Index to carillons and chimes by Sergeys

The Sergeys foundry (now closed) provided bells for various carillons and chimes, primarily in western Europe.  See the bottom of this page for historical information and additional notes.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Sergeys, Belgium

ACOSSE                        : BELGIUM      1??? C  chime
   Église St-Martin
AVERNAS-LE-BAUDUIN            : BELGIUM      1??? F  chime
   Église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption
BRUGGE - Mobile               : BELGIUM      1??? F  trad
   Holy Blood Procession mobile carillon
COURCELLES                    : BELGIUM      1??? C  chime
   Maison communale (Town hall)
DIKSMUIDE - I                 : BELGIUM      19?? C  non-trad
LEUVEN - SF                   : BELGIUM      1??? C  non-trad
   Sergeys Foundry
LIER - B                      : BELGIUM      19?? C  non-trad
STAVELOT                      : BELGIUM      19?? C  chime
   Église Saint-Sébastien
TEMSE                         : BELGIUM      1??? C  trad
TENERIFE                      : CANARY IS.   1??? C  non-trad
   Ten Bel Park

GDANSK - K                    : POLAND       1910 C  (trad)
   Sw.Katarzyna (St.Catharine's Church)
SANDEFJORD                    : NORWAY       1931 F  trad
LEUVEN - STP                  : BELGIUM      1935 I  trad
   Stadsbeiaard (city carillon)
   West tower
   Sint-Pieterskerk (St.Peter's Church)
LEUVEN - STG                  : BELGIUM      1954 R  trad
   Sint-Geertruikerk  (Abdij)
HASSELT                       : BELGIUM      1958 I  trad
   Sint Quintinuskathedraal
LEUVEN - STP                  : BELGIUM      1961 R  trad
   Stadsbeiaard (city carillon)
   West tower
   Sint-Pieterskerk (St.Peter's Church)
TONGEREN                      : BELGIUM      1964 E  trad
   O.L.V.Kerk (Basiliek)
HUY - ND                      : BELGIUM      1969 E  trad
   Notre Dame (Collegiale, OLV-Kerk)
LEUVEN - STG                  : BELGIUM      1971 E  trad
   Sint-Geertruikerk  (Abdij)
HALLE                         : BELGIUM      1972 E  trad
   O.L.V. Basiliek
   (was Hoofdkerk St.Martinus until 1946)
OSAKA - Mobile                : JAPAN        1972*C  trad
   Traveling carillon
   * made for another site
DIEST                         : BELGIUM      1973 E  trad
   Sint Sulpitiuskerk (Collegiale)
KORTRIJK - STM                : BELGIUM      1974 R  trad
NAPIER - MS                   : NEW ZEALAND  1974 C  chime
   Clive Square / Memorial Square
DENDERMONDE - B               : BELGIUM      1975 E  trad
   Belfort--Stadhuis/Lakenhal/Town Hall
LIEGE - STP                   : BELGIUM      1976 E  trad
   Cathédrale St-Paul
LIER - STG/1                  : BELGIUM      1976 I  trad
   Sint-Gummaruskerk (St.Gommarus)
LE LOCLE                      : SWITZERLAND  1977 C  chime
   Musée d'horlogerie
   Château des Monts
MONS - B                      : BELGIUM      1980 E  trad
   Beffroi (Belfort)
NIVELLES                      : BELGIUM      1980 E  trad
   Collégiale Ste-Gertrude


The Sergeys bellfoundry was begun by Constant Sergeys (1855-1935), and was continued by his son François (1896-1982) and his grandson Jacques (1933-).  It operated in Chênée, Belgium (not far from Liége/Luik) from 1893 to 1928, when it was moved to Leuven/Louvain.  In the last few years before the foundry was closed in 1980, casting work was subcontracted to Eijsbouts and others.  After closure, the foundry was dismantled, and the business was sold to Clock-O-Matic.
Source: A.Lehr, Register of [Dutch-related] bellfounders (in Dutch only)

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