Non-traditional carillons in Europe:
index by country and city

Non-traditional carillons may be found in Europe in the indicated countries:

Countries:  Austria,  {Belgium},  {Denmark},  {England (UK)},  Finland,  {France},  {Germany (former East and West combined)},  GreeceHungaryIcelandItalyLuxembourg,  {Netherlands},  NorwayPolandPortugalRussia,  {Scotland (UK)},  Serbia (formerly part of Yugoslavia),  SpainSwedenSwitzerland

Click on any underlined country name above to go directly to that section of this index, or to the {separate country index page}.  (For countries in the British Isles, there is a separate regional index.)  Within a country, sites are listed alphabetically by city and site-name.

If you are looking for a specific site by its institutional name (e.g., a church or school) or by the instrument's proper name, then use the "find in page" feature of your Web browser to locate a distinctive word (or partial word) in that name.


  1. Cities which have (or had) a carillon during a historical period when they were part of, or were occupied by, a different country may be cross-referenced by the name which they bore in the language of that country.  For the same reason, place names are sometimes given in alternate languages.  Such references enable the reader to connect historical references with present circumstances, and are not intended to express any political opinion regarding past or present facts.

  2. Installations which originally had a traditional keyboard are marked "trad*".

  3. If you do not find here a city (or instrument) which you think should be listed, then check the page of sites that are no more for this region. If it's not there, then please send a message to telling everything you know about it.


GRAZ - GM                     : AUSTRIA    
   Toenendes Erz dat Graz
   (Sounding bronze of Graz)
   Gottfried Maurer residence
GRAZ - MK                     : AUSTRIA    
INNSBRUCK - STJ               : AUSTRIA    
   Johanniskirche (St.John's Church)
INNSBRUCK - Z                 : AUSTRIA    
SALZBURG                      : AUSTRIA    
   Cupola, Archbishop's Palace
     (Neubau; Neue Rezidenz)


KUOPIO                        : FINLAND      zvon
   The Orthodox Church Museum of Finland 
   (Suomen Ortodoksinen Kirkkomuseo) 
PYHÄSALMI - 1                 : FINLAND     
   Vaskikello (Brassbellstore) Bell Museum
     (restaurant, indoors) 


PATRAI                        : GREECE     
   St.Andrew's Cathedral
   (Aghios Andreas)


KECSKEMÉT                     : HUNGARY    
   Városháza (City Hall)


REYKJAVIK - H                 : ICELAND    
   Hallgrímskirkja (Cathedral)


BOLOGNA                       : ITALY       
   Santuario del SS.Crocifisso
MESSINA                       : ITALY      
   Santuario de Montalto
ROMA                          : ITALY        trad*
   S.Paulo intra Muros 
   (St.Paul's within the Walls, 
     American Episcopal) 
VENEGONO                      : ITALY      


ECHTERNACH - 1                : LUXEMBOURG 
   Basilica of St.Willibrord
ECHTERNACH - 3                : LUXEMBOURG 
   Basilica of St.Willibrord
LUXEMBOURG                    : LUXEMBOURG  
   Cathedrale Notre Dame


KRISTIANSAND                  : NORWAY     
   Kristiansand Domkirke 
TONSBERG                      : NORWAY     
   Sems Sparebank 


 [none known] 


FATIMA                        : PORTUGAL     trad*
   Lower belfry
   Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima
POVOA DE VARZIM               : PORTUGAL   
   Heart of Jesus Church


BELGOROD - Mobile             : RUSSIA     
   WW2 memorial of Prokhorovka tank battle
KEM - 1                       : RUSSIA       zvon
   Solowyetskiy Cloister
MOSKVA - DM                   : RUSSIA       zvon
   Zvonnitsa (Gatehouse tower)
   Danilov (St.Daniel) Monastery
MOSKVA - ST/1                 : RUSSIA     
   Spasskaya Bashnya (The Savior Tower)
   Kremlin (east wall)
SAINT PETERSBURG - CI         : RUSSIA       zvon
   Cross Island 
SAINT PETERSBURG - PK/2       : RUSSIA       trad*
   Petropavlovskaya Krepost 
   (Peter & Paul Tower; lantern) 
SERGIEV POSAD                 : RUSSIA       zvon
   Holy Trinity St.Sergius Lavra
     Monastery (Russian Orthodox)


BELGRADE                      : SERBIA     
   Temple of Saint Sava


SEVILLE                       : SPAIN      
   Giralda Tower
   Catedral de Santa María de la Sede


GISLAVED                      : SWEDEN     
KIRUNA                        : SWEDEN     
   Radhus (or) Stadshustorn
KRISTIANSTAD                  : SWEDEN     
KUMLA                         : SWEDEN     
OSTERSUND                     : SWEDEN      
OXELÖSUND                     : SWEDEN     
STOCKHOLM - AFK               : SWEDEN     
   Adolf Fredriks Kyrka Tower
STOCKHOLM - DC                : SWEDEN     
   Dutch Church
STOCKHOLM - O                 : SWEDEN      
SUNDBYBERG                    : SWEDEN     
   Fredens Kyrka
UPPLANDS-VÄSBY                : SWEDEN     
   Vilunda Kyrka
YSTAD - MK                    : SWEDEN     
   St.Maria Kirka
YSTAD - OK                    : SWEDEN     
   Ohlssons Klockgjuteri


FINHAUT                       : SWITZERLAND
   Eglise Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption
MORGINS                       : SWITZERLAND
SISIKON                       : SWITZERLAND
   Reformierte Kirchgemeindehaus Hasel
     (Kirchliches Zentrum)
ZURICH - BK                   : SWITZERLAND
   Bijouterie Kurz
ZURICH - ZA                   : SWITZERLAND
   Hotel Zurich Airport (Holiday Inn)
ZURICH - ZR                   : SWITZERLAND
   Hotel Zurich-Regensdorf (Holiday Inn)

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