Index to carillons and chimes by Sørensen

The Sørensen foundry, now closed, provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout Denmark. See the bottom of this page for additional historical notes on the origin and development of this bellfoundry and on the various names used by it.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

K.T.A.Sørensen, Brønderslev, Denmark

KOBENHAVN - VF                : DENMARK - S  1928 C  trad
   Vor Frelsers Kirke
   (Church of Our Saviour)
RIBE                          : DENMARK - J  1931 C  chime
SOMMERSTED - 2                : DENMARK - J  1935*C  chime
   Drum chime
   Dansk Klokkemuseum
   (Danish Bell Museum)
   * originally made for another site
SEVEL                         : DENMARK - J  1938 C  chime
HJORRING                      : DENMARK - J  1945 F  non-trad*
   Sct.Catharinæ Kirke
SVENDBORG                     : DENMARK - F  1946 C (trad)
   Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady Church)
KOBENHAVN - H                 : DENMARK - S  1947 F  trad
   Helligånds Kirken (Holy Spirit Church)
AARHUS                        : DENMARK - J  1948 F  trad
   Rådhus (Town Hall)
SKJERN                        : DENMARK - J  1949 C  chime
FREDERIKSBERG                 : DENMARK - S  1953 C  trad*
ODENSE                        : DENMARK - F  1979 F  trad*
   Sct.Knuds Domkirke
   (Saint Canute's Cathedral)

Historical Notes:

In 1931, this bellfoundry was begun by the brothers K.T.A.Sørensen and E.Sørensen.  They had previously been trained in the De Smithske foundry in Ålborg, which their father (C.F.L.Sørensen) had directed from 1887 until his death in 1926.  Hans Nyholm's comprehensive list of church bells in Denmark ("Kirkeklokker i Danmark", 1994) appears to indicate that this foundry operated from 1931 until 1948.  But the last three entries above, confirmed from the NSCK list of Danish carillons, seems to show that it operated for a longer period of time, so "1948" might be either a typographic error or the date of the last single church bell listed by Nyholm.


Kirkeklokken in Danmark lists church bells in Denmark, but omits carillons and chimes except to the extent that they contain swinging bells for church use.  Also omitted (with rare exceptions) are clock bells in civic buildings, etc.  Nevertheless, about 85 bells from this foundry are listed.

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