Index to carillons and chimes by Michiels

The Michiels foundry, now closed, provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout the world.  See the bottom of this page for additional historical notes on the origin and development of this bellfoundry and on the various names used by it.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Michiels, Belgium

AULNE                         : BELGIUM      ???? C  chime *NEW*
   (place uncertain)
BLANDAIN                      : BELGIUM      1??? C  chime
   Tour St.Éleuthère
HAINE-SAINT-PAUL              : BELGIUM      1??? C  chime
   Église Saint-Hubert
LA LOUVIERE                   : BELGIUM      1??? C  trad
   Tour St.Joseph
MALMEDY                       : BELGIUM      1??? E  trad
   Cathédrale SS-Pierre-Paul-et-Quirin
   (Kathedraal St.Quirin)
MONTEVIDEO - Unknown !        : URUGUAY      ???? C  mech?
TIELT                         : BELGIUM      19?? E  trad
VERVIERS - ND                 : BELGIUM      1937 C  trad
   Église Notre-Dame-des-Récollets
VILLERS-DEVANT-ORVAL          : BELGIUM      19?? C  chime
   Abbaye Notre-Dame (Orval Abbey)
VISE                          : BELGIUM      ???? C  non-trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis)

PERUWELZ                      : BELGIUM      1906 F  trad
   Basilique Nôtre Dame de Bon-Secours
VERVIERS - SH                 : BELGIUM      1908 C  non-trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis)
TONGEREN                      : BELGIUM      1913 I  trad
   O.L.V.Kerk (Basiliek)
TIENEN                        : BELGIUM      1920 I  trad
   Stadsbeiaard (city carillon)
   Sint Germanuskerk (S.Germain)
STEENOKKERZEEL                : BELGIUM      1922 I  trad
BINCHE                        : BELGIUM      1923 C  non-trad
   Hotel de Ville (Stadhuis/Belfort)
SAINT PAUL - HHPC             : USA - MN     1923 F  trad
   Noyes Memorial Carillon
   House of Hope Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
ENGHIEN                       : BELGIUM      1925 I  trad
   Eglise St-Nicolas de Smyrne
   (St.Niklaas Kerk)
MAGALAS                       : FRANCE - 34  1926*C  trad
   Carillon "Jan Donnes"
   Musée des Cloches et des Campanes
   * made for another site
GRIMBERGEN                    : BELGIUM      1928 C (trad)
   Norbertijner Abdij
   (St.Servaas Basilica)
HILLEROD                      : DENMARK - S  1928 R  trad
   Slot (Royal Castle)
HOLTE                         : DENMARK - S  1928 F  trad
   Søllerød Slot (Castle)
RONSE                         : BELGIUM      1928 I  trad
   Sint-Hermeskerk (Eglise St.Hermes)
HOLTE                         : DENMARK - S  1929 I  trad
   Søllerød Slot (Castle)
ENKHUIZEN - K                 : NETHERLANDS  1930 C [trad]
   Not here - town name may be wrong
SAINT-AMAND-LES-EAUX - 1      : FRANCE - 59  1931 I  trad
   Tour de l'ancienne Abbaye
BAILLEUL                      : FRANCE - 59  1932 C  trad
   Hôtel de Ville
GUATEMALA CITY                : GUATEMALA    1932 C  mech?
HARELBEKE                     : BELGIUM      1932 C (trad)
   Sint Salvatorkerk
NORTHFIELD                    : USA - VT     1933*F  trad
   Charlotte Nichols Greene Memorial Carillon
   Jeannie Porter Adams Memorial Tower 
   Norwich University 
   * not installed here until 1956
FOSSES-LA-VILLE               : BELGIUM      1934 C  chime
   Collégiale Saint-Feuillen
IEPER - B                     : BELGIUM      1934 F  trad
   Halletoren (Belfort)
MONS - B                      : BELGIUM      1934 R  trad
   Belfort (Beffroi)
CHARLEROI                     : BELGIUM      1935 C  trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis)
DIKSMUIDE - S                 : BELGIUM      1935 C  trad
KAUNAS                        : LITHUANIA    1935 F  trad
   Military Museum of Vitautas the Great 
SAN SIMEON                    : USA - CA     1937 C  non-trad
   Hearst Castle Towers 
   Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument 
WINGENE                       : BELGIUM      1937 R  trad
STANFORD                      : USA - CA     1938*F  trad
   Lou Henry Hoover Carillon
   (formerly Hoover Institute Carillon)
   Hoover Tower 
   Stanford University 
   * not installed here until 1941
BRUGGE - H                    : BELGIUM      1939 R  trad
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard)
   Halletoren (Belfort)
GERAARDSBERGEN                : BELGIUM      1939 I  trad
