Non-traditional carillons in Italy:
index by year of completion

The table below is an index to 6 existing Italian non-traditional carillons, in order by year of completion (to the current number of bells).  Instruments which were completed in the same year are listed in order by the city name without regard to the exact date on which the installation was finished.

After the year, a letter indicates that it is

C - when the complete instrument was installed;
E - when the instrument was enlarged from its previous size;
R - when the instrument's range changed, but not its size.
(Replacements which did not change the range are not considered here.)

    Location (City : Country)                Year

MESSINA                       : ITALY - ME   ???? ?

ROMA                          : ITALY - RM   1876 C  trad*

VENEGONO INFERIORE            : ITALY - VA   1930 C
BOLOGNA                       : ITALY - BO   1934 E

BRESSANONE                    : ITALY - BZ   20__ C
S.NAZARIO                     : ITALY - VI   2012 E

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