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The Emporis Buildings Website at is a free gateway to a commercial source of information about buildings around the world.  The free portion includes a limited amount of information about each building, and usually some exterior photos.  It is for this last feature that we provide links from some of our site data pages (and "great bell" lists) to the corresponding Emporis Buildings pages, because those photos have been supplied by professional photographers, and often they provide quite interesting views of the towers that house the carillons and other instruments which we describe.


Some advice may help you to understand how we link to Emporis' pages and how to make the best use of what you find there.

We will almost always link to the Emporis page which has the identification of the building plus a limited amount of location information and technical data.  (More detailed information is available to paying customers.)  If that page had no photos when we established the link (or when we last checked it), the wording of our link will tell you so; then if your only interest is in photos, you need not follow it.  But we provide the link anyway, in case you might be interested in other information about the building, and to make it easier for us to discover that photos have been added to building pages.

Sometimes an Emporis building page has a section on Facts, and it might mention something about bells.  Sometimes the page has a section on Companies involved in this Building, and it might identify one or more bellfoundries.

When photos are available for an Emporis building (as they are on most pages to which we link), one or more may be shown to the left of the text.  Below those photos may be a Photo Compilation indicator, reading "Click here to see more files."  That link will lead to more photos, organized in one or more pages with up to nine photos per page.  Like the photos on the main page, these are clickable to see larger versions.  Look carefully - the photos on the main page may or may not appear again in the Photo Compilation pages.  The large versions of the photos have small white-on-black captions at the bottom edge; these always date and identify the photograph, and may also describe the perspective from which the photo was taken.

NOTE:  In a few instances, we will link directly to the large version of a photo, bypassing the building's main page.  This occurs when that main page does not mention a bellfoundry and we found only one relevant photo available.  (There may be other photos that are not relevant; if you are so inclined, you can find your way to them from the page with the large photo.)

Bellfoundry cross-references

In addition to pages about individual buildings, Emporis has pages about companies that were involved with the design, construction and furnishing of those buildings.  When a company is mentioned on an individual building page (in the section "Companies involved in this Building"), that mention is linked to the company page.  In turn, the company page has an associated list of all of the buildings for which its involvement is cited, and each entry in that list is a link back to the corresponding individual building page. 

For convenience, we list below all of the bell-related companies which we know to be listed on the Website, in order by their Emporis company number (i.e., the order in which they were added to the Emporis database).  Although each of those company pages can be reached from the building pages to which we provide links, the reverse is not necessarily true.  That is, some buildings listed on bellfoundry company pages at do not have corresponding site data pages (or "great bell" entries) on the this Website.  Typically, that is because whatever bell(s) prompted their mention are too small and/or too few to qualify for our lists.

Meneely Bell Company (Troy) [closed]
Fonderie Paccard
Whitechapel Bell Foundry  [closed]
Royal Eijsbouts
Bollée  [closed]
Petit & Fritsen  [closed]
John Taylor Bell Founders
Michiels Bellfoundry
Gillett & Johnston  [closed]
Arthur Bigelow [deceased]
The Verdin Company
Fonderie Paccard
Henry Stuckstede [closed]
The van Bergen Company (Charleston)
Meneely & Co. (Watervliet) [closed]
Hooper-Blake [closed]
Van Bergen (Heiligerlee) [closed]

For comparison, our own list of bellfoundry index pages can be found here.

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