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Large Bells of America

History of Church Bells, Fire Bells, School Bells,
Dinner Bells and Their Foundries

by  Neil Goeppinger

Errata for the first printing

NOTE:  If you have not yet read the announcement for this book, please do so before continuing on this page.  Otherwise, this will make little sense to you.

The first printing of this book contained numerous typographic errors.  Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish between the two printings except by checking for the presence of these typos.

Errata for Part I

From the Webmaster; all page numbers refer to the book, which the reader of this page should now have in hand.

Chapter 1
p.6, fig.12, lower left inner column
Memeely should be Meneely.
p.6, fig.12, right column
Brockfield should be Brookfield.
Easy Medway should be East Medway.
p.7, third paragraph
Eerie Canal should be Erie Canal.
The Hanks foundry in Troy was not carried on by George L. Hanks but by Julius Hanks' son, Oscar Hanks.
p.8, third paragraph
Watervillet should be Watervliet (two places).
p.11, fourth paragraph
Eyeres might be either a typo or a variant spelling; the more customary spelling of the name of this Revere partner (as reported by Edward Stickney) was Eayres.
Chapter 2
p21, para.3
While I have not seen an American-made steel bell with a crown, some of the steel bells made in England or Germany do have either crowns or button tops.  Some have reeds and lettering as well.
p.24, fig.58 caption
Bouy should be Buoy.
p.30, para.1
Garrett should be Garratt (twice).
p.31, fig.79 caption
"Sears Robuck" should be "Sears, Roebuck".
Chapter 3
p.34, para.5
Navel should be Naval.
p.36, para.2
Prindel Station should be Prindle Station.
Chapter 4
(no errata)
Chapter 5
(no errata)

Errata for Part II

p.58, Ames Manufacturing Company
Address:  Cabinville should be Cabotville.
(none of the errata were corrected in the second printing)
p.76, photo caption
Champlin should be Chaplin.
p.82, Melvin C. Corbett
Years Known in Operation:  1923
D - W
(none of the errata were corrected in the second printing)

Webmaster's Endnote

Now that you have posted corrections for the errata above to your copy of the first printing of the book, you should proceed to the Errata for the second printing, Commentary and Research Notes.

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