Index to carillons and chimes by Vanbergen

Two Vanbergen foundries, both now closed, provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout the world.  See the bottom of this page for some historical notes.  This index page is divided into two sections to reflect the actual production foundry for each set of bells.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Vanbergen, Heiligerlee, Netherlands (1862-1980)

NOTE: After the Greenwood bell business opened, instruments installed in the USA continued to be made of bells from the Heiligerlee foundry.  All such instruments are included in this section.

BORCULO                       : NETHERLANDS  19?? C  non-trad
GOES - MM                     : NETHERLANDS  19?? I  trad
   Groote Kerk Maria Magdalena
HEILIGERLEE - Mobile          : NETHERLANDS  1??? C [trad]
   Van Bergen's Traveling Carillon 
LEER                          : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C  non-trad
MELLE                         : GERMANY-BRD  1??? C (trad)
MUENSTER-IN-W. - LH           : GERMANY-BRD  19?? C  non-trad
UNKNOWN LOCATION              : CONGO/ZAIRE  19?? C  non-trad
UNKNOWN LOCATION              : RHODESIA     1??? C  non-trad
APPINGEDAM                    : NETHERLANDS  1834 E (chime)
   Sint Nicolaaskerk
HAMBURG - STP                 : GERMANY-BRD  1887 C [trad]
UTRECHT - D/2                 : NETHERLANDS  1906 I  trad
   Upper belfry
RHENEN - STC                  : NETHERLANDS  1932 C (trad)
DEN HELDER                    : NETHERLANDS  1935 F  trad
   (Monument for the Heroes of the Sea)
ENKHUIZEN - Z                 : NETHERLANDS  1936 I  trad
   Zuidertoren (Sint Pancraskerk)
BERGEN OP ZOOM                : NETHERLANDS  1938 C (trad)
   St.Geertruidstoren (Peperbus)
LEIDEN - S                    : NETHERLANDS  1938 F  trad
NEW BRUNSWICK - S             : USA - NJ     1938*C  non-trad*
   Charavay Memorial Carillon
   New Brunswick Theological Seminary 
     (Reformed Church in America) 
   * not installed here until 1940
HOORN - STC                   : NETHERLANDS  1939 C (trad)
   Grote Kerk
GREENWOOD - CSMBC             : USA - SC     1939*F  trad
   Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church (SBC)
   * not installed here until 1941
GRONINGEN - M/2               : NETHERLANDS  1941 I  trad
   Upper belfry & cupola
   (St.Martin's Church)
HOOGEVEEN                     : NETHERLANDS  1941 F  trad
WINSCHOTEN                    : NETHERLANDS  1946 F  trad
   St.Vitustoren, "Olle Witte"
BARNEVELD - NH                : NETHERLANDS  1948 I  trad
   Jan van Schaffelaartoren
    (or)  St.Odulphustoren
GOES - S                      : NETHERLANDS  1948 R  chime
   Gemeentehuis (City Hall Tower)
GREENWOOD - CSMBC             : USA - SC     1948 E  non-trad
   Callie Self Memorial Baptist Church (SBC)
HILVARENBEEK                  : NETHERLANDS  1949 F  trad
   R.K.Kerk St.Petrus-Banden
   (St. Peter in Chains)
MEERSSEN                      : NETHERLANDS  1949 F  non-trad
   Basiliek van het Heilig Sacrament
MEPPEL                        : NETHERLANDS  1949 F  trad
   Ned.Herv.Kerk (Grote kerk)
NEW YORK - STM                : USA - NY     1949 F  trad
   St.Martin's Episcopal Church
SLOTERMEER                    : NETHERLANDS  1949 F  trad
   Vrijheidscarillon (Freedom Carillon)
   Plein '40-'45   (aka Plein 1940-1945)
HOORN - STC                   : NETHERLANDS  1950 F  trad
   Grote Kerk
ZUTPHEN - W                   : NETHERLANDS  1950 F  trad
DORDRECHT - G/1               : NETHERLANDS  1951 C (trad)
   O.L.V.Toren (Grote Kerk)
ENKHUIZEN - D                 : NETHERLANDS  1951 I  trad
LEIDEN - S                    : NETHERLANDS  1951 E  trad
NEW YORK - STM                : USA - NY     1951 E  trad
   St.Martin's Episcopal Church
