Index of War Memorials and Peace Carillons

This special world-wide index lists those carillons and other tower bell instruments that were built as war memorials or for the promotion of peace.  They are grouped and listed here in the same order as at the International Network of War Memorial and Peace Carillons, where additional information about them may be found.  However, that Website does not include individual peace bells, the largest of which are among the great bells listed on this Website and are linked in the last section of this index.

These sites are also shown on a world map), though two of the great bells are not yet shown there.

Within each section of this index, sites are listed in order by city name regardless of country.

World War I Memorial carillons

AARSCHOT                      : BELGIUM      trad
   Vredesbeiaard (Peace Carillon)
   Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk
   (Church of Our Lady)
ALBANY - CH                   : USA - NY     trad
   City Hall
CAPE TOWN - WM                : S AFRICA     trad
   Women's War Memorial
   City Hall
GODALMING                     : ENGLAND -SR  trad
   War Memorial Carillon  (WW I)
   Old Music School
   (was Founders' Chapel)
   Charterhouse School
HEILIGERLEE - VB/2            : NETHERLANDS  trad
   National Monument to the Mobilization
     Invalids of World War I
   (vanBergen Bellfoundry Museum)
LEUVEN - UL                   : BELGIUM      trad
   American Engineers' Memorial Carillon
   (University Library)
LEUVEN - PA                   : BELGIUM      trad
   Peace Carillon
   Abdij van het Park (Park Abbey)
LOUGHBOROUGH - WM             : ENGLAND -LE  trad
   War Memorial
NASHVILLE - BU                : USA - TN     trad
   Belmont University
   (formerly Belmont College)
   NOTE: The bells that are there now are not the ones
   that were originally given as a war memorial.
OTTAWA - PT                   : CANADA - ON  trad
   Peace Tower
   Houses of Parliament
ROCHESTER                     : USA - MN     trad
   The Rochester Carillon
   Plummer Building
   Mayo Clinic
SYDNEY - U                    : AUSTRALIA    trad
   Main Building
   University of Sydney
TORONTO - UT                  : CANADA - ON  trad
   Soldiers' Tower 
   University of Toronto 
WELLINGTON - WM               : NEW ZEALAND  trad/great
   National War Memorial Carillon
   National War Memorial
IEPER - B                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Halletoren (Belfort)

World War II Memorial carillons

Amsterdam/SLOTERMEER          : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Vrijheidscarillon (Freedom Carillon)
   Plein '40-'45   (aka Plein 1940-1945)
ARLINGTON                     : USA - VA     trad
   Netherlands Carillon
   Netherlands Carillon Gardens 
ARNHEM - E                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Grote Kerk
BERGEN - R                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
DOESBURG                      : NETHERLANDS  trad
   N.H.Grote Kerk
LAWRENCE - KU                 : USA - KS     trad
   World War II Memorial Carillon
   World War II Memorial Campanile 
   University of Kansas 
MEPPEL                        : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Ned.Herv.Kerk (Grote kerk)
OOSTERBEEK                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
VICTORIA - NCC                : CANADA - BC  trad
   The Netherlands Centennial Carillon
   Centennial Carillon Tower
WAALRE                        : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Provincial Memorial Monument
   Sint Willibrordustoren
   (Mon. Brabants Gesn.)
WILLEMSTAD - CM               : NED.ANTIL.   trad
   De Vier Koningskinderen
   Curaçao Museum

General peace carillons

DENDERMONDE - B               : BELGIUM      trad
   Belfort--Stadhuis/Lakenhal/Town Hall
GAINESVILLE                   : USA - FL     trad
   Century Tower
   University of Florida-Gainesville
INNSBRUCK - D/1               : AUSTRIA      trad
   North tower
   Dom Sct.Jacob (St.James Cathedral)
NORWOOD                       : USA - MA     trad
   Walter F. Tilton Memorial Carillon
   Norwood Memorial Municipal Building
     (Soldiers Memorial, WW I)
DEN HAAG - VP                 : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Vredespaleis (Peace Palace)

Other peace instruments with bells

DENDERMONDE - H               : BELGIUM      chime
   Église Saint-Gilles
EEKLO                         : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Vredesbeiaard (Peace Carillon)
MESEN                         : BELGIUM      non-trad
   Peace Carillon
   Sint-Niklaaskerk (St.Nicolaï Church)

Great bells

Hwacheon-gun                  : Korea        great
   World Peace Park
Mösern                        : Austria      great
   Friedensglocke (Peace bell)
Newport                       : USA - KY     great
   World Peace Bell
   Millennium Monument
Wellington                    : New Zealand  great/trad
   "Peace" (Rangimarie)
   National War Memorial

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