Basilica of the Sacred Heart (RC)
   University of Notre Dame du Lac
   (Main quadrangle)
   Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
   LL: N 41.70225, W 86.23983
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   Mary Kay Davies
   H: (219)273-3048
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   Daniel Bayliss


   Basilica of the Sacred Heart
   Notre Dame, IN  46556
   T: (219)631-7800   F: (219)631-4946


   Alma Mater played automatically at
   10am and 10pm daily.


   Bells cast in 1856 by E.Bollée (or
   Bollée et Fils).   Electric keyboard in
   vestry.  Ting-tang quarters and hour
   strike on bass major triad of carillon.
   All traces of original automatic drum
   and a later manual mechanism removed.
   Great bourdon, 7 tons, cast by same
   foundry in 1867, once swung but is now
   tolled electrically; not connected to
   Electric action and controls replaced
   by Smith Bell & Clock in 2016.

*Technical data:

   Traditional carillon of 23 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is G  in the middle octave
   Transposition is up  7 semitone(s)
   Keyboard range:     C C   /    C C 11
   There are two missing bass semitones
   The present keyboard was installed in 195?
     by Petit & Fritsen
   Prior history:
     In 1856, the complete instrument of 23 bells was installed
       with bells made by Bollée      
   Auxiliary mechanisms: Q2HI  
   Tower details: 
     Height of console:                 21 meters above ground
     Height of lowest level of bells:   28 meters above ground
     Height of highest level of bells:  30 meters above ground
     Belfry openness:  40%
   Year of latest technical information source is 2010
Additional information on the technical history of this instrument can be found in a database printout.

The Notre Dame Website sometimes shows the tower of the Basilica on its main page.
An online tour begins with an aerial photo of the Basilica.  From here, the Bell Tower page has a good photo of the tower and a brief description of the bells.
There is a new virtual tour Website for the University - select Sacred Spaces, Basilica.  Under Photos is one inside the bell tower, showing two ornately decorated bells of the carillon; also two of the outside of the bell tower.  The Video section includes glimpses of the tower and the carillon keyboard; unfortunately, the narrator mis-pronounces "carillon" near the end.
Another photo of the Basilica

A video tour (6:39) of the bell tower at Notre Dame University shows the great bell as well as the carillon keyboard.  (But don't emulate the rector's playing technique!)  Automated play simulates several swinging bells.

A 1997 news article tells the history of the bells.

Where this work lies in the sequence of output of the Bollée bellfoundry, in this region and in the world.

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Ranking among all North American traditional carillons by size (number of bells).
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Why this instrument was a milestone in North American non-traditional carillon history (1856).

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