Hearst Castle Towers
   Hearst San Simeon State Historical
   750 Hearst Castle Road
   San Simeon, California, USA
   LL: N 35.68528, W 121.16778
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   (None appointed)
*Past players:
   19??s Morris Cecil


   Mr. Hoyt Fields, Museum Director
   - or -
   Department of Parks and Recreation
   San Simeon Area
   San Simeon, CA  93452
   T: (805)927-2020
   - or -
   Friends of Hearst Castle
   700 Hearst Castle Road
   San Simeon, CA  93452
   T: (805)927-2138   F: (805)627-2183
   - or -
   Jeff Payne, Collections Registrar




   Bells distributed evenly between the two
   towers.  Two basses and 10 trebles
   were cast & delivered in 1936 but never
   hung, and later dispersed; the
   originally intended bourdon has
   reappeared in  LOS ANGELES - CLA.

*Technical data:

   Electric-keyboard carillon of 36 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is A  in the middle octave
   Transposition is up  9 semitone(s)
   Keyboard range:     C C   /    NONE  
   There is one missing bass semitone
   There is no practice console
   The whole instrument was installed in 1937
     with bells made by Michiels    
   Year of latest technical information source is 1994


The California State Parks system's Webpage has an aerial photo of the main building plus links to other Websites with additional information.

The Website of the Friends of Hearst Castle has several good photos.

A Waymarking page for these bells has 2 photos of the towers.

Where the main part of this work lies in the sequence of output of the Michiels bellfoundry, in this region and in the world.

Ranking among all North American non-traditional carillons by weight.
Ranking among all North American non-traditional carillons by size (number of bells).
Ranking among all North American non-traditional carillons by year of completion.

Index to all tower bell instruments in CA.


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