What was new in these pages in 1998?

This page reports on the evolution of this collection of pages during the year 1998.  This helps to keep the "What's New" page to a manageable size. The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates show when pages were installed on Web server, which is not always the same as their internal dates of revision.  Updates to individual site data pages will not be reported here until after all site data pages for a particular group have been installed.  Revisions to the list of non-carillon things will not be reported, nor will minor (cosmetic) editorial fixes.

For changes which took place subsequent to 1998, see "What's New".

1998/02/20 - Corrected a broken link on the page of links for traditional carillons [since deleted].

1998/01/26 - Revised site data pages for

ATHENS                        : USA - WV    
CHICAGO - UC                  : USA - IL    
EAST LANSING                  : USA - MI    
GLENCOE                       : USA - IL    
MIDDLETOWN                    : USA - OH    

1998/01/25 - Added link for the National Carillon Museum of the Netherlands to Carillon and Other Bell Links outside North America [since deleted].

1998/01/15 - Added site data pages for the two newest traditional carillons:

ATHENS                        : USA - WV   
ELSAH                         : USA - IL    
Also added entries to traditional and combined state/province index pages, traditional city/state index page, indexes by number and weight, and updated summary pages by weight and by state/province.  Also added Elsah to the page of milestones for traditional carillons.

Revised site data page for

CENTRALIA                     : USA - IL    
to reflect new carillonneur there, and
LAKE WALES                    : USA - FL    
to mention annual carillon festival in February.

Corrected identity of bellfounder on site data page for

GAINESVILLE                   : USA - FL    
Added Webpage links to site data pages for
CHARLESTON - C                : USA - SC    
DALLAS - SMU                  : USA - TX    
MADISON - UW                  : USA - WI    
MILWAUKEE - MU                : USA - WI    
MISSOULA                      : USA - MT    
VALLEY FORGE                  : USA - PA    
(Traveling)                   : USA - PA    
and to the page of links for traditional carillons [since deleted].

Added tower photo to site data page for

MESA                          : USA - AZ    
Revised the Help for Maps (and its linked Map Adjustment page) to reflect the redesign of MapBlast! pages by Vicinity Corporation.

Split last year's news into the separate file referenced below, to save space here.

1997 - See What was once new in these pages?.

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