   Sint Bartholomeuskerk
THUIN                         : BELGIUM      1939 E  trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
IZEGEM                        : BELGIUM      1940 E  trad
   Sint Hiloniuskerk
OTTAWA - STJ                  : CANADA - ON  1940 C  trad
   Église St-Jean-Baptiste 
FLOREFFE                      : BELGIUM      1941 C  chime
   Klein Seminary
   (Toren Oude Praemonstr. Abdij)
ROESELARE                     : BELGIUM      1942 I  trad
   Sint Michielskerk
Kortrijk                      : Belgium      1945 -  great
MECHELEN - STR/1              : BELGIUM      1945 I  trad
   (Historic carillon)
   Lower belfry
   (St.Rombold's Tower)
PERUWELZ                      : BELGIUM      1947 E  trad
   Basilique Nôtre Dame de Bon-Secours
POSTEL                        : BELGIUM      1947 F  trad
   Norbertijner Abdij (Norbertine Abbey)
GENT - B                      : BELGIUM      1948 R  trad/great
MECHELEN - STR/1              : BELGIUM      1948 E  trad
   (Historic carillon)
   Lower belfry
   (St.Rombold's Tower)
DENDERMONDE - B               : BELGIUM      1949 F  trad
   Belfort--Stadhuis/Lakenhal/Town Hall
MEISE                         : BELGIUM      1949 C (trad)
ANTWERPEN                     : BELGIUM      1951 R  trad
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard)
   O.L.V. Kathedraal
BEAURAING                     : BELGIUM      1951 C  trad
   Kapel St.Martin (St.Martinus)
MOL                           : BELGIUM      1951 F  trad
   St.Pieter en Pauwel
   (St.-Petrus en Pauluskerk)
NIEUWPOORT                    : BELGIUM      1952 C  trad
   City carillon
   O.L.V. Kerk
ATH                           : BELGIUM      1953 F  trad
   City carillon
   Eglise Saint-Julien (Sint-Juliaankerk)
MECHELEN - HVB                : BELGIUM      1953 C  trad
   'Hof van Busleyden'
   Stedelijk Museum
ATH                           : BELGIUM      1954 I  trad
   City carillon
   Eglise Saint-Julien (Sint-Juliaankerk)
KORTENBOS                     : BELGIUM      1954 C  trad
OOSTAKKER                     : BELGIUM      1954 C  non-trad
   Maria-Basiliek (OLV-Toren)
WAVRE                         : BELGIUM      1954 F  trad
   Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste
ENGHIEN                       : BELGIUM      1955 E  trad
   Eglise St-Nicolas de Smyrne
   (St.Niklaas Kerk)
HAALTERT                      : BELGIUM      1955 C  trad
   Sint-Gorikstoren (St.Gaugericus)
KORTRIJK - STM                : BELGIUM      1955 R  trad
LEDE                          : BELGIUM      1955 C  trad
MECHELEN - OLVVH (mobile)     : BELGIUM      1955 C  trad
   Procession carillon (traveling)
   Basiliek OLV-van Hanswijk
SINT-NIKLAAS                  : BELGIUM      1955 I  trad
   Belfort, Stadhuis  (Waas)
FLORENVILLE                   : BELGIUM      1956 C  trad
   Eglise de l'Assomption
   (Notre Dame Dekanale Kerk)
HARELBEKE                     : BELGIUM      1960 C  trad
   Sint Salvatorkerk
HOOGSTRATEN                   : BELGIUM      1960 E  trad
   Ste.Katarina Dekanale Kerk
TOURNAI - B                   : BELGIUM      1961 I  trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
VEURNE                        : BELGIUM      1961 C  trad
   St.Nikolaastoren (Sint-Niklaaskerk)

Historical Notes:

Marcel Michiels, Sr., was born in Mechelen, the son of clockmaker Edward Michiels.  He studied bellfounding with Felix van Aerschodt, and in 1886 bought the vacant bellfoundry of Drouot in Tournai.  He made some bells, but was not greatly successful.  After he died in 1924, the bellfoundry was taken over by his son, Marcel Michiels, Jr., who had been born in 1898.  A brief partnership (1928-32) with his former teacher, van Aerschodt, was not a success, but later he exported carillons to several countries.  From 1929, Michiels supplied bells to Omer Michaux; in 1937, Michaux and Michiels were involved in the forgery of supposedly ancient bells (some purported to be by Hemony) for Alfred University (USA), though the forgery was not discovered for many years.  Marcel Michiels, Jr., committed suicide in 1962.  The foundry was taken over by a joint venture between Eijsbouts and Petit & Fritsen, under the name M.Michiels Successors, but ceased operations the following year.
Source: A.Lehr, Register of [Dutch-related] bellfounders (in Dutch only)

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