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GRAZ - GM                     : AUSTRIA      non-trad
   Toenendes Erz dat Graz
   (Sounding bronze of Graz)
   Gottfried Maurer residence
HALIFAX - UM                  : CANADA - NS  chime
   The Halifax Explosion Memorial
     Bell Tower
   Fort Needham Memorial Park
   - and -
   The United Memorial Church
ALSTON                        : ENGLAND -CU  chime
   St.Augustine Parish Church
ASHFORD                       : ENGLAND -KE  chime/ring *NEW*
   Church of St.Mary the Virgin
BANBURY                       : ENGLAND -OX  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Mary's Church
BIRTLES HALL                  : ENGLAND -CH  chimola
   St.Catherine Parish Church
BLAGDON                       : ENGLAND -SM  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Andrew Parish Church
CAMBRIDGE                     : ENGLAND -CA  chime/ring *NEW*
   The Church of Our Lady
     and the English Martyrs
CLIFTON                       : ENGLAND -BD  chime/ring *NEW*
   All Saints Parish Church
CLITHEROE                     : ENGLAND -LA  chime *NEW*
   St.James Parish Church
DERBY                         : ENGLAND -DB  chime/ring *NEW*
   All Saints Anglican Cathedral
GLANDFORD                     : ENGLAND -NF  chime
   St.Martin Parish Church
GLOUCESTER                    : ENGLAND -GL  chime
   Eastgate Shopping Centre
GREAT WARLEY                  : ENGLAND -ES  chime
   Essex Regimental Chapel
HARTLEPOOL                    : ENGLAND -DU  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Oswald Parish Church
HOOTON PAGNELL                : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   All Saints Parish Church
KENNERLEIGH                   : ENGLAND -DE  chime
   St.John the Baptist Anglican Church
LUDLOW                        : ENGLAND -SH  chime/ring *NEW*
   Parish Church of St.Laurence Ludlow
MELTHAM                       : ENGLAND -YW  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Bartholomew Parish Church
   SS.James & Basil Parish Church
NEWPORT PAGNELL               : ENGLAND -BU  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Peter & St.Paul Parish Church
OULTON                        : ENGLAND -ST  chime
   St.Mary's Abbey (RC)
SAINT HELENS                  : ENGLAND -LA  trad
   St.Mary's, Lowe House, RC Church
TAUNTON                       : ENGLAND -SM  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Mary Magdalene Parish Church
WESTMINSTER                   : ENGLAND -WC  chime/ring *NEW*
   St.Clement Danes Parish Church
WORCESTER - 1                 : ENGLAND -WO  ring *NEW*
   Cathedral Church of Christ
     and the Virgin Mary
WORCESTER - 2                 : ENGLAND -WO  chime *NEW*
   Cathedral Teaching Centre
   Cathedral Church of Christ
     and the Virgin Mary
WYTHAM                        : ENGLAND -BR  chime
   All Saints Parish Church
LIMERICK - SA                 : IRELAND -LM  chime/ring *NEW*
   Mount St.Alphonsus
LIMERICK - STJ                : IRELAND -LM  chime
   St.John's RC Cathedral
SHANDON                       : IRELAND      chime *NEW*
   Cathedral of St.Mary & St.Anne
WEXFORD                       : IRELAND -WX  chime/ring *NEW*
   Immaculate Conception Church
ARMAGH                        : N IRELAND-R  trad
   North tower
   St.Patrick's Cathedral (R.C.)
LONDONDERRY                   : N IRELAND-D  chime/ring *NEW*
   Cathedral Church of St.Columb (CI)
ASTEN - FS                    : NETHERLANDS  hybrid
   Mobile carillon Frank Steijns
   Museum Klok & Peel
ASTEN - NBM/1                 : NETHERLANDS  chime
   Museum Klok & Peel
   (was Nationaal Beiaard-
     en Natuurmuseum,
ASTEN - NBM/2                 : NETHERLANDS  chime
   Museum Klok & Peel
   (was Nationaal Beiaard-
     en Natuurmuseum,
ASTEN - NBM/4                 : NETHERLANDS  chime
   Museum Klok & Peel
ASTEN - NBM/5                 : NETHERLANDS  non-trad *NEW*
   Tower carillon
   Museum Klok & Peel
DORDRECHT - G/2               : NETHERLANDS  ring
   O.L.V.Toren (Grote Kerk)
EMMELOORD                     : NETHERLANDS  trad
ENKHUIZEN - Z                 : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Zuidertoren (Sint Pancraskerk)
GOEDEREEDE                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
   St.Elizabethtoren (N.H.Kerk)
   (or St.Catharinatoren)
LEIDEN - S                    : NETHERLANDS  trad
SON                           : NETHERLANDS  trad
WEERT                         : NETHERLANDS  trad
   Sint Martinuskerk
OSLO - R                      : NORWAY       trad
   Rådhus (City Hall)
MAFRA - S                     : PORTUGAL     trad
   Lower belfry, south tower
FALKIRK                       : SCOTLAND-ST  chime
   "Auld Kirk" Presbyterian Church
   (Old and St.Modan's Church)
GLASGOW                       : SCOTLAND-LA  chime
   Tolbooth (or) Cross Steeple
INVERNESS                     : SCOTLAND-HI  chime/ring *NEW*
   Cathedral Church of St.Andrew
PEEBLES                       : SCOTLAND-PB  chime
   Old Parish Church
STIRLING                      : SCOTLAND-ST  chime
   Tolbooth (or) Broad Street Steeple
MADRID - SF/1                 : SPAIN        chime
   South tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
     (The Royal Church)
MADRID - SF/2                 : SPAIN        chime
   North tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
     (The Royal Church)
STOCKHOLM - SH                : SWEDEN       chime
STOCKHOLM - STG               : SWEDEN       trad
   Deutsche St.Gertruds Kirche
   (S:ta Gertruds kyrka)
KIEV                          : UKRAINE      trad
   Gatehouse belltower
   St.Michael's Cathedral
HUNTSVILLE                    : USA - AL     trad
   First Baptist Church
DAVENPORT - P/1               : USA - IA     chime
   Palmer College (formerly School)
     of Chiropractic
   Memorial Tower
   The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church
ATLANTIC CITY - FP            : USA - NJ     chime
   First United Presbyterian Church
VANCOUVER                     : USA - WA     non-trad
   Salmon Run Bell Tower
   Esther Short Park
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