Tower bell collections in North America

This is an index to North American collections of 8 or more tower bells that are accessible to the public.  They are listed in order by the city name.

BODEGA BAY                    : USA - CA   
   The Bell Memorial
     (Children's Bell Tower)
   collection of single bells
CARBON CITY                   : USA - AR    
   Cowie Wine Cellars
   collection of single bells
COLUMBUS                      : USA - NE    
   Columbus Quincentenary Belltower 
   Pawnee Park 
   chime made from collected single bells
EVERGREEN                     : USA - CO
   (former International Bell Museum)
   See HASTINGS - HC          : USA - NE   
HASTINGS - HC                 : USA - NE   
   (in storage)
   Hastings College
   collection of single bells
NEW YORK - HR                 : USA - NY    
   Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church 
   chime, no principal founder
RIVERSIDE - MI/1              : USA - CA    
   Mission Inn 
   (originally Glenwood Mission Inn) 
   collection of single bells
RIVERSIDE                     : USA - MO    
   Red-X General Store 
   collection of single bells
RIVIERE-DU-LOUP               : CANADA - QU
   Les Carillons Touristiques
   collection of single bells
SEATTLE - CTC                 : USA - WA    
   The Washington State Centennial Bell Garden
   Washington State Convention and Trade Center 
   non-traditional "carillon" made from collected single bells

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