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The first Stuckstede foundry, now closed, provided bells for six chimes throughout the USA.  See the bottom of this page for additional historical notes on the origin and development of this bellfoundry and on the various names used by it.

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Stuckstede, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

BROOKLYN - STMK               : USA - NY     18?? C  chime
   St.Mark's Evang. Lutheran Church (LCMS)
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J. G. Stuckstede & Bro., Saint Louis, Missouri, USA (1864-1883)

The foundry made only single bells and small peals (2 to 4 bells) during this period.  However, in 1881 they cast a 6000 pound bell for what was then St.Joseph's Catholic Church (now St.Joseph's Shrine) in St.Louis; that is still the heaviest bell in the state of Missouri.

Henry Stuckstede & Co., Saint Louis, Missouri, USA (1884-1888)

The foundry took on a new name after the retirement of J.G.Stuckstede in 1883, though he lived until 1901.
IOWA CITY                     : USA - IA     1885 C  chime
   St.Mary of the Visitation Church (RC)
   (aka St.Mary of the Assumption) 
JERSEY CITY - STPU            : USA - NJ     1887 C  [chime]
   St.Paul's Catholic Church

The Henry Stuckstede Bell Foundry Co., Saint Louis, Missouri, USA (1888-1931)

The firm was incorporated under this name in 1888, though it continued to use the name "H.Stuckstede & Co." on its bells through 1891.  The corporate name was retained unchanged following the death of Henry Stuckstede in 1911.
LOWELL - STP                  : USA - MA     1890 C (chime)
   St.Patrick RC Church 
SAINT LOUIS - Z               : USA - MO     1895 C  chime
   Zion Lutheran Church (LCMS)
LAPEER                        : USA - MI     1896 C  chime
   Immaculate Conception of the Blessed 
     Virgin Mary Catholic Church 

Historical Notes:

This foundry was begun in 1855 by Johann Gerhard Stuckstede, and was operated for several years as J.G.Stuckstede & Co.  In 1863 the original partnership broke up; J.G.Stuckstede then took his much younger brother Henry as a junior partner, thus forming J.G.Stuckstede & Bro.  Under this name and the two later names, this foundry was probably the largest American producer of bells west of Cincinnati.  It was certainly the longest-lasting of the many bellfoundries which operated in St.Louis over the course of more than a century.  More bells remain in the St.Louis region from this bellfoundry (at least 340) than from any other.

The second Stuckstede foundry, now closed, was named Stuckstede & Bro., and was operated by two sons of J.G.Stuckstede (and therefore nephews of Henry Stuckstede).  This foundry operated in Saint Louis, Missouri, from 1890 to 1940, and intermittently thereafter until 1961.  No chimes are known to have come from this foundry, though one of their catalogues shows that they at least anticipated the possibility of making one.  At least 90 bells from this foundry (mostly single but some in peals of two or three) remain in the Saint Louis region.  This was the second largest and second longest-lasting of several bellfoundries in this city.

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