Tower-bell instruments in North America:
multi-instrument institutions

This page focuses attention on those institutions in North America which own (or have owned) two or more tower bell instruments of any kind, whether at the same time or sequentially.  Included here are tubular tower chimes as listed elsewhere on the TowerBells Website.  Not included here are instances where an instrument was replaced with another instrument of the same kind after destruction by fire.

The institutions are grouped according to how their instruments are (or have been) located - e.g., in the same tower, in different places on the same building, in different buildings on the same property, or on different properties.  Within each group, institutions are listed approximately in the order that they acquired their second tower bell instrument.

NOTES: Sites are tagged as follows:

traditional carillon
non-traditional carillon (all mechanisms)
chime (all mechanisms except rings) of conventional bells
tower bells hung for change-ringing
tubular chime
chime of tubular bells
unrelated bells collected together in one place (e.g., a museum)
instrument is defunct; link is to "sites that are no more"

Two instruments coexist in one tower
(separate belfries)

At the National Cathedral in Washington (DC), the central tower (the Gloria in Excelsis Tower) was dedicated in 1964.  It has a 53-bell carillon in the lower belfry and a 10-bell ring in the upper belfry.
See also below.

WASHINGTON - NC/1             : USA - DC     trad
WASHINGTON - NC/2             : USA - DC     ring

In the tower of the Episcopal Church of St.Martin-in-the-Fields in Philadelphia (PA), there is a 9-bell chime in the upper belfry, with a ring of 8 hung below it.  Both were made by the same foundry, nearly a century apart.

PHILADELPHIA - STMTF/1        : USA - PA     chime
PHILADELPHIA - STMTF/2        : USA - PA     ring

In Toronto (ON), St.James Cathedral (Anglican) has an old 10-bell chime in the original (now upper) belfry.  Within the tower has been constructed a new lower belfry to house North America's first ring of 12 bells, most of which are older than the cathedral.

TORONTO - STJA/1              : CANADA - ON  chime
TORONTO - STJA/2              : CANADA - ON  ring

St.Paul's United Methodist Church in Houston (TX) has a 10-bell chime in the original (now upper) belfry and a ring of 8 bells in the newly-created lower belfry.

HOUSTON - STP/1               : USA - TX     chime
HOUSTON - STP/2               : USA - TX     ring

Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church in Houston (TX) originally had four rope-swung bells in its belfry.  When a new lower belfry was constructed to house a ring of 8 bells, the original four bells were tuned and augmented to a chime of 9 bells.

HOUSTON - PM/1                : USA - TX     chime
HOUSTON - PM/2                : USA - TX     ring

Two instruments in one tower (shared belfry)

At the Episcopal Church of St.James-the-Less in Philadelphia (PA), the freestanding tower of the Wanamaker Mausoleum has both a 15-bell conventional chime and a 16-note tubular chime.  The tubular bells are hung around the outside of the frame which carries the conventional bells.

PHILADELPHIA - STJL/1         : USA - PA     chime
PHILADELPHIA - STJL/2         : USA - PA     tubular chime

In Nashville, the capitol of Tennessee, the Bicentennial Capitol Mall contains 95 Tennessee Bicentennial Bells, one for each county of the state, distributed among the micro-belfries which form the tops of 50 cylindrical stone pillars standing in two concentric circles.  The bells are divided into two non-traditional carillons, one playable from a traditional baton keyboard with electric action (i.e., a hybrid) and both playable from separate electric keyboards or automatically.  Although these instruments are not confined to a single belfry in the usual sense of the word, it is not known precisely how the bells of the two instruments are distributed among the pillars, and there isn't a better category on this page into which to put them.

NASHVILLE - TB/1              : USA - TN     hybrid
NASHVILLE - TB/2              : USA - TN     non-trad

At Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City, there was an 8-bell ring dating from 1797, which was subsequently augmented into a 10-bell chime.  In 2006, it was rehung higher in the belfry and augmented to an 11-bell chime.  At the same time, a new 12-bell ring (with added semitone making a total of 13 bells) was hung in the position of the original ring.

NEW YORK - TC/1               : USA - NY     ring/chime
NEW YORK - TC/2               : USA - NY     ring

Two instruments in different places
on one building or building complex

In Bloomfield Hills (MI), the Kirk in the Hills has a 77-bell carillon in the church tower, and a slightly younger 12-bell glockenspiel (automatic chime accompanying animated figures) over an entrance to the education wing.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/1       : USA - MI     trad
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/2       : USA - MI     chime

In Chicago (IL), the Catholic church of St.John Cantius installed a second-hand Deagan tubular chime of 25 notes in its bell tower in 1999.  A few years later the church installed a 25-bell automatic carillon on the flat roof above the north vestry.

