Tower-bell instruments in Belgium:
index by province and city

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, etc., may be found in Belgium in the indicated provinces or regions:

Provinces in Flanders:  AntwerpenVlaams-BrabantLimburgOost-VlaanderenWest-Vlaanderen

Provinces in Wallonia:  HainautBrabant wallonLiègeLuxembourgNamur

Capitol region:  Brussels

Click on any underlined regional name above to go directly to that section of this index.  Within a province, sites are listed alphabetically by city and site-name.

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  1. Provincial/regional/city names:   Historically, Belgium was composed of nine provinces.  In the late 20th century, the country was subdivided based on predominant languages; four provinces plus part of Brabant (all Flemish-speaking) became Flanders, while another part of Brabant plus the other four provinces (all French-speaking) became Wallonia, and the region of the capitol city of Brussels became non-provincial.  Since all provinces and most cities have both Flemish and French names, we reflect the linguistic division by citing Flemish names first in Flanders, citing French names first in Wallonia, and using the linguistically neutral English form of "Brussels" for the capitol.

  2. For an explanation of the instrument-type tag at the end of each site link line, see the Instrument Type Abbreviations.

  3. Cities which have (or had) a carillon or chime during a historical period when they were part of, or were occupied by, a different country may be cross-referenced by the name which they bore in the language of that country.  For the same reason, place names are sometimes given in alternate languages.  Such references enable the reader to connect historical references with present circumstances, and are not intended to express any political opinion regarding past or present facts.

  4. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more for this region.  If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.

The provinces and capitol region are listed in the alphabetic order of their name in the predominant regional language (see first Note above).

Antwerpen / Anvers

ANTWERPEN                     : BELGIUM      trad/great
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard)
   O.L.V. Kathedraal
ANTWERPEN-KIEL                : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Katharinakerk
BORGERHOUT                    : BELGIUM      trad
   (was Stadhuis)
BRASSCHAAT                    : BELGIUM      chime
BURCHT                        : BELGIUM      trad
  *See:  KEERBERGEN           : BELGIUM
DUFFEL - STM                  : BELGIUM      non-trad
   St.Martin's Church
DUFFEL - U                    : BELGIUM      chime
GEEL                          : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Sint-Amandskerk (St.Amand's Church)
HERENTALS                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Stadhuistoren (Belfort)
HOOGSTRATEN                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Ste.Katarina Dekanale Kerk
KIEL                          : BELGIUM
LIER - B                      : BELGIUM      non-trad
LIER - STG/1                  : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint-Gummaruskerk (St.Gommarus)
LIER - STG/2                  : BELGIUM      peal
   Sint-Gummaruskerk (St.Gommarus)
MECHELEN - KB/mobile          : BELGIUM      trad
   Kon.Beiaardschool "Jef Denyn"
   (Royal Carillon School)
MECHELEN - HVB                : BELGIUM      trad
   'Hof van Busleyden'
   Stedelijk Museum
MECHELEN - OLVD               : BELGIUM      trad
MECHELEN - OLVVH/mobile       : BELGIUM      trad
   Procession carillon (traveling)
   Basiliek OLV-van Hanswijk
MECHELEN - STR/1              : BELGIUM      trad/great
   (Historic carillon)
   Lower belfry
   (St.Rombold's Tower)
MECHELEN - STR/2              : BELGIUM      trad/great(3)
   (Modern carillon)
   Upper belfry
MOL                           : BELGIUM      trad
   St.Pieter en Pauwel
   (St.-Petrus en Pauluskerk)
POSTEL                        : BELGIUM      trad
   Norbertijner Abdij (Norbertine Abbey)
PUURS                         : BELGIUM      trad
SCHOTEN                       : BELGIUM      chime
   Department Store
TURNHOUT                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Pieterskerk

Brabant wallon / Waals Brabant (French)

LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE              : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Faculté de Théologie
   Collège Albert Descamps
NIVELLES                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Collégiale Ste-Gertrude
WAVRE                         : BELGIUM      trad
   Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Brussels (Brussel, Bruxelles)

