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CHATHAM                       : CANADA - ON  chime
   First Presbyterian Church
BALTIMORE - STJ               : USA - MD     chime
   St.John's in the Village
   (St.John's Episcopal Church--Huntingdon)
VICKSBURG                     : USA - MS     chime
   St.Paul Catholic Church
ELIZABETH                     : USA - NJ     chime
   St.Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
HARRISON                      : USA - NJ     chime
   Holy Cross Catholic Church
BROOKLYN - STMY               : USA - NY     chime
   St.Mary's Catholic Church
   (St.Mary's Star of the Sea)
NORWALK                       : USA - OH     chime
   St.Paul's RC Church
GLEN MILLS                    : USA - PA     chime
   Glen Mills Schools Library
SHENANDOAH                    : USA - PA     chime
   (in storage in Schuylkill)
KNOXVILLE - SP                : USA - TN     chime
   Second Presbyterian Church (PCUSA)
ROANOKE - G                   : USA - VA     chime
   Greene Memorial Methodist Church
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