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - STP       : USA - OH     1952 I  trad
   Harry A. & Mariah H. Seabrook and 
     Thomas Family Memorial Carillon
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
QUEZON CITY - UPD             : PHILIPPINES  1952 C (trad)
   Carillon Tower
   University of the Philippines-Diliman
MISSOULA                      : USA - MT     1953 C  trad
   Ellis Tower 
   Main Hall 
   University of Montana 
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS - STP       : USA - OH     1953 E  trad
   Harry A. & Mariah H. Seabrook and 
     Thomas Family Memorial Carillon
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church 
NIJMEGEN - STS                : NETHERLANDS  1953 E  trad
   Groote Kerk
TORONTO - UT                  : CANADA - ON  1953 I  trad
   Soldiers' Tower 
   University of Toronto 
LIMA - CC                     : PERU         1954 C  non-trad
   Catholic Church 
MIDDELBURG                    : NETHERLANDS  1955 C  trad
   Abdijtoren - "Lange Jan"
SNEEK                         : NETHERLANDS  1955 I  trad
   Sint-Maartenstoren (Martinikerk)
   N.H.Kerk (Grote Kerk)
CHARLESTON - C                : USA - SC     1955 F  trad
   The Thomas Dry Howie Carillon
   The Citadel  (Military College) 
DOKKUM                        : NETHERLANDS  1955 C (trad)
   Oud Stadhuis
GORINCHEM - STM               : NETHERLANDS  1956 R  non-trad
   Sint Maartenstoren
   (R.K.Kerk H.Martinus)
NEW YORK - RC                 : USA - NY     1956 E  trad
   Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon
   Riverside Church (interdenominational: ABC/UCC) 
OMMEN                         : NETHERLANDS  1956 C  non-trad
   Former city hall
SCHAGEN                       : NETHERLANDS  1956 C  non-trad
ROUYN-NORANDA - STJ           : CANADA - QU  1957 C  peal
   Cathédrale Saint-Joseph
BRUXELLES - WF                : BELGIUM      1958 C [trad]
   World's Fair, 1958
VEENDAM                       : NETHERLANDS  1958 F  trad
NACOGDOCHES                   : USA - TX     1958 F  non-trad#
   Griffith Fine Arts Building
   Stephen F. Austin State University
BELO HORIZONTE                : BRAZIL       1959 C  trad
AMSTERDAM - ZK                : NETHERLANDS  1959 E  trad
   Zuider Kerk
APPINGEDAM                    : NETHERLANDS  1959 I  trad
   Sint Nicolaaskerk
HASSELT                       : NETHERLANDS  1959 F  trad
   Sint Stephanustoren
   Grote Kerk (Ned.Herv.Kerk)
RHENEN - STC                  : NETHERLANDS  1959 C  trad
MIDDLEBURY                    : USA - VT     1959*I  trad
   Mead Memorial Chapel 
   Middlebury College 
   * cast for another site
WILLIAMSVILLE                 : USA - NY     1959 F  trad*
   The Niederlander Carillon
   Calvary Episcopal Church 
ANTIGUA                       : B. W. I.     1960 C  chime
   Cathedral Church of St.John the Divine (Anglican) 
BENNEBROEK                    : NETHERLANDS  1960 E  non-trad
KATWIJK AAN ZEE               : NETHERLANDS  1960 F  trad
LAWRENCEVILLE                 : USA - GA     1960*C  chime
   First Baptist Church 
   * cast for another site
GREENWOOD - VBF               : USA - SC     1960 C  [mech?]
   vanBergen Bellfoundry, Greenwood, SC
PARIS                         : USA - TX     1960 C  chime
   DeShong Chapel
   Paris Junior College
HAMBURG-ALTONA - STJ          : GERMANY-BRD  1961 F  non-trad*
ENSCHEDE                      : NETHERLANDS  1961 C  trad
   Groote Kerk (N.H.Kerk)
BIRMINGHAM - FPC              : USA - AL     1961 E  trad
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) 
DENVER - CWC                  : USA - CO     1961 C  trad
   Charles S. Hill Memorial Carillon
   George W. Olinger Memorial Tower 
   Colorado Women's College 
MAPLE HEIGHTS                 : USA - OH     1961 C  non-trad
   Lutheran Church of the Covenant (ELCA)

