Index to carillons and chimes by Bergholtz

The Bergholtz foundry (now closed) has provided bells for various carillons and chimes throughout Sweden.  See the bottom of this page for historical notes.

For an explanation of what this index contains (and does NOT contain), and of the additional details on each entry, see the Bellfoundry Indexes Advice.

Bergholtz, Sweden

KUMLA                         : SWEDEN       19?? C  non-trad
MARIESTAD                     : SWEDEN       19?? C  chime
   Dom Tower
SIGTUNA (Mobile)              : SWEDEN       19?? C  trad
   Traveling Carillon
   Bergholtz Klockgjuteri
VALLINGBY                     : SWEDEN       19?? C  chime

VISBY                         : SWEDEN       1960 C  trad
   Sancta Maria Domkyrka (Cathedral)
DRAMMEN - BK                  : NORWAY       1961 C  trad
   Bragernes kirke (church)
GOTEBORG                      : SWEDEN       1961 C  trad
   Krystine Kyrka (St.Kristine Tower,
     or Christinenkirche)
KIRUNA                        : SWEDEN       1961 C  non-trad
   Radhus (or) Stadshustorn
VAXJO                         : SWEDEN       1962 C  trad
   Domkyrka (Cathedral)
NORRKÖPING                    : SWEDEN       1963 F  trad
SODERTÄLGE                    : SWEDEN       1964 C  non-trad
KARLSKRONA                    : SWEDEN       1965 C  trad
STOCKHOLM - STC               : SWEDEN       1965 C  trad
   S:ta Clara kyrka
LANDSKRONA                    : SWEDEN       1967 C  trad
   Sofia Albertina kyrka
STOCKHOLM - HE                : SWEDEN       1968 C  trad
   Hedvig Eleonora kyrka
OXELÖSUND                     : SWEDEN       1969 C  non-trad
   St.Botvids kyrka
GISLAVED                      : SWEDEN       1970 C  non-trad
SUNDBYBERG                    : SWEDEN       1973 C  non-trad
   Fredens Kyrka
UPPLANDS-VÄSBY                : SWEDEN       1975 C  non-trad
   Vilunda kyrka
STOCKHOLM - AFK               : SWEDEN       1977 C  non-trad
   Adolf Fredriks Kyrka Tower
UPPSALA                       : SWEDEN       1980 C  non-trad
   Gottsunda kyrka
HARNOSAND                     : SWEDEN       1981 C  non-trad*
   Southwest tower
   Domkyrka (Cathedral)
KALMAR                        : SWEDEN       1981 C  non-trad
   Två Systrars kapell
   (Two Sisters chapel)
NASSJO                        : SWEDEN       1983 C  non-trad
NORRKÖPING                    : SWEDEN       1983 E  trad
NYKÖPING                      : SWEDEN       1986 C  non-trad
   Sankt Nicolai kyrka
OSTERSUND                     : SWEDEN       1986 C  non-trad 
KARLSTAD                      : SWEDEN       1990 C  non-trad
ARSTA                         : SWEDEN       1992 C  chime
STOCKHOLM - O                 : SWEDEN       2001 C  non-trad

Historical Notes:

The company began in 1853, and was initially located in Stockholm.  It was operated by at least three generations of the Bergholtz family, eventually moving to Sigtuna.  It closed in 2012, though the name is carried on by a bell maintenance company.

When last seen in 2010, the company Website was minimal, and mentioned only the supply and servicing of bell-related equipment.

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