R.K.Kerk O.L.V.Ten Hemelopneming
   Huissen, Gelderland, Netherlands
   LL: N 51.93776, E 5.94131
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   Marcel Siebers   (A)
   Marienweerd 16
   5431 GL  Cuijk
   T/F: 485 315 768   C: 6272 65 138
   E: siebersbells/@/home DOTnl
*Former carillonists:
   c.1975 Wim van Meegen
   ??-?? Daan Vanhoecke
   ??-2016 Roy Kroezen





*Technical data:

   Traditional carillon of 48 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell (excluding sub-bourdon) is F  in the middle octave
   Transposition is up  5 semitone(s)
   Keyboard range: (A )C C   /    ----  
   There are two missing bass semitones
   The whole instrument was installed in 1966
     with bells made by Petit & Fritsen (except for 1)
   No auxiliary mechanisms known
   Tower details not available
   Year of latest technical information source is 1968

The Dutch Wikipedia article about the town has a photo of the church tower, but no information about it.

Another article provides more photos of the building, but no information about the bells.

The carillonneur's Website does not mention this tower.

Where this work lies in the sequence of output of the Petit & Fritsen bellfoundry, in this region and in the world.

Ranking among all Netherlands traditional carillons by pitch (weight).
Ranking among all Netherlands traditional carillons by size (number of bells).
Ranking among all Netherlands traditional carillons by year of completion.

Index to all traditional carillons in Netherlands.

Index to all tower bell instruments in NL/Gelderland.

   This page was built from the database on 27-Mar-21
   based on textual data last updated on 2021/03/26
   and on technical data last updated on 1975/07/20

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