De Zingende Toren


   Vleuterweide, Utrecht, Netherlands
   LL: N 52.09395, E 5.01127
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   Wim Ruitenbeek
   E: wimruitenbeek@gmail.com
*Former carillonist:
   2009-11 Boudewijn Zwart


   Stichting Zingende Toren
   Postbus 123
   3450 AC Vleuten
   E: info/@/dezingendetoren DOTnl
   - or -
   Burchtpoort 5
   3452 MD  Utrecht
   T: 030/670 3122
   E: info/@/cultuur19 DOTnl


   Wednesday 1400-1500 Apr-Sep (except
   school vacations); also some Saturdays


   Hybrid carillon, with glass bells
   (blown by Bernard Heesen and tuned by
   Eijsbouts) and baton keyboard by
   Reinold van Zijl (Clavion);
   tuning is well tempered.  Blue and gray
   balls in tower are ornamental;
   sounding bells are red.

*Technical data:

   Traditional carillon of 50 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is unknown
   Transposition is unknown
   Keyboard range:     C D   /    C G   
   There is one missing bass semitone
   The presence or absence of a practice console is unknown
   The whole instrument was installed in 2009
     with bells made by the maker cited in Remarks above
   No auxiliary mechanisms known
   Tower details not available
   Year of latest technical information source is 2023

The Website of the cultural center has a photo that clearly shows the red glass bells among the blue and green glass ornaments on the tower.

The Website of the CultuurCampus opens with a photo of Wim Ruitenbeek at the mobile baton keyboard.

The Website of the tower and instrument is extensive.

The Website of the carillonist has a page about this instrument.

Since these are glass bells, this instrument is not indexed by pitch (weight).
Ranking among all Netherlands traditional carillons by size (number of bells).
Ranking among all Netherlands traditional carillons by year of completion.
As a hybrid carillon, this is indexed as both traditional and non-traditional.
Ranking among all Netherlands non-traditional carillons by size (number of bells).
Ranking among all Netherlands non-traditional carillons by year of completion.

Index to all hybrid carillons in the world.

Index to all traditional carillons in Netherlands.

Index to all tower bell instruments in NL/Utrecht.

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   based on textual data last updated on 2023/10/23
   and on technical data last updated on 2023/09/01

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