(in storage)
   Hastings College
   Hastings, Nebraska, USA
   LL: N 40.596, W 98.370
*Former location (until 2006):
   International Bell Museum
   Winston H. Jones, Curator
   Evergreen, Colorado, USA
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   Michael Karloff, Vice President
     for Planned and Major Gifts
   Hastings College Foundation
   701 North Turner Avenue
   Hastings, NE  68901-7621
   W: (402)461-7473   F: (402)462-6240
   E: mkarloff@hastings.edu


   Originally an outdoor collection of 80
   bronze and steel bells, 12" to 48" in
   diameter, mostly American-made; also
   over 5000 bells within the museum.
   Mr.Jones died in 2006, leaving his
   collections to Hastings College; mostly
   in storage awaiting new display
   arrangements.  A few bells were sold,
   and one large bell was stolen; one case
   is on display at Hastings College
   Foundation office in Barrett Center,
   and others elsewhere on campus.

*Technical data:

   Carillon-sized collection of bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is unknown
   Transposition is not applicable
   Year of latest technical information source is 2010


The college Website does not yet mention this collection, probably because it's not yet fully and finally on display.

Being a collection, this site is not indexed by foundry, size or weight.
However, the collection includes bronze tower bells from the following makers:
-   Buckeye Bell Foundry, 1853-1892 (7) - Cincinnati, OH
-   Denver Brass Works, c.1884 - Denver, CO
-   A.Fulton's Sons, 1879 - Pittsburgh, PA
-   Jones & Co., 1881 - Troy, NY
-   McShane, 1885 - Baltimore, MD
-   Meneely, 1907-1920 (3) - Troy, NY
-   Meneely, 1913 - West Troy, NY
-   Henry Stuckstede, 1896 - St.Louis, MO
-   Stuckstede & Bro., 1902-37 (3) - St.Louis, MO
and steel tower bells from the following makers:
-   American Bell Foundry Co. (1) - Northville, MI
-   C.S.Bell & Co. (1+), The C.S.Bell Co. (3+) - Hillsboro, OH
-   Cincinnati Bell Foundry Co. (2+); Blymyer, Norton & Co. (2+) - Cincinnati, OH
-   Fredericktown Bell Foundry Co. (1) - Fredericktown, OH
-   Gould's M'f'g Co. (1+) - Seneca Falls, NY
-   Ross Meehan Foundry Co., 1921 (1) - Chattanooga, TN

Index to all collections of tower.

Index to all tower bell instruments in NE.


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   based on textual data last updated on 2010/11/15
   and on technical data last updated on 2010/11/15

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