BRUSSELS - D                  : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Le Carillon du Mont des Arts
BRUSSELS - P                  : BELGIUM      trad
   (Maison des Parliamentaires /
     Huis van de Parlementsleden)
BRUSSELS - STM                : BELGIUM      trad
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard, #5)
   South tower
   Cathedral of SS.Michael & Gudula
Brussels                      : Belgium      great

Hainaut / Henegouwen

ANTOING                       : BELGIUM      trad
   Tour St.Pierre
ATH                           : BELGIUM      trad/great
   City carillon
   Église Saint-Julien (Sint-Juliaankerk)
AULNE                         : BELGIUM      chime
   (place uncertain)
BAUFFE                        : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Brice
BINCHE                        : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis/Belfort)
BLANDAIN                      : BELGIUM      chime
   Tour St.Éleuthère
BRAINE-LE-COMTE               : BELGIUM      trad
   Église St.Géry
CHARLEROI                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis)
CHIMAY                        : BELGIUM      trad
   Eglise SS.Pierre et Paul
   (Collegiale Kerk)
COURCELLES                    : BELGIUM      chime
   Maison communale (Town hall)
DOORNIK                       : BELGIUM
  *See:  TOURNAI              : BELGIUM
EDINGEN                       : BELGIUM
  *See:  ENGHIEN              : BELGIUM
ENGHIEN                       : BELGIUM      trad
   Église St-Nicolas de Smyrne
   (St.Niklaas Kerk)
GERPINNES                     : BELGIUM      chime
   St.Roland Tower
   Église Saint-Michel-et-Rolande
HAINE-SAINT-PAUL              : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Hubert
JUMET-GOHYSSART               : BELGIUM      chime
   Église de l'Immaculée-Conception
LA LOUVIERE                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Tour St.Joseph
LESSINES                      : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Eglise Paroissiale
MONS - B                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
MONS - T/mobile               : BELGIUM      trad
   Carillon Reine Fabiola
     (traveling carillon)
   Association Catiau Montois
     et Carillons de Mons
PERUWELZ                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Basilique Nôtre Dame de Bon-Secours
SAINT-GHISLAIN                : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Tower of old church
SOIGNIES - P/mobile           : BELGIUM      chime
   Carillon de procession
SOIGNIES - STV                : BELGIUM      trad
   St.Vincent Church
   (Collégiale St-Vincent)
THUIN                         : BELGIUM      trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
TOURNAI - B                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
TOURNAI - STB                 : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Eglise St.Brice
ZINNIK                        : BELGIUM
  *See:  SOIGNIES             : BELGIUM

Liège / Luik

ACOSSE                        : BELGIUM      chime
   Église St-Martin
AVERNAS-LE-BAUDUIN            : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption
BANNEUX                       : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Our Lady Tower
   Shrine of the Virgin of the Poor
HERSTAL                       : BELGIUM      chime
HUY - HDV                     : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Hotel de Ville/Stadhuis
HUY - ND                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Notre Dame (Collegiale, OLV-Kerk)
LIEGE - PPE                   : BELGIUM      chime
   Palais des Princes Evêques
LIEGE - STB                   : BELGIUM      trad
   South tower
   Collégiale St-Barthélemy
LIEGE - STJ                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Collégiale St-Jean-l'Évangéliste
LIEGE - STP                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Cathédrale St-Paul
MALMEDY                       : BELGIUM      trad
   Cathédrale SS-Pierre-Paul-et-Quirin
   (Kathedraal St.Quirin)
SCHOENBERG                    : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Ste-Croix
STAVELOT                      : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Sébastien
VERVIERS - ND                 : BELGIUM      trad
   Église Notre-Dame-des-Récollets
VERVIERS - SH                 : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis)
VISE                          : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Hôtel de Ville (Stadhuis)