CHICAGO - STJO/1              : USA - IL     tubular 
CHICAGO - STJO/2              : USA - IL     non-trad

The tower of First-Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln (NE) received a 48-bell carillon in 1931.  In the 1990 renovation and expansion of that instrument, the 28 treble bells that were replaced were made into a chamber carillon (indoors), which was located in the balcony of the main church; it was eventually dismantled.

LINCOLN - FP/1                : USA - NE     trad
LINCOLN - FP/2                : USA - NE     non-trad

Three instruments in different places
on one property

On the grounds of the National Cathedral in Washington (DC), whose central tower was cited above, there is also 15-note tubular chime in the chapel of St.Alban's School.

WASHINGTON - NC/1             : USA - DC     trad
WASHINGTON - NC/2             : USA - DC     ring
WASHINGTON - NC/3             : USA - DC     tubular

On the main campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, there is a 61-bell concert carillon in a freestanding tower, a 47-bell practice carillon on top of the Music School Building, and a 14-bell chime in a clocktower on the Student Building.

BLOOMINGTON - 1               : USA - IN     trad - 65
BLOOMINGTON - 2               : USA - IN     trad - 47
BLOOMINGTON - 3               : USA - IN     chime

Two instruments in different places
on one property

The University of Texas in Austin has both a 56-bell carillon (enlarged from a chime) and an 11-bell automatic chime.

AUSTIN - UT/1                 : USA - TX     chime
AUSTIN - UT/2                 : USA - TX     trad

The Glenwood Mission Inn (now called simply Mission Inn) of Riverside (CA) has a collection of conventional and oriental bells scattered throughout the building and grounds, as well as a 25-note tubular chime in a belfry on top of the building.

RIVERSIDE - MI/1              : USA - CA     coll
RIVERSIDE - MI/2              : USA - CA     tubular chime

At the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery in Jordanville (NY), a Russian-style zvon was assembled from second-hand bells (mostly American) collected over a period of many years; it now hangs in a gabled balcony on the monastery church.  More recently, a complete (and much heavier) zvon was installed in a belfry atop the gatehouse for the central complex of buildings.

JORDANVILLE - 1               : USA - NY     zvon (old)
JORDANVILLE - 2               : USA - NY     zvon (new)

At the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadelupe, Mexico City, there are two modern sets of bells, and possibly also some old Spanish bells.  One of the modern sets, made of major-third bells, is part of an astronomical clock in a freestanding tower.  The other set, a more traditional chime, is presumably located in the tower of the Basilica itself.

MEXICO CITY - SMG/1           : MEXICO       non-trad
MEXICO CITY - SMG/2           : MEXICO       chime

Berea College (KY) has a 10-bell chime in the tower of Phelps Stokes Chapel and a 56-bell carillon in the tower of the Draper Building.

BEREA - 1                     : USA - KY     chime
BEREA - 2                     : USA - KY     trad

At Miami University of Ohio, in Oxford, there is a 14-bell chime (relocated from its original place of installation) as well as a 50-bell non-traditional carillon.

OXFORD - 1                    : USA - OH     chime
OXFORD - 2                    : USA - OH     non-trad

The University of the South, in Sewanee (TN), has a carillon of 56 bells in the chapel tower and a ring of 8 bells in the clocktower of nearby Breslin Hall.

SEWANEE - 1                   : USA - TN     trad
SEWANEE - 2                   : USA - TN     ring

Coxhall Park, in Carmel, Indiana, has two identical automatic carillons of 47 bells in matching campaniles, both constructed in 2006.

CARMEL - 1                    : USA - IN     non-trad (west)
CARMEL - 2                    : USA - IN     non-trad (east)

The University of Illinois, in Urbana, has had a 15-bell chime in the tower of Altgeld Hall since 1920.  In 2008, the university installed a 48-bell automatic carillon in a freestanding tower.

URBANA - 1                    : USA - IL     chime
URBANA - 2                    : USA - IL     non-trad

The University of Washington, in Seattle, has a carillon of 47 bells atop Kane Hall and a ring of 8 bells in the tower of nearby Gerberding Hall.

SEATTLE - UW/2                : USA - WA     ring
SEATTLE - UW/3                : USA - WA     trad

The Sunderlin Bell Foundry, in Ruther Glen, Virginia, has announced plans to install a ring somewhere on the foundry grounds, possibly in 2023 or 2024, and has built a transportable carillon in 2022.

