Index of new & updated sites
by country, state/province, city

CHATHAM                       : CANADA - ON  chime
   First Presbyterian Church
TORONTO - STJA/1              : CANADA - ON  chime
   Upper belfry
   St.James Cathedral
TORONTO - STJA/2              : CANADA - ON  ring
   The Bells of Old York
   Lower belfry
   St.James Cathedral
WINNIPEG - OV                 : CANADA - MB  chime
   Osborne Village Square
ALSTON                        : ENGLAND -CU  chime
   St.Augustine Parish Church
ALVERTHORPE                   : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   Victory Carillon
   St.Paul Church
BIRTLES HALL                  : ENGLAND -CH  chimola
   St.Catherine Parish Church
CARLTON                       : ENGLAND -NT  chime
   St.John the Baptist Church
COVENTRY                      : ENGLAND -WA  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Michael
DALSTON - SMK                 : ENGLAND -E   ring/chime
   Saint Mark's Parish Church
FOULRIDGE                     : ENGLAND -LA  chime
   St.Michael & All Angels Parish Church
FRIMLEY                       : ENGLAND -SU  chime
   St.Peter Parish Church
GLANDFORD                     : ENGLAND -NF  chime
   St.Martin Parish Church
HOOTON PAGNELL                : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   All Saints Parish Church
HOUNSLOW                      : ENGLAND -MD  chime
   Holy Trinity Parish Church
KENILWORTH                    : ENGLAND -WA  chime
   St.John the Evangelist Parish Church
KENNERLEIGH                   : ENGLAND -DE  chime
   St.John the Baptist Anglican Church
LEE                           : ENGLAND -SE  chime
   St.Margaret Parish Church
LEIGH-ON-SEA                  : ENGLAND -ES  peal
   Our Lady of Lourdes & St.Joseph (RC)
LEXDEN                        : ENGLAND -ES  chime
   St.Leonard's Parish Church
LIMEHOUSE                     : ENGLAND -E   chime
   Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Church
LONDON - A                    : ENGLAND -W   trad
   The Atkinson Carillon
   above Salvatore Ferragamo
   (was J.Fox & Co.;
     originally Atkinson's Stores)
LONDON - HW                   : ENGLAND -EC  chime
   133, Houndsditch
   (was Hounsditch Warehouse Company)
LONDON - MC                   : ENGLAND -E   chime
   World War I memorial
   East tower
   Memorial Community Church
   (was Memorial Baptist Church)
LONDON - RE                   : ENGLAND -EC  chime
   The Royal Exchange
LONDON - WBF                  : ENGLAND -E   chime
   Whitechapel Bell Foundry
MANCHESTER - TH               : ENGLAND -LA  non-trad
   Town Hall
   Edith Adamson Memorial Carillon
   Civic Centre
OULTON                        : ENGLAND -ST  chime
   St.Mary's Abbey (RC)
POOLE                         : ENGLAND -DO  chime
   The Transfiguration Parish Church
POULTON                       : ENGLAND -CH  non-trad
   The Brewhouse Clock Turret
   Poulton Hall
SAINT HELENS                  : ENGLAND -LA  trad
   St.Mary's, Lowe House, RC Church
SELBY                         : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   St.James the Apostle Parish Church
WHITWICK                      : ENGLAND -LE  chime
   Holy Cross Catholic Church
WYTHAM                        : ENGLAND -BR  chime
   All Saints Parish Church
CARRICKMACROSS                : IRELAND -MN  chime
   St.Joseph Catholic Church
LIMERICK                      : IRELAND      chime
   St.John's RC Cathedral
MEXICO CITY - SMG/2           : MEXICO       chime
   Basilica de la Virgen de Guadelupe
   (Basilica Sancta Maria de Guadelupe)
ARMAGH                        : N IRELAND-R  trad
   North tower
   St.Patrick's Cathedral (R.C.)
NEWRY                         : N IRELAND-D  chime
   Cathedral of St.Patrick & St.Colman (RC)
PORTADOWN                     : N IRELAND-R  chime
   St.Mark's Church (C.I.)
