What was new in these pages in 1999?

This page reports on the evolution of this collection of pages during the year 1999.  This helps to keep the "What's New" page to a manageable size.  The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates show when pages were installed on Web server, which is not always the same as their internal dates of revision.  Revisions to the list of non-carillon things will not be reported, nor will minor (cosmetic) editorial fixes.

For changes which took place subsequent to 1999, see "What's New".

1999/11/05 - Revised the Glossary to link a new page about the mis-spelling "carillion" and to make a few other minor changes.

1999/10/15 - Revised the Site data top page, and added a new page on Website maintenance.  Revised site data page for

DENVER - DU                   : USA - CO    

1999/09/25 - Added 3 new site data pages (list IX990924.HTM removed to archive in 2007) and updated all relevant index and links pages.

Made small (but non-trivial) textual changes in almost all of the plain text pages, starting with the Site data top page.

1999/09/06 - Revised Traditional Carillon Links, Non-Traditional Carillon and Other Bell Links and Carillon and Other Bell Links - outside North America [all since deleted].

1999/08/16 - Provided locator maps for all 3 Mexican sites.

Revised locator maps for all 221 American sites to reflect changes in the features of the online mapping service used.

Revalidated all site data pages which included links elsewhere, and investigated (surfed) Websites of most educational institutions which had no links to find what might be available.  The aggregate of resulting changes and additions is too large to itemize here, but the significant changes to links elsewhere all appear in the pages for Traditional Carillon Links and Non-Traditional Carillon and Other Bell Links [both since deleted].

Added links from all 240 North American site data pages to the relevant section of the combined North American index by state/province; also added links from all traditional carillon site data pages to the relevant section of the North American index of traditional carillons by state/province, and to the specific line reflecting each site's position in the indexes to those carillons by weight and by size (number of bells).

1999/07/05 - Provided locator maps for all 16 Canadian sites.

Revised page on Map Use Hints and its sub-page to reflect changes in the features of the online mapping service used: MapBlast logo

1999/07/03 - Revised 77 site data pages (list IX990703.HTM removed to archive in 2007).  The revised pages had been extracted from the database on 1998/03/01, but were inaccessible since then because of a major hard disk catastrophe.  The successful recovery was due to the impressive (albeit expensive) capabilities of Drive Savers, Inc., a firm that fully lived up to its excellent professional reputation.

Split last year's news into the separate file referenced below, to save space here.

1998 - See What was once new in these pages?.

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