Limburg / Limbourg

ACHEL-HAMONT                  : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Town Hall
ALKEN-TERKOEST                : BELGIUM      chime
   O.L.V. Onbevlekt Ontvangenkerk
BOCHOLT                       : BELGIUM      chime
   R.C. Church
GENK                          : BELGIUM      trad
HASSELT                       : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Quintinuskathedraal
KORTENBOS                     : BELGIUM      trad
LOMMEL                        : BELGIUM      trad
   (St.Peter-in-chains Church)
MAASEIK                       : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Town Hall
NEERPELT                      : BELGIUM      trad
PEER                          : BELGIUM      trad
PELT                          : BELGIUM      trad
   Mobile carillon
   Bells Lab
SINT-TRUIDEN                  : BELGIUM      trad
   Belfort, Stadhuis
TONGEREN                      : BELGIUM      trad
   O.L.V.Kerk (Basiliek)

Luxembourg / Luxemburg

ARLON                         : BELGIUM      chime
   Eglise St.Donat
BOUILLON                      : BELGIUM      chime
FLORENVILLE                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Église de l'Assomption
   (Notre Dame Dekanale Kerk)
LIBRAMONT                     : BELGIUM      chime
   Heilig Hart (Sacré Coeur) Church
SAINT-MARD                    : BELGIUM      chime
   Église St-Médard
TELLIN                        : BELGIUM      chime
   Église St-Lambert
VILLERS-DEVANT-ORVAL          : BELGIUM      chime
   Abbaye Notre-Dame (Orval Abbey)
VIRTON                        : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Laurent

Namur / Namen

BEAURAING                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Kapel St.Martin (St.Martinus)
CHASTRES                      : BELGIUM      chime
   Église St-Martin
CHEVETOGNE                    : BELGIUM      zvon
   Russian belfry
   Monastère de l'Exaltation
     de la Sainte Croix
DINANT                        : BELGIUM      trad
   Collégiale Notre-Dame
FLOREFFE                      : BELGIUM      chime
   Klein Seminary
   (Toren Oude Praemonstr. Abdij)
FOSSES-LA-VILLE               : BELGIUM      chime
   Collégiale Saint-Feuillen
GEMBLOUX                      : BELGIUM      trad
Maredsous                     : Belgium      great
   Benedictine abbey church
MORIALME                      : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Martin
NAMUR                         : BELGIUM      trad
   Cathédrale St.-Aubin
SAINT-HUBERT                  : BELGIUM      chime
   Basilique de Saint-Pierre et Paul

Oost-Vlaanderen / Flandre Orientale (East Flanders)

AALST                         : BELGIUM      trad
DEINZE                        : BELGIUM      trad
   O.L.Vrouwetoren (Our Lady Tower)
DENDERMONDE - B               : BELGIUM      trad
   Belfort--Stadhuis/Lakenhal/Town Hall
DENDERMONDE - H               : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Gilles
EEKLO                         : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Vredesbeiaard (Peace Carillon)
GENT - B                      : BELGIUM      trad/great(2)
Gent/Ghent                    : Belgium      great
   Belfort plaza
Gent/Ghent                    : Belgium      great(2)
GERAARDSBERGEN                : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Bartholomeuskerk
HAALTERT                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint-Gorikstoren (St.Gaugericus)
HERZELE                       : BELGIUM      trad
   Schepenhuis (Stadhuis)
LEDE                          : BELGIUM      trad
LOKEREN                       : BELGIUM      trad
MESPELARE                     : BELGIUM      chime
NEDERBRAKEL                   : BELGIUM      trad
   O.L.V.-& St.Pietersbanden Kerk
NINOVE                        : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Oude Stadhuistoren
OOSTAKKER                     : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Maria-Basiliek (OLV-Toren)
OUDENAARDE                    : BELGIUM      trad
   Ste.Walburgatoren (or St.Walburgis)
RONSE                         : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint-Hermeskerk (Eglise St.Hermes)
SINT-NIKLAAS                  : BELGIUM      trad
   Belfort, Stadhuis  (Waas)
STEKENE                       : BELGIUM      non-trad
TEMSE                         : BELGIUM      trad
ZOTTEGEM                      : BELGIUM      trad
   City Carillon
   O.L.V. Hemelvaartkerk
   (Assumption of Our Lady)

