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These usage hints apply to city locator maps reached by clicking a "gazetteer page" link on a site data page on this Website.

Our customization:  We simply specify the desired city or town; the Global Gazetteer does the rest.

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What's "Global Gazetteer" ?

The Global Gazetteer is an online static mapping service which is provided at no cost to the Guild by, an independent company.  It offers a simple service for locating cities for most of the world.  Initially we used it only for Africa and the Mid-East, since we could find no dynamic mapping service for that region.  However, beginning in April 2006 we are using it for most parts of the world, because it provides a quick and simple way to determine city locations.  (It also provides some useful related information.)  Also, its pages display correctly in all modern browsers and most old ones.

Why are these usage hints important?

The Global Gazetteer service is aimed at the general user, and doesn't provide any online help because it expects that all aspects of its pages are intuitive.  Our use of this service has revealed a few shortcomings, so we supply some generic help for the Global Gazetteer.

This page which you are now reading explains what you might not find intuitive, and also explains aspects of that service which are important to us. 

A significant limitation of the Global Gazetteer is that it some of its information is incomplete or inaccurate, as follows:

How can I get a different view of the site surroundings?

The Global Gazetteer has only three options to customize the page to meet your particular needs.  These appear between the large map and the two small maps.  (NOTE: Since the HTML code for the Gazetteer pages is non-standard, these options may be invisible in some Web browsers.)

Why might I want a different view of the site surroundings?

The amount of detail which Global Gazetteer provides varies depending on the local topography.

What other map controls are available?

None - Global Gazetteer has a simple, easy-to-use interface, but that is accomplished by omitting some of the extra flexibility that other mapping services may offer.

I tinkered with the map controls too much, and now I'm lost.  How do I get back to the original version?

Use the "Back" feature of your Web browser.  (This may be a menu selection or a toolbar button.) 

Why isn't the map embedded directly in the site data page?

Global Gazetteer does not provide that option.

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