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This page reports on the evolution of this collection of pages during the year 1997.  This helps to keep the "What's New" page to a manageable size.  The changes are reported in reverse order, with the latest at the top.  Dates show when pages were installed on the Web server, which is not always the same as their internal dates of revision.  Revisions to the list of non-carillon things are not reported, nor are minor (cosmetic) editorial fixes.

For changes which took place subsequent to 1997, see "What's New".

1997/11/25 - Corrected statement about Metropolitan Church, Toronto, in "Milestones in North American Traditional Carillons" page.

1997/07/24 - Added link to GCCS list-of-links page to the "List of Lists of Bell Links" page [since deleted].

1997/07/22 - Added Webpage links to site data pages for

ALFRED                        : USA - NY   
ALLENDALE                     : USA - MI    
AMES                          : USA - IA    
DURHAM - DU                   : USA - NC    
NEW YORK - RC                 : USA - NY    
OMAHA - UNO                   : USA - NE    
ROCHESTER - UR                : USA - NY    
WINSTON-SALEM                 : USA - NC    
and revised the page of Traditional Carillon Links - North America [since deleted].

1997/07/16 - Revised indexes to non-traditional carillons (plus combined city index) to include new Arizona carillon.

1997/07/13 - Added new site data page for the first carillon in Arizona (temporarily non-traditional; total now 82 in North America):


Updated pages for the following carillons (traditional and non-traditional intermixed):
(Traveling)                   : USA - PA    
ABILENE - MMC                 : USA - TX    
ANDOVER                       : USA - MA    
ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI    
ARLINGTON                     : USA - VA    
BIRMINGHAM - FPC              : USA - AL    
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/1       : USA - MI    
CHICAGO - UC                  : USA - IL    
CONCORD                       : USA - NC    
CORPUS CHRISTI - CGS          : USA - TX    
COVINGTON - GP                : USA - KY    
CULVER                        : USA - IN    
DANBURY - STJ                 : USA - CT    
DENVER - CWC                  : USA - CO    
EAST LANSING                  : USA - MI    
EVANSTON - SW                 : USA - IL    
FERRUM                        : USA - VA    
FLINT - GMI                   : USA - MI    
GLOUCESTER                    : USA - MA    
GREENCASTLE                   : USA - IN    
GREENVILLE - FU/2             : USA - SC    
HOUSTON - STJ                 : USA - TX    
LANSING                       : USA - MI    
LUBBOCK                       : USA - TX    
MAPLE HEIGHTS                 : USA - OH    
MERCERSBURG                   : USA - PA    
MIDDLETOWN                    : USA - OH    
MINNEAPOLIS - NHCC            : USA - MN    
NEW BRITAIN - FCC             : USA - CT    
NEW CANAAN                    : USA - CT    
NEW WILMINGTON                : USA - PA    
NEW YORK - STM                : USA - NY    
NEWARK                        : USA - OH    
NORTHAMPTON - 1               : USA - MA    
OKLAHOMA CITY - STL           : USA - OK    
OKLAHOMA CITY - WPC           : USA - OK    
PHILADELPHIA - FM             : USA - PA    
PROVO                         : USA - UT    
RENO                          : USA - NV    
STAMFORD - FPC                : USA - CT    
STANFORD                      : USA - CA    
STORRS - CC                   : USA - CT    
VICTORIA - NCC                : CANADA - BC 
WELLESLEY                     : USA - MA    
WICHITA FALLS                 : USA - TX    
WILLIAMSVILLE                 : USA - NY    
Some other site date pages received minor editorial changes.  Updated index pages (by state/province and by city) to include the new site and to reflect those site data changes which involved names of instruments or institutions.  Updated index pages by number and weight to reflect that St.Martin's Church, New York City, actually has 42 bells.  (For many years it has been incorrectly recorded as having only 40.)  Changed filename on Northampton carillon from MANORTH2 to MANORTH1.

1997/06/30 - Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons in SC, TN, TX, VA, WI and WV.

1997/06/29 - Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons in NY, OH and PA.

1997/06/28 - Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons in MI, MN, NC, NE, NJ and NV.

1997/06/24 - Corrected bad link on page which lists Indexes to non-traditional carillons in North America.

1997/06/18 - Added a new state/province index to all kinds of North American tower bell instruments.  Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons in KY, LA, MA and MD.  Added a better hotlist anchor to data top page.

1997/06/16 - Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons in DE, FL and GA.

1997/06/15 - Revised the North American Milestones pages for both traditional and non-traditional carillons.  Added a new page on Temporary, relocated or defunct tower bell instruments and revised the data top page and four index pages to link to it.

1997/06/13 - Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons in DC and to DC area locator map page; revised link text to the latter from the 4 DC/VA area traditional carillon site data pages.

1997/06/12 - Added map adjustment help page.

1997/06/11 - Added locator maps to pages for American non-traditional carillons for states AL, CA, CO.

1997/05/26 - Revised traditional carillon index by weight (for Mercersburg transposition); revised that and index by pitch to add section counts.  Corrected summaries by pitch and weight.

1997/05/24 - Added two pages of Milestones in North American traditional and non-traditional carillons and revised the corresponding index-list pages.  Added a section on "missing semitones" to the Keyboard Ranges page.  Revised site data pages for 11 traditional carillons, including these:

CHAMPAIGN                     : USA - IL   [later defunct]
GLENCOE                       : USA - IL    
GUELPH                        : CANADA - ON 
HAMILTON - CCK                : CANADA - ON 
ROCHESTER - UR                : USA - NY    
TORONTO - MUC                 : CANADA - ON 
TORONTO - UT                  : CANADA - ON 
and added one non-traditional carillon (total now 81). Added maps to 3 non-traditional carillon pages.

