Bellfoundries by country

On this page are listed all of the bellfoundries known to have supplied bells that are (or were) contained in any of the carillons or other tower bell instruments (including great bells) that are described on this Website.  Other work by these foundries (single bells, small peals, clock-chimes, etc.) is not indexed, and bell foundries that never made bells for carillons or chimes (nor great bells) are not mentioned.  The principal bellfoundries are listed alphabetically by country, with mention of the city or cities where they operated.  In some cases, an indication is given when the bellfoundry is known to be closed.

For the more significant foundries, the foundry name is linked to an index page which lists all known carillons, chimes and great bells from that foundry in chronological order.  Regardless of whether such a foundry is now open or closed, its index page usually includes contact and/or historical information, and may contain links to other sources of information.  Most such foundries are also explicitly categorized in the various Summary pages; the few exceptions, i.e., those foundries that are indexed separately but summarized as Miscellaneous, are marked with "(*)" following the foundry name.

Some foundries have contributed to only one or a few known installations.  These do not (yet) have separate index pages, but their work can be found listed in an index of work from miscellaneous foundries.  It is also listed in a "Miscellaneous" section at the end of the combined foundry index for the particular geographic region of such installations.  For those of such foundries that are still in operation, their name here may be linked to a corporate Website.  And for some such foundries, whether open or closed, there may also be a link to related information elsewhere on the World Wide Web.

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