Tower-bell instruments in Central and South America:
index by country

Tower bell instruments, including traditional carillons, non-traditional carillons, chimes, etc., may be found in Central and South America in the following countries:

  AG - Antigua & Barbuda,   AR - Argentina
  BM - Bermuda,   BR - Brazil
  CL - Chile,   CR - Costa Rica,   CU - Cuba
  DO - Dominican Republic
  SV - El Salvador
  GT - Guatemala
  HT - Haiti,   HN - Honduras
  JM - Jamaica
  AN - Netherlands Antilles,   NI - Nicaragua
  PE - Peru,   PR - Puerto Rico
  SR - Suriname
  TT - Trinidad
  UY - Uruguay
  VE - Venezuela

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Antigua & Barbuda (AG)
Formerly part of the colonial British West Indies; an independent state of the British Commonwealth since 1981.

ANTIGUA                       : B. W. I.     chime
   Northwest Tower 
   Cathedral Church of St.John the Divine 

Argentina (AR)

BUENOS AIRES - ME             : ARGENTINA    mech?
BUENOS AIRES - MU             : ARGENTINA    non-trad
   Torre del Consejo Deliberante
LA MERCED                     : ARGENTINA    non-trad
LA PLATA                      : ARGENTINA    non-trad
   La Catedral
MERCEDES                      : ARGENTINA    mech?
   Iglesia de los Palotinos 

Bermuda (BM)
An overseas territory of the UK.

PEMBROKE                      : BERMUDA      trad
   St.John's Cathedral 
SMITH'S PARISH                : BERMUDA      chime
   Church of St.Mark the Apostle (Anglican) 

Brazil (BR)

BELO HORIZONTE                : BRAZIL       trad
BRASILIA                      : BRAZIL       chime
   Catholic Church 
COTIA                         : BRAZIL       chime
   Basilica Nossa Senhora de Fátima
SAO PAULO - MC                : BRAZIL       trad/great
   Catedral da Sé
   Metropolitan Cathedral
   Catedral Metropolitana de São Paulo 
SAO PAULO - BR                : BRAZIL       non-trad
   Banco Real
SAO PAULO - VF                : BRAZIL       trad
   Catholic church 
Trindade                      : Brazil       great
   Sanctuary Basilica of the Divine Eternal Father 

Chile (CL)

COQUIMBO                      : CHILE        peal
   Cruz del Tercer Milenio
LA FLORIDA                    : CHILE        chime
   Iglesia san Vicente de Paúl
SANTIAGO                      : CHILE        non-trad
   Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Merced 
VALDIVIA                      : CHILE        chime

Costa Rica (CR)

CARTAGO                       : COSTA RICA   chime
   Almacén Gonzalez

Cuba (CU)

CIENFUEGOS                    : CUBA         chime
   Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion
HABANA                        : CUBA         trad
   Our Lady of Lourdes Church 

Dominican Republic (DO)

HIGUEY                        : DOMINICAN R  non-trad/great
   Catedral Basilica de Nuestra Señora 
     de la Altagracia

El Salvador (SV)

SAN SALVADOR                  : EL SALVADOR  trad
   Iglesia María Auxiliadora 

Guatemala (GT)

GUATEMALA CITY                : GUATEMALA    mech?

Haiti (HT)

PORT-AU-PRINCE                : HAITI        chime
   Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

Honduras (HN)

TEGUCIGALPA                   : HONDURAS     trad
   Basilica de Suyapa 

Jamaica (JM)

MONTEGO BAY                   : JAMAICA      chime
   St.James Parish Church (Anglican) 

Netherlands Antilles (AN)
Prior to 1954, the islands of the Nederlandse Antillen formed the Dutch colony of Curaçao and Dependencies.  For convenience, we have retained the geographical grouping of what are now three autonomous countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands plus three special municipalities under the country of the Netherlands.

  Northeastern islands - Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - G               : NED.ANTIL.   non-trad
   Government House
PHILIPSBURG - SF              : NED.ANTIL.   non-trad
   Omega Watch Company
   (was Spritzer & Fuhrmann)
  Southwestern islands - Aruba and Curaçao
ARUBA                         : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
ORANJESTAD - H                : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Holland Aruba Mall 
ORANJESTAD - RP               : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Royal Plaza Mall
WILLEMSTAD - CB/1             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Citco Bank
WILLEMSTAD - CB/2             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Citco Bank
WILLEMSTAD - CM               : NED.ANTIL.   trad
   Curaçao Museum 
WILLEMSTAD - SF/1             : NED.ANTIL.   chime
   Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers 
WILLEMSTAD - SF/2             : NED.ANTIL.   non-trad
   (currently unidentified;
    was Spritzer & Fuhrmann, Jewellers)

Nicaragua (NI)

LEON                          : NICARAGUA    trad

Peru (PE)

Cuzco                         : Peru         great
LIMA - CC                     : PERU         non-trad
   Catholic Church 
LIMA - SDF                    : PERU         non-trad
   Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Fatima 

Puerto Rico (PR)

BAYAMON                       : PUERTO RICO  mech?
   Collegia Santa Rita 
HATO REY                      : PUERTO RICO  non-trad
   Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico 
   (Universidad Politécnica de P.R.) 
RIO PIEDRAS                   : PUERTO RICO  tubular
   Franklin D. Roosevelt Tower 
   University of Puerto Rico 

Suriname (SR)
Formerly the colony of Dutch Guiana, this country has been independent since 1975.  It may at one time have been a department of Netherlands Antilles.

PARAMARIBO - J                : SURINAME     chime
   J.L.Jong A Kiem N.V.
PARAMARIBO - T                : SURINAME     trad
   Toren op Vaillantsplein/Valliantsplein

Trinidad (TT)
Formerly a British Colony, the country of Trinidad and Tobago has been independent since 1962.

(UNKNOWN)                     : TRINIDAD     chime
   Catholic Church
PORT OF SPAIN - HT            : TRINIDAD     chime
   Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity 

Uruguay (UY)

MONTEVIDEO - CC               : URUGUAY      trad
   Beffroi de la Mairie Communale
MONTEVIDEO - Unknown !        : URUGUAY      mech?

Venezuela (VE)

CARACAS                       : VENEZUELA    chime
SAN CRISTOBAL                 : VENEZUELA    trad
   Iglesia de Los Recolletos

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