Vlaams-Brabant / Brabant flamand (Flemish)

AARSCHOT                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Vredesbeiaard (Peace Carillon)
   Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk
AVERBODE - A                  : BELGIUM      chime
   Abdij der Norbertijnen
AVERBODE - B/mobile           : BELGIUM      trad
   Bronzen piano "Reverté & Van Assche"
   Van Assche residence (unless traveling)
DIEST                         : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Sulpitiuskerk (Collegiale)
GRIMBERGEN                    : BELGIUM      trad
   Norbertijner Abdij
   (St.Servaas Basilica)
HALLE                         : BELGIUM      trad
   O.L.V. Basiliek
   (was Hoofdkerk St.Martinus until 1946)
HERENT                        : BELGIUM
  *See:  OSAKA                : JAPAN
KEERBERGEN                    : BELGIUM
  *See:  MAGALAS              : FRANCE
LEUVEN - PA                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Peace Carillon
   Abdij van het Park (Park Abbey)
LEUVEN - SF                   : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Sergeys Foundry
LEUVEN - SJD                  : BELGIUM      trad
   (St.John the Baptist Church)
LEUVEN - STG                  : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint-Geertruikerk  (Abdij)
LEUVEN - STP                  : BELGIUM      trad
   Stadsbeiaard (city carillon)
   West tower
   Sint-Pieterskerk (St.Peter's Church)
LEUVEN - UL                   : BELGIUM      trad/great(2)
   American Engineers' Memorial Carillon
   (University Library)
MEISE                         : BELGIUM      trad
SCHERPENHEUVEL                : BELGIUM      trad
STEENOKKERZEEL                : BELGIUM      trad
TIELT                         : BELGIUM      trad
TIENEN                        : BELGIUM      trad
   Stadsbeiaard (city carillon)
   Sint Germanuskerk (S.Germain)
ZOUTLEEUW                     : BELGIUM      trad

West-Vlaanderen / Flandre Occidentale (West Flanders)

BRUGES                        : BELGIUM
  *See:  BRUGGE               : BELGIUM
BRUGGE - H                    : BELGIUM      trad/great
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard)
   Halletoren (Belfort)
Bruges/Brugge                 : Belgium      great
   "Zegeklok" or "Triomfklok" or "Maria"
BRUGGE - Mobile               : BELGIUM      trad
   Holy Blood Procession mobile carillon
DAMME                         : BELGIUM      trad
DIKSMUIDE - I                 : BELGIUM      non-trad
DIKSMUIDE - S                 : BELGIUM      trad
HARELBEKE                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Salvatorkerk
HOLSBEEK                      : BELGIUM      chime
   Campa and Clock-O-Matic
IEPER - B                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Halletoren (Belfort)
IEPER - STG/1                 : BELGIUM      chime
   St.George's Memorial Church (Anglican)
IEPER - STG/2                 : BELGIUM      ring
   St.George's Memorial Church (Anglican)
IZEGEM                        : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Hiloniuskerk
KNOKKE                        : BELGIUM      non-trad
KORTRIJK - B                  : BELGIUM      trad
KORTRIJK - STM                : BELGIUM      trad
Kortrijk                      : Belgium      great
LISSEWEGE                     : BELGIUM      chime
   (Our Lady's Visitation Church)
MENEN                         : BELGIUM      trad
   City Hall (Belfort)
MESEN                         : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Peace Carillon
   Sint-Niklaaskerk (St.Nicolaï Church)
NIEUWPOORT                    : BELGIUM      trad
   City carillon
   O.L.V. Kerk
OOSTDUINKERKE                 : BELGIUM      non-trad
OOSTENDE                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Feest- en Cultuurpaleis
POPERINGE                     : BELGIUM      trad
ROESELARE                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Sint Michielskerk
SINT-HENRICUS                 : BELGIUM      non-trad
   St.Henry's Church
VEURNE                        : BELGIUM      trad
   St.Nikolaastoren (Sint-Niklaaskerk)
WINGENE                       : BELGIUM      trad
YPRES    - see -   IEPER

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