Tower-bell instruments in Central and South America:
index by country

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, etc., may be found in Central and South America in the following countries:

AG - Antigua & Barbuda,   AR - Argentina
BM - Bermuda,   BR - Brazil
CL - Chile,   CR - Costa Rica,   CU - Cuba
DO - Dominican Republic
SV - El Salvador
GT - Guatemala
HT - Haiti,   HN - Honduras
JM - Jamaica
AN - Netherlands Antilles,   NI - Nicaragua
PE - Peru,   PR - Puerto Rico
SR - Suriname (formerly a department of Ned.Antilles)
TT - Trinidad
UY - Uruguay
VE - Venezuela

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Antigua & Barbuda (AG)
Formerly part of the colonial British West Indies; an independent state of the British Commonwealth since 1981.

ANTIGUA                       : B. W. I.     chime
   Northwest Tower 
   Cathedral Church of St.John the Divine 

Argentina (AR)

BUENOS AIRES - ME             : ARGENTINA    mech?
BUENOS AIRES - MU             : ARGENTINA    non-trad
   Torre del Consejo Deliberante
LA MERCED                     : ARGENTINA    non-trad
LA PLATA                      : ARGENTINA    non-trad
   La Catedral
MERCEDES                      : ARGENTINA    mech?
   Iglesia de los Palotinos 

Bermuda (BM)
An overseas territory of the UK.

PEMBROKE                      : BERMUDA      trad
   St.John's Cathedral 
SMITH'S PARISH                : BERMUDA      chime
   Church of St.Mark the Apostle (Anglican) 

Brazil (BR)

BELO HORIZONTE                : BRAZIL       trad
BRASILIA                      : BRAZIL       chime
   Catholic Church 
COTIA                         : BRAZIL       chime
   Basilica Nossa Senhora de Fátima
SAO PAULO - MC                : BRAZIL       trad
   Catedral da Sé
   Metropolitan Cathedral
   Catedral Metropolitana de São Paulo 
SAO PAULO - BR                : BRAZIL       non-trad
   Banco Real
SAO PAULO - VF                : BRAZIL       trad
   Catholic church 

Chile (CL)

SANTIAGO                      : CHILE        non-trad
   Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced 
VALDIVIA                      : CHILE        chime

Costa Rica (CR)

CARTAGO                       : COSTA RICA   chime
   Almacén Gonzalez

Cuba (CU)

CIENFUEGOS                    : CUBA         chime
   Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion
HABANA                        : CUBA         trad
   Our Lady of Lourdes Church 

Dominican Republic (DO)

HIGUEY                        : DOMINICAN R  non-trad
   Catedral Basilica de Nuestra Señora 
     de la Altagracia

El Salvador (SV)

SAN SALVADOR                  : EL SALVADOR  trad
   Iglesia María Auxiliadora 

Guatemala (GT)

GUATEMALA CITY                : GUATEMALA    mech?

Haiti (HT)

PORT-AU-PRINCE                : HAITI        chime
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Honduras (HN)

TEGUCIGALPA                   : HONDURAS     trad
   Basilica de Suyapa 

Jamaica (JM)

MONTEGO BAY                   : JAMAICA      chime
   St.James Parish Church (Anglican) 

Netherlands Antilles (AN)
Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, though internally autonomous since 1954.

ARUBA                         : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
FILIPSBURG - G                : NED.ANTIL.   non-trad
   Government House
FILIPSBURG - SF               : NED.ANTIL.   non-trad
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann 
ORANJESTAD                    : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Shopping Mall 
WILLEMSTAD - CB/1             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Citco Bank
WILLEMSTAD - CB/2             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Citco Bank
WILLEMSTAD - CM               : NED.ANTIL.   trad
   Curaçao Museum 
WILLEMSTAD - SF/1             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
WILLEMSTAD - SF/2             : NED.ANTIL.   mech?
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 

Nicaragua (NI)

LEON                          : NICARAGUA    trad

Peru (PE)

LIMA - CC                     : PERU         non-trad
   Catholic Church 
LIMA - SDF                    : PERU         non-trad
   Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Fatima 

Puerto Rico (PR)

BAYAMON                       : PUERTO RICO  mech?
   Collegia Santa Rita 
HATO REY                      : PUERTO RICO  non-trad
   Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico 
   (Universidad Politécnica de P.R.) 
RIO PIEDRAS                   : PUERTO RICO  tubular
   Franklin D. Roosevelt Tower 
   University of Puerto Rico 

Suriname (SR)
Formerly the colony of Dutch Guiana, this country has been independent since 1975.

PARAMARIBO - J                : SURINAME     chime
   J.L.Jong A Kiem N.V.
PARAMARIBO - T                : SURINAME     trad
   Toren op Vaillantsplein/Valliantsplein

Trinidad (TT)
Formerly a British Colony, the country of Trinidad and Tobago has been independent since 1962.

(UNKNOWN)                     : TRINIDAD     chime
   Catholic Church
PORT OF SPAIN - HT            : TRINIDAD     chime
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity 

Uruguay (UY)

MONTEVIDEO - CC               : URUGUAY      trad
   Beffroi de la Mairie Communale
MONTEVIDEO - Unknown !        : URUGUAY      mech?

Venezuela (VE)

CARACAS                       : VENEZUELA    chime
SAN CRISTOBAL                 : VENEZUELA    trad
   Iglesia de Los Recolletos

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