflet (in German only), translated and adapted by CSZ.

A news release in mid-2013 announced that the company would cease casting bells at the end of 2013, after fulfilling existing orders.  However, after reorganization, the company resumed casting bells in 2017.


The various company Websites are listed in the Contact section above.  The home page of the German-language foundry Website has a photo of the mobile carillon set up in the Passau town square; this links to a page offering five videos from a concert on that instrument.  (The videos appear to be horizontally compressed.)  The Documentation video opens with a brief glimpse of the Perner automatic carillon in the Old Town Hall of Passau, and continues with narration about the carillon alternating with an interview with Rudolph Perner (in German).

German Wikipedia article about this foundry

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