Catedral Metropolitana
   (Metropolitan Cathedral)
   Zócalo  (main square)
   (Plaza de Constitucion)
   Mexico, D.F., Mexico
   LL: N 19.43389, W 99.13332 (W.tower)
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   Rafael Barra, head bell man


   Catedral Metropolitana
   T: 5522-3033


   Building open daily, 1000-2000 (free).


   Largest church in Mexico;
   largest cathedral in Latin America.
   In 1991, there were reported six bells
   in southeast tower: 3 hung flywheel
   style plus 3 hung dead, including
   "Santa Maria de Ascencion", 7 tonnes,
   cast in 1573; also five bells in
   southwest tower: 4 hung flywheel style
   plus the great bourdon
   "Santa Maria de Guadelupe", 13 tonnes,
   cast 1791, largest in Latin America.
   Also reported as 18 bells (no details).
   Reported in 2005 as 34 bells, all cast
   in Mexico, latest in 2002.

*Technical data:

   Chime-sized instrument with action described in Remarks above of 12 bells
   Pitch of heaviest bell is unknown
   Transposition is unknown
   Keyboard range:     ----  /    ----  
   The arrangement of tones and semitones is unknown.
   Installation was completed in unknown year
     with bells made by an unknown maker
   Year of latest technical information source is 1991


Introduction to a National Public Radio audio program from 3 Feb 2005 about these bells.

Photos by J.Westien: direct front, and perspective from SW. The building to the right of the twin-towered Cathedral is the parish church "El Sagrario".

Two photos by Angus McIntyre (one an excellent closeup of a bell tower) can be found here.

Stock photo of a historical document for The Bells of the New Courtyard Clock - 1905, with a drawing of three large bells waiting to be hoisted up a scaffolding tower at the front of the building.

Ranking among all North American chimes by size (number of bells).
Ranking among all North American chimes by weight (pitch).
Ranking among all North American chimes by year of completion.

Where the bass bell in the southwest tower ranks among other great bells in North America
Where the bass bell in the southeast tower ranks among other great bells in North America

Index to all tower bell instruments in Mexico/DF.


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