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SANTA BARBARA                 : USA - CA     trad
   Thomas M. Storke Student
     Publication Building
   University of California
STANFORD                      : USA - CA     trad
   Hoover Institute Carillon
   Hoover Tower
   Stanford University
NEW MILFORD                   : USA - CT     trad
   Jose M. Ferrer Memorial Carillon
   Chapel of Our Lady
   Canterbury School
DES MOINES - STP              : USA - IA     trad
   Cathedral Church of St.Paul (Episcopal)
CENTRALIA                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Centralia Carillon
   The Centralia Carillon Tower
CHICAGO - STC                 : USA - IL     trad
   Crane Memorial Carillon
   St.Chrysostom's Episcopal Church
ELSAH - 2                     : USA - IL     trad
   The Jean L. Rainwater Carillon
   Principia College (Christian Science)
SPRINGFIELD -  TR             : USA - IL     trad
   Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon
   Washington Park
NOTRE DAME                    : USA - IN     trad
   Basilica of the Sacred Heart (RC)
   University of Notre Dame du Lac
COHASSET                      : USA - MA     trad
   The Cohasset Carillon
   (formerly known as the Bancroft
   St.Stephen's Episcopal Church
NORTHAMPTON - 1               : USA - MA     trad
   Dorothea Carlile Carillon
   College Hall Tower
   Smith College
NORWOOD                       : USA - MA     trad
   Walter F. Tilton Memorial Carillon
   Norwood Memorial Municipal Building
     (Soldiers Memorial, WW I)
SPRINGFIELD - TM              : USA - MA     trad
   Trinity Singing Tower
   Trinity United Methodist Church
SALISBURY - SU                : USA - MD     trad
   Samuel R. Brown Memorial Carillon
   Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons
     (replacing Caruthers Hall)
CHARLOTTE - MPP               : USA - NC     trad
   Myers Park Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
CLEVELAND - CC                : USA - OH     trad
   The McGaffin Carillon
   (Alexander McGaffin Memorial)
   The Church of the Covenant
GATES MILLS                   : USA - OH     trad
   Church of St.Christopher-by-the-River
HOLLAND                       : USA - PA     trad
   Henry D. Schneider Memorial Carillon
   Trinity United Church of Christ (UCC)
   (was Trinity Reformed Church)
READING - SLC                 : USA - PA     trad
   Bells of Joy
   Schwarzwald Lutheran Church (ELCA)
SELLERSVILLE                  : USA - PA     trad
SHARON                        : USA - PA     trad
   Henry B. Forker, III and Harry B.
     McDowell, Jr. Memorial Carillon
   St.John's Episcopal Church
ABILENE - FP                  : USA - TX     tubular
   First Central Presbyterian Church
     (was First Presbyterian Church)
CORPUS CHRISTI - FBC          : USA - TX     trad
   Glasscock Memorial Carillon
   First Baptist Church (SBC)
HOUSTON - TLC                 : USA - TX     trad
   Theresa Mohnke Memorial Carillon
   Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS)
SHERMAN                       : USA - TX     trad
   Wynne Chapel
   Austin College
ARLINGTON                     : USA - VA     trad
   The Netherlands Carillon
   Netherlands Carillon Gardens
SPOKANE - C                   : USA - WA     trad
   Carillon in Thanksgiving for the Life
     and Work of George Frederick Jewett
   Bishop Cross Tower
   Cathedral of St.John the Evangelist
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