Vanbergen, Heiligerlee, Netherlands (1862-1980)
and Greenwood, South Carolina, USA (1954-1978)

NOTE: The Greenwood foundry did not start producing carillons and chimes until 1961.  After that, most instruments installed in the USA were wholly or partially cast in Greenwood.  All exceptions (including jointly made instruments) are noted below.  Instruments installed outside the USA came from the Heiligerlee foundry, with one exception noted below.

DECATUR                       : USA - GA     1961 C  chime
   Trinity Baptist Church of Metro Atlanta
   - and -
   Free for All Deliverance Ch
   (was Ousley Methodist Church)
   6 basses cast in Heiligerlee
BELMONT - HC                  : USA - NC     1961 F  non-trad
   Lineberger Memorial Carillon
   Lutheran Church of the Holy Comforter (ELCA) 
HEERENVEEN                    : NETHERLANDS  1962 F  trad
BRONXVILLE - VLC              : USA - NY     1963 C  non-trad
   Wyman Memorial Carillon
   Village Lutheran Church (LCMS)
   cast in Heiligerlee
GREENWOOD - GBLC              : USA - SC     1963 C  chime
   GBLC Building 
   (was Greenwood Building and Loan Co.) 
HEILIGERLEE - VB/2            : NETHERLANDS  1964*C  trad
   National Monument to the Mobilization
     Invalids of World War I
   (vanBergen Bellfoundry Museum)
   * made for another site
DALLAS - CI                   : USA - TX     1964 C  non-trad
   Church of the Incarnation 
   bourdon cast in Heiligerlee
DAYTON - D                    : USA - OH     1964 T  trad*
   Deeds Carillon
   Deeds Memorial Tower 
   Carillon Historical Park 
GREENVILLE - WPC              : USA - SC     1964 C  non-trad
   Niven Memorial Carillon
   Niven Memorial Tower 
   Westminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
SENECA                        : USA - SC     1964 C  chime
   Trinity Baptist Church 
READING - SLC                 : USA - PA     1964 C  trad
   Bells of Joy
   Schwarzwald Lutheran Church (ELCA)
   cast in Heiligerlee
CONCORD - STJ                 : USA - NC     1966 F  non-trad
   Blanche Brown Coltrane Memorial Carillon
   Evangelical Lutheran Church of St.James
   cast in Heiligerlee
GREENVILLE - FU/2             : USA - SC     1966 C  non-trad*
   The Burnside Carillon
   Furman University [new campus]
   probably some basses cast in Heiligerlee
ATLANTA - SS                  : USA - GA     1966 C  chime
   Sandy Springs United Methodist Church 
WILLIAMSVILLE                 : USA - NY     1966 I  trad
   The Niederlander Carillon
   Calvary Episcopal Church 
CLEMSON - HT                  : USA - SC     1967 C  chime
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Church 
FORT COLLINS                  : USA - CO     1967 C  non-trad
   Mary Lee Townsend Memorial Carillon
   St.Luke's Episcopal Church 
SHERMAN                       : USA - TX     1967 F  trad
   Wynne Chapel 
   Austin College 
   cast in Heiligerlee
HEILIGERLEE - VB/1            : NETHERLANDS  1968 C [trad]
   Van Bergen N.V. 
LOS ANGELES - MC              : USA - CA     1968 C  non-trad
   Music Center of Los Angeles County 
WASHINGTON - STL              : USA - DC     1969 C  non-trad
   St.Luke's United Methodist Church 
CONCORD - STJ                 : USA - NC     1970 E  non-trad
   Blanche Brown Coltrane Memorial Carillon
   Evangelical Lutheran Church of St.James
FERRUM                        : USA - VA     1970 C  non-trad
   Vaughn Memorial Tower 
   Ferrum College 
   (formerly Ferrum Junior College) 
GREENWOOD - FBC               : USA - SC     1970 F  non-trad
   First Baptist Church (CBF)
   4 largest bells cast in Heiligerlee
SAINT LOUIS - CS              : USA - MO     1971 C  trad
   Luther Tower 
   Concordia Seminary 
   10 largest bells from Heiligerlee
WASHINGTON - TCC              : USA - DC     1971 C  chime
   Third Church of Christ, Scientist 
HAMBURG-ALTONA - STJ          : GERMANY-BRD  1972 E  non-trad
CLINTON                       : USA - SC     1973 C  non-trad
   Bailey Memorial Carillon
   Bailey Memorial Bell Tower 
   First Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
DAYTON - D                    : USA - OH     1973 E (trad)*
   Deeds Carillon
   Deeds Memorial Tower 
   Carillon Historical Park 
CHERRYVILLE                   : USA - NC     1974 F  non-trad
   Beam, Pratt & Brawley Memorial Carillon
   First United Methodist Church
   cast in Heiligerlee
GASTONIA - FUMC               : USA - NC     1974 C  non-trad
   First United Methodist Church
BRASILIA                      : BRAZIL       1977 C  chime
   Catholic Church 
   cast in Greenwood
DORDRECHT - K                 : NETHERLANDS  1977*C  ring
   't Klockhuys (The Bell House)
   * cast for another location
GREENWOOD - FBC               : USA - SC     1977 E  non-trad
   First Baptist Church (CBF)
LAURINBURG - STA              : USA - NC     1977 C  chime
   Katherine McKay Belk Bell Tower 
   St.Andrews Presbyterian College 
SHELBY                        : USA - NC     1978 C  chime
   First Baptist Church 
OOTMARSUM - C                 : NETHERLANDS  1996*F  trad#
   Chronomium (museum of time)
   * bells cast in Heiligerlee long ago
GREENVILLE - R                : USA - SC     2012*C  non-trad
   Terrace at Riverplace
   * bells cast in Heiligerlee long ago

