Index to chimes and rings by Capanni

The Capanni foundry has provided bells for various chimes and Veronese rings throughout Italy, and occasionally abroad.  See the bottom of this page for historical information.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Capanni, Castelnuovo né Monti, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Rovereto                      : Italy - TN   1964 -  great
   "Maria Dolens"
   Miravelle Hill
CASTELNOVO - Mobile/1         : ITALY - RE   1975 C  chime
   Transportable chime
   Capanni Bellfoundry
SELVA DI PROGNO               : ITALY - VR   1987 E  ring(V)
   Chiesa di S.Maria Assunta
SOMMACAMPAGNA                 : ITALY - VR   1992 E  chime/ring(V)
   Chiesa di S.Rocco
MALAVICINA                    : ITALY - MN   1998 C  chime/ring(V)
   Chiesa di San Francesco d'Assisi
Stary Lichen                  : POLAND       1999 -  great
   Basilica of Our Lady of Lichen
TREVENZUOLO                   : ITALY - VR   2000 E  chime/ring(V)
   Chiesa di S.Maria Maddalena
S.GIORGIO IN SALICI           : ITALY - VR   2003 C  chime/ring(V)
   Chiesa di San Giorgio Martire
DESIO - SGB                   : ITALY - MB   2004 C  chime
   Chiesa di San Giovanni Battista
S.PIETRO DI LAVAGNO           : ITALY - VR   2005 E  chime/ring(V)
   Chiesa di S.Pietro Apostolo
CASTELNUOVO DEL GARDA         : ITALY - VR   2007 E  ring(V)
   Chiesa di S.Maria [Nascente]


The Capanni foundry has operated in the Terminaccio neighborhood of the Italian city of Castelnuovo ne' Monti since the 18th century. 

The sites indexed here are those for which the Capanni foundry made at least 8 bells, or for which it enlarged a smaller ring to attain that size.  Smaller rings, whether complete or partial, are not indexed here, though Capanni contributions to what eventually became indexable sites are mentioned in the Remarks on various site data pages, and may be indexed here.

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