CAPE TOWN - STG               : S AFRICA     ring
   St.George's Cathedral
CAPE TOWN - W                 : S AFRICA     ring
   St.Mary's Church
DURBAN - STM                  : S AFRICA     ring
   St.Mary Anglican Church
DURBAN - STP                  : S AFRICA     ring
   St.Paul Anglican Church
ABERDEEN - STM                : SCOTLAND-AB  chime/ring
   Cathedral Church of St.Mary
     of the Assumption (RC)
CLYDEBANK                     : SCOTLAND-SC  chime
   Town Hall
DUNFERMLINE                   : SCOTLAND-FI  non-trad
   Northwest tower
   Dunfermline Abbey
FALKIRK                       : SCOTLAND-ST  chime
   "Auld Kirk" Presbyterian Church
KILMARNOCK                    : SCOTLAND-AY  trad
   St.Andrew's & St.Marnock's Church
     (Church of Scotland)
PAISLEY                       : SCOTLAND-RE  chime
   Clock tower
   Town Hall
PERTH                         : SCOTLAND-PR  trad
   St.John's Kirk
   (St.John the Baptist Church)
SAINT ANDREWS                 : SCOTLAND-FI  trad
   Holy Trinity Parish Church
RIVERSIDE - MI/2              : USA - CA     tubular
   Central tower
   Mission Inn
HARTFORD - STJ                : USA - CT     chime
   St.Joseph's Cathedral (RC)
WASHINGTON - NC/1             : USA - DC     trad
   Kibbey Carillon
   Lower belfry
   Gloria in Excelsis Tower
   Washington National Cathedral
WASHINGTON - NC/2             : USA - DC     ring
   Upper belfry
   Gloria in Excelsis Tower
   National Cathedral
WASHINGTON - NC/3             : USA - DC     tubular
   Little Sanctuary
   St.Alban's School
   The National Cathedral School for Boys
WASHINGTON - TM               : USA - DC     non-trad
   Taft Memorial
IOWA CITY                     : USA - IA     chime
   St.Mary of the Visitation Church (RC)
   (aka St.Mary of the Assumption)
CHICAGO - STJO/1              : USA - IL     tubular
   St.John Cantius Catholic Church
URBANA - 1                    : USA - IL     chime
   The Senior Memorial Chime
   Upper belfry
   Altgeld Hall
   University of Illinois
URBANA - 2                    : USA - IL     non-trad
   McFarland Memorial Bell Tower
   University of Illinois
BLOOMINGTON - 2               : USA - IN     trad
   School of Music Carillon
   Music Building Addition
     (or Music Annex)
   Indiana University
CARMEL - 1                    : USA - IN     non-trad
   Coxhall Park (west entrance)
CARMEL - 2                    : USA - IN     non-trad
   Coxhall Park (east entrance)
BEREA - 1                     : USA - KY     chime
   William Goodell Frost Memorial Chimes
   Phelps Stokes Chapel
   Berea College
BEREA - 2                     : USA - KY     trad
   John Courter Carillon
   Draper Building
     (Jessie Preston Draper Memorial)
   Berea College
BOSTON - FCC/2                : USA - MA     chime
   Dome cupola
   First Church of Christ, Scientist
NORTHAMPTON - 1               : USA - MA     trad
   Dorothea Carlile Carillon
   College Hall Tower
   Smith College
BALTIMORE - STV               : USA - MD     chime
   St.Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
ANN ARBOR - UM/1              : USA - MI     trad
   Charles Baird Carillon
   Marion Leroy Burton Memorial Tower
   Main Campus
   University of Michigan
BLOOMFIELD HILLS - KH/2       : USA - MI     chime
   The Children's Bells of Blessing
   over west entrance
   Kirk in the Hills (Presbyterian/PCUSA)
GRAND RAPIDS - GV             : USA - MI     trad
   Beckering Family Carillon
   DeVos Center
   Grand Valley State University
RENO                          : USA - NV     non-trad
   Bonnie Jean Richardson Carillon
   Trinity Episcopal Church
JORDANVILLE - 1               : USA - NY     zvon
   Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Monastery
SACKETS HARBOR                : USA - NY     chime
   The Dewitt C. Hay Memorial Tower
     and Library
   United Presbyterian Church
CINCINNATI - VF               : USA - OH     tubular
   Verdin factory courtyard
MAUMEE                        : USA - OH     tubular
   St.Paul's Episcopal Church
TIFFIN - T                    : USA - OH     tubular
   Ohio Memorial Chapel
   Tiffin Developmental Center
BEAVER FALLS                  : USA - PA     chime
   Deal Carillon Tower
   McCartney Library
   Geneva College
LEBANON - CC                  : USA - PA     chime
   Christ Church (Presbyterian/PCUSA)
MERCERSBURG                   : USA - PA     trad
   The Henry Bucher Swoope Carillon
   Barker Tower
   Mercersburg Academy
PHILADELPHIA - STJL/1         : USA - PA     chime
   Wanamaker Mausoleum
   Church of St.James-the-Less (Episcopal)
WARREN - FM                   : USA - PA     chime
   First United Methodist Church
NASHVILLE - TB/1              : USA - TN     hybrid
   The Tennessee Bicentennial Bells
     [part 1]
   Bicentennial Capitol Mall
NASHVILLE - TB/2              : USA - TN     non-trad
   The Tennessee Bicentennial Bells
     [part 2]
   Bicentennial Capitol Mall
SEWANEE - 2                   : USA - TN     ring
   Bentley Bells
   Breslin Tower
   Convocation Hall
   The University of the South
HOUSTON - PM/2                : USA - TX     ring
   Lower belfry
   Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church
HOUSTON - STP/1               : USA - TX     chime
   Martin Milford Jones Memorial
   Upper belfry
   St.Paul's United Methodist Church
HOUSTON - STP/2               : USA - TX     ring
   Lower belfry
   St.Paul's United Methodist Church
WACO - BU/2                   : USA - TX     trad
   McLane Carillon
   Presley Tower
   Pat Neff Hall (Administration)
   Baylor University
WACO - BU/3                   : USA - TX     non-trad
   George W. Truett Theological Seminary
   Baylor University
FALLS CHURCH                  : USA - VA     chime
   St.Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
FRONT ROYAL                   : USA - VA     chime *NEW*
   Christ the King Chapel
   Christendom College
RUTHER GLEN - 1               : USA - VA     ring
   B. A. Sunderlin Bell Foundry
RUTHER GLEN - 2               : USA - VA     trad
   B. A. Sunderlin Bell Foundry
MIDDLEBURY                    : USA - VT     ring
   Mead Memorial Chapel
   Middlebury College
SEATTLE - UW/2                : USA - WA     ring
   The Gordon Stuart Peek Foundation
     Memorial Bells
   Gerberding Hall
   University of Washington
SEATTLE - UW/3                : USA - WA     trad
   Kane Hall
   University of Washington
VANCOUVER                     : USA - WA     non-trad
   Salmon Run Bell Tower
   Esther Short Park
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