Summary for North America: practice consoles

This is a summary of the 190 North American traditional carillons according to what is known about the presence or absence of a practice console somewhere on the premises of the owning institution.  On a site data page, the location and condition of such a practice console (or, occasionally, multiple practice consoles) may be described in the Remarks section.

  68   have a practice console identical to the playing console
  36   have a practice console different from the playing console
   1   has multiple practice consoles
  18   have a practice console with unknown similarity
  24   have NO practice console
  43 - The presence or absence of a practice console is UNKNOWN.

"Identical" means that not only are the ranges of the manual and pedal keyboards the same as those of the playing console, but also all dimensions critical to playing the carillon are identical.  It is possible to have identical ranges and still have distinctly different critical dimensions, e.g., key spacing.

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