Historical Notes:

The Van Bergen family operated a bellfoundry in Midwolda, Netherlands, from 1795 to 1950, and another in Heiligerlee, Netherlands, from 1862 to 1980.  The Heiligerlee foundry produced the first modern tuned Dutch-made carillon in 1933.
Source: A.Lehr, Register of [Dutch-related] bellfounders (in Dutch only)

We have not yet seen evidence that the Midwolda foundry produced carillons or chimes.  Presumably its output was restricted to single bells and peals.  Hence it does not appear in the index above.

One member of the family, H.T. van Bergen, emigrated to the USA, and eventually set up a bellfoundry in Greenwood, South Carolina.  This foundry used a sand-casting technology, and produced only small-to-medium sized bells; larger bells were obtained from the older Heiligerlee foundry, which was operated by A.H. van Bergen.  Thus several American carillons and chimes contain bells from both foundries.  Harmannus T. van Bergen and Andreas H. van Bergen were brothers.

In the next generation of the American branch of the Van Bergen family, Harry van Bergen represented the Paccard foundry in the USA for many years; see his report of the interconnected histories.  Bells cast by Paccard and delivered by Vanbergen Bellfoundries Inc. are listed on the Paccard index page.  Bells cast by Whitechapel and delivered by Vanbergen Bellfoundries Inc. are listed on the Whitechapel index page.

The Heiligerlee foundry closed in April 1980.  Its principal building, constructed in 1863, was restored for use as a bell museum beginning in August 1985, and opened as such in 1987.  The museum has a Website (in Dutch), and is marked on Wikimapia.  See also the 1964 entry in the index above.

The family name appears both as Van Bergen and as Vanbergen.  In Dutch orthography, "van" is capitalized when it introduces a family name used alone, but not in the middle of the name of a person.  Thus "H.T. van Bergen was a member of the Van Bergen family."  However, this orthography is not always carefully followed, especially by non-Dutch writers.  Thus one-word and two-word forms are both found, as are capitalized and non-capitalized forms.  Our chosen style is to use the single-word form "Vanbergen" in all foundry indexes (such as this one); and to use the single-word form "vanBergen" in the Technical data part of site data pages.  In cases where the name is quoted from other sources (such as the formal name of the foundry), we try to use whatever forms appeared in the original sources. 

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