Index to carillons and chimes by van Aerschodt

The van Aerschodt foundries, the last of which closed in 1943, provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout the world.  See the bottom of this page for additional historical notes.

At present, the products of the two van Aerschodt foundries are intermingled in this index.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

van Aerschodt, Leuven (Louvain), Belgium

HAMBURG - STM                 : GERMANY-BRD  1??? C [trad]
ROESELARE                     : BELGIUM      1??? F  trad
   Sint Michielskerk
VERVIERS - ND                 : BELGIUM      1??? C (trad)
   Église Notre-Dame-des-Récollets

LEUVEN - STG                  : BELGIUM      1829 I  trad
   Sint-Geertruikerk  (Abdij)
   cast by A.-L. vanden Gheyn and A.-L.-J. van Aerschodt
HERENTALS                     : BELGIUM      1843 F  trad
   Stadhuistoren (Belfort)
NIEUWPOORT                    : BELGIUM      1845 R (trad)
   City carillon
   O.L.V. Kerk
RONSE                         : BELGIUM      1852 F  trad
   Sint-Hermeskerk (Eglise St.Hermes)
DUNKERQUE                     : FRANCE - 59  1852 C (trad)
   Tour Église Saint-Eloi
NAMUR                         : BELGIUM      1857 C  trad
   Cathedrale St.-Aubin
LEUVEN - STG                  : BELGIUM      1857 I  trad
   Sint-Geertruikerk  (Abdij)
WINGENE                       : BELGIUM      1858 F  trad
ZOTTEGEM                      : BELGIUM      1867 I  trad
   City Carillon
   O.L.V. Hemelvaartkerk
   (Assumption of Our Lady)
BOSTON - 1                    : ENGLAND      1867 C [non-trad]
   St.Botolph Parish Church  ("Boston Stump") 
BOURBOURG                     : FRANCE - 59  1868 C (trad)
   Town belfry
   Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste
     (St.John's Church)
MESPELARE                     : BELGIUM      1871 C  chime
CATTISTOCK                    : ENGLAND      1872 F [trad]
   SS.Peter & Paul Parish Church
HERTOGENBOSCH - STJ           : NETHERLANDS  1874 C (trad)
TOURNAI - B                   : BELGIUM      1875 I  trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
ROMA                          : ITALY - RM   1876 C  non-trad*
   S.Paulo intra Muros 
   (St.Paul's within the Walls, 
     American Episcopal) 
ANTOING                       : BELGIUM      1877 E  trad
   Tour St.Pierre
EATON HALL                    : ENGLAND -CH  1877 C  non-trad
   (Seat of the Duke of Westminster)
   Chapel Tower
AALST                         : BELGIUM      1880 R (trad)
KORTRIJK - STM                : BELGIUM      1880 C  trad
   Sint Maartenskerk
PHILADELPHIA - HT             : USA - PA     1883 C  trad
   Holy Trinity Church (Episcopal) 
WIGTON                        : ENGLAND      1884 C [chime]
   Highmoor Bell Tower
HILLEROD                      : DENMARK - S  1886 C  non-trad
   Slot (Royal Castle)
ABERDEEN - STN                : SCOTLAND-AB  1887 F  trad
   Municipal Carillon
   St.Nicholas' Church 
LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  1887 F (chime)
   Town Hall 
HAMBURG - STN                 : GERMANY      1888 C (trad)
UTRECHT - D/2                 : NETHERLANDS  1888 R  trad
   Upper belfry
CATTISTOCK                    : ENGLAND      1899 E [trad]
   SS.Peter & Paul Parish Church
ANTWERPEN                     : BELGIUM      1904 I  trad
   City carillon (stadsbeiaard)
   O.L.V. Kathedraal
SINT-NIKLAAS                  : BELGIUM      1904 I  trad
   Belfort, Stadhuis  (Waas)
LERWICK                       : SHETLAND IS  1906 R (chime)
   Town Hall 
IEPER - B                     : BELGIUM      1908 C (trad)
   Halletoren (Belfort)
MONS - B                      : BELGIUM      1911 I  trad
   Belfort (Beffroi)
ANTWERPEN-KIEL                : BELGIUM      1913 C (trad)
   Sint Katharinakerk
NIVELLES                      : BELGIUM      1925 F  trad
   Collégiale Ste-Gertrude
LIER - STG/1                  : BELGIUM      1930 I  trad
   Sint-Gummaruskerk (St.Gommarus)
LOS ANGELES - CLA             : USA - CA     1931 C  non-trad*
   Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels (RC)
   *  The original installation, at a different site,
      had a traditional keyboard.

Historical Notes:

Three van Aerschodt brothers were grandsons of the last van den Gheyn bellfounders, and two of them became bellfounders themselves.  One foundry was operated by A.L.J. van Aerschodt (1814-1888), as a continuation of the work of his grandfather, who died in 1833.  The other foundry, located in Louvain (Leuven) was begun in 1851 by Severin van Aerschodt (1819-1885), and carried on by his son Felix (1870-1943).  Both foundries regularly produced beautiful and excellent castings which were both famed for their sonority and deplored for their lack of tunefulness.
Source: A.Lehr, Register of [Dutch-related] bellfounders (in Dutch only)

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