Carillon in Thanksgiving for the Life
     and Work of George Frederick Jewett


   Bishop Cross Tower
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist
   South Grand Boulevard at 12th Avenue
   Spokane, Washington, USA
   LL: N 47.64499, W 117.40980
   From west wall of south transept,
   1.5-person lift to transept roof edge,
   open walkway beside parapet to door
   in corner of central tower,
   steel ship's ladder to floor hatch
   under S buttress on W wall of tower
   at perimeter balcony level, open walk
   around corner to door under W buttress
   on S wall of tower, into base of access
   shaft in SW corner of tower, enlarged
   to hold ? short flights of steel stairs
   (stacked vertically), to door at floor
   of belfry; playing cabin here.
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   Byrl Cinnamon   (A)
   PO Box 2821
   Hayden, ID  83835-2821
   H: (208)664-5462   W: (208)660-1693
   F: (208)664-5462
   E: IDByrlC@gmail.com
*Past carillonneurs:
   1968-77 C. Harold Einecke  (1904-1979)
   1977-90 Charles Bradley
   1990-98 Carl Bangs, Assistant   (C;d.)
   1990-2008 Dr. Andrea McCrady   (C)


   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist (A)
   East 127, 12th Avenue
   Spokane, WA  99202-1199
   T: (509)838-4277   F: (509)747-4403
   E: stjohns@stjohns-cathedral.org


   Sunday befor 10:30 service;
   before or after special services;
   9pm July 4


   2023: Sunderlin contracted to restore
   consoles and action.

*Technical data:

   Traditional carillon of 49 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is C  in the middle octave
   Transposition is nil (concert pitch)
   Keyboard range:     C C   /    C D#28
   There are no missing bass semitones
   There is an identical practice console
   The whole instrument was installed in 1968
     with bells made by Taylor      
   No auxiliary mechanisms known
   Tower details not available
   Year of latest technical information source is 1970

The Cathedral Website has a paragraph about the carillon on the Music page, and another (with a photo of the tower) on the "About our Cathedral" page; there's also a link to a full page about the carillon. Large photo

Where this work lies in the sequence of output of the Taylor bellfoundry, in this region and in the world.

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   based on textual data last updated on 2023/04/30
   and on technical data last updated on 1976/12/31

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