RUTHER GLEN - 1               : USA - VA     ring
RUTHER GLEN - 2               : USA - VA     trad

Two instruments on different properties
of the same institution

Two instruments in two places, simultaneously

At the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, there is a carillon on the Main Campus and a carillon on the North Campus, both in purpose-built towers.

ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI     trad (Main)
ANN ARBOR - UM/2              : USA - MI     trad (North)

Grand Valley State University (MI) has a carillon on its main campus in Allendale and another on its satellite campus in Grand Rapids, both in purpose-built towers.

ALLENDALE                     : USA - MI     trad
GRAND RAPIDS - GVSU           : USA - MI     trad

Two instruments in two places, serially

When St.Mark's Episcopal Church moved from downtown New Canaan (CT) to the suburbs, the old building and its chime were sold, and the new building was equipped with a carillon.  As in most such cases, both instruments are represented by a single entry in the database.

NEW CANAAN                    : USA - CT     trad

When Furman University occupied its original campus in downtown Greenville (SC), it had a 10-bell chime in a belltower attached to a building.  Although the chime was apparently scrapped (the building and belltower having been demolished), a freestanding reproduction of the tower was constructed on the new suburban campus, and a 59-bell carillon was installed in it.

GREENVILLE - FU/1             : USA - SC    [chime]
GREENVILLE - FU/2             : USA - SC     trad

A series of different instruments in one place

In 1936, Seabury-Western Theological Seminary of Evanston (IL) acquired an American-made chime which had previously been in Grace Episcopal Church, Chicago.  In 1954, that was replaced by the present carillon.

EVANSTON - SW                 : USA - IL     trad

At the McDonogh School (MD), an old American chime was scrapped and a modern carillon installed in its place.

MCDONOGH                      : USA - MD     trad

At the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, the name "The Denny Chimes" has been associated with three different things in the same bell tower - first an 18-note tubular chime, then an electronic device, and finally the present 25-bell non-traditional carillon.

TUSCALOOSA - UA/1             : USA - AL    [tubular chime]
TUSCALOOSA - UA/2             : USA - AL     non-trad

At St.Thomas Episcopal Church in New York City, a fire in 1905 destroyed the previous building and its chime.  A larger chime was installed in the new building, and recently that was enlarged to carillon size.

NEW YORK - STT                : USA - NY     trad

Three instruments in two places (one series)

At the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston (MA), which is the "Mother Church" of the Christian Science denomination, a 15-note tubular chime was installed in the original tower in the 1890s.  When the building was expanded in the early 1900s, a conventional chime was installed in the "west tower" (actually in the cupola over the great dome, though there are two low towers on the west side); the tubular chime became disused, and eventually was dismantled and stored.  In 1984, an 18-bell chime (potentially expandable to a 24-bell carillon) was installed in the original tower (now called the east tower).  More recently, the tubular bells were sold to a site in Australia.

BOSTON - FCC/1                : USA - MA     tubular chime
BOSTON - FCC/2                : USA - MA     chime, 1907
BOSTON - FCC/3                : USA - MA     chime, 1984

At Smith College in Northampton (MA), a chime in the tower of College Hall was gradually expanded and revised to form a carillon.  By the time it reached its present size of 47 bells, all of the original 12 bells were gone.  Independently, a ring of 8 bells was installed in a purpose-built tower elsewhere on campus.

NORTHAMPTON - 1               : USA - MA     trad
NORTHAMPTON - 2               : USA - MA     ring

At Baylor University, Waco (TX), the adminstration building originally housed a 25-note Deagan tubular chime.  When that was replaced by the present 48-bell carillon, it was first put into storage, then sold to its present owner in Uniontown, Ohio.  Elsewhere on the Baylor campus, a 25-bell non-traditional carillon was installed more recently.

UNIONTOWN                     : USA - OH     tubular chime
WACO - BU/2                   : USA - TX     trad
WACO - BU/3                   : USA - TX     non-trad

The University of Chicago (IL) has a 72-bell carillon, a chime of 10 bells (formerly a ring) and a ring of 10 bells.

CHICAGO - MT/1                : USA - IL     chime
CHICAGO - MT/2                : USA - IL     ring
CHICAGO - UC                  : USA - IL     trad


Two instruments in one or two places

Palmer College (formerly School) of Chiropractic, in Davenport (IA), purchased a set of 9 bells which is presumed to have formed a chime.  In the same year, the school purchased a 16-note Deagan tubular chime, which it subsequently replaced with an electronic device. The locations which these instruments occupied have not been determined.

DAVENPORT - P/1               : USA - IA     chime
DAVENPORT - P/2               : USA - IA    [tubular chime]

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