1997/05/23 - Added 80 site data pages for all of the non-traditional North American carillons (without locator maps), together with two index pages (by state or province or by city and site-name); revised the index-list page for this category.

1997/05/17 - Revised index on number of bells to reflect enlargement of Williamsville in 1995.  Revised table of traditional carillons to show 44 bells as upper limit of medium size.  Revised site data pages for 34 traditional carillons, including these:

ALLENDALE                     : USA - MI    
BERKELEY - UC                 : USA - CA    
CHARLOTTE - MPPC              : USA - NC    
CHARLOTTESVILLE               : USA - VA    
DAYTON - D                    : USA - OH    
DETROIT - JAPC                : USA - MI    
DURHAM - DU                   : USA - NC    
HOLLAND                       : USA - PA    
LURAY                         : USA - VA    
MARIEMONT                     : USA - OH    
MCDONOGH                      : USA - MD    
MORRISTOWN                    : USA - NJ    
OTTAWA - PT                   : CANADA - ON 
PRINCETON - PU                : USA - NJ    
RIVERSIDE - UC                : USA - CA    
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MN    
RUMSON                        : USA - NJ    
SAINT LOUIS - CS              : USA - MO    
SAN ANTONIO                   : USA - TX    
SEWANEE                       : USA - TN    
SIMCOE                        : CANADA - ON 
SIMSBURY                      : USA - CT    
SPRINGFIELD - TM              : USA - MA    
WACO - BU                     : USA - TX   

1997/05/17 - Replaced site data pages for traditional carillons of NC, NE, NH, NJ and NY, now including locator maps.  Updated map usage help page to reflect current MapBlast! operation and for clarity.

1997/05/04 - Replaced quasi-indexes by pitch and number with "real" indexes (i.e., having live links to each site).

1997/03/18 to 05/01: Incommunicado for more than six weeks because US Robotics was unable to comply with their promised 48-hour turnaround to upgrade the firmware of the modem used to communicate with our local Internet Service Provider. (It now works fine, or you wouldn't be reading this!)

1997/03/17 - Updated:

	HOLLAND      : USA - PA

1997/03/13 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of NC, NE, NH, NJ and NY, along with updated index pages.  This completes the traditional carillons of North America.  However, this group of pages does not have locator maps yet, as Vicinity Corp. changed their map-generation process this week.

1997/03/09 - Corrected numeric typo (for IA total) in summary by state/province.  Added site data pages for traditional carillons of IA, IL and IN with updated index pages.  Replaced all previously uploaded site data pages for which map links had been inadvertently set to wrong click default.  Further replaced 11 site data pages for which links to pages elsewhere on the Web had been overlooked.

1997/03/08 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of TN and TX, with updated index pages and three area locator map pages.

1997/03/07 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of OH, OK and PA, with updated index pages.

1997/03/06 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of CA, CO, CT, MA and MN, with updated index pages.

1997/03/01 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of AL, FL, LA and SC, with updated index pages.

1997/02/28 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of WA and WI, with updated index pages.

1997/02/27 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of VT and VA, with updated index and DC area locator map pages.

1997/02/26 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of DC, with updated index pages and an area locator map page.

1997/02/23 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of MT and UT, with updated index pages.

1997/02/22 - Added site data pages for traditional carillons of Canada, KS, KY and MD, with updated index pages.

1997/02/20 - Revised site data pages for 8 Michigan carillons.  Changed position of East Lansing on pitch quasi-index, and revised pitch/weight summary.  Corrected link from Summaries to pitch summary.

1997/02/19 - Revised site data page for one Michigan carillon.

1997/02/18 - Revised site data pages for 6 Michigan carillons.

1997/02/17 - Corrected size for Arlington in two new quasi-indexes.  Added links to link-list pages.

1997/02/16 - Added summaries of traditional carillons in North America by state/province and size, and by pitch of bass bell, revising Summaries page to link them in.  Added quasi-indexes (i.e., without site-page links) for same based on size and on pitch (approximate weight), revising appropriate Indexes page to link them in.  Added site data page for Mexico.

1997/02/11 - Replaced site data pages after discovering that PC-to-Mac-to-host transition introduces extra blank lines in unedited text.

1997/02/09 - Replaced sample data site with live data for traditional carillons of MI & MO, reachable from partially completed state/province and city-name indexes.  Replaced Ordering skeleton page with partially complete version.  Added new page on map use, and revised page on Standard Format to match.  Added credit to Vicinity Corporation for map service.

1997/01/30 - Revised credits.  Reorganized and revalidated Links on 3 pages; added links to Tony Hill's indexes on the corresponding Indexes page.

1997/01/24 - Credits added for Web site host; others revised.  Added sample site data page (live data for one site), with link to it from Index to traditional carillons in North America.  Completed page on standard format, with new page on keyboard range.  Expanded skeleton of feedback page to supply part of text.

1997/01/07 - The site data top page and all its planned subordinate text pages were installed on the Web server which hosts the GCNA Home Page, with back-links to that page.  No site-specific pages were included, nor any of the site index pages.  As of this date, several of the subordinate pages are still under construction to some degree, and are clearly marked to that effect.

Changes occurring during the initial development of these pages are not recorded.

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