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by country, state/province, city

WIEN - STS                    : AUSTRIA      peal
   South tower
   St.Stephen's Cathedral
ZHYROVICHY                    : BELARUS      zvon *NEW*
   Zhirovichi Monastery
SOFIA                         : BULGARIA     zvon *NEW*
   Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
HALIFAX - UM                  : CANADA - NS  chime
   The Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower
   Fort Needham Memorial Park
   - and -
   The United Memorial Church
LONDON - VP                   : CANADA - ON  chime
   Dutch Canadian Memorial Carillon
   The Canadian Veterans Memorial
   Victoria Park
TARTU                         : ESTONIA      non-trad *NEW*
   Town Hall
MOUNT ATHOS                   : GREECE       zvon *NEW*
   St.Panteleimon Monastery
   (Moni Agiou Panteleimonos)
BIRGU                         : MALTA        chime *NEW*
   Malta Maritime Museum
KRAKOW - B                    : POLAND       chime
   Sanktuarium Bozego Milosierdzia
   (Sanctuary of Divine Mercy)
KRAKOW - W                    : POLAND       chime *NEW*
   The Wawel Royal Cathedral of
     St.Stanislaus B.M. & St.Wenceslaus M.
BRAGA                         : PORTUGAL     chime *NEW*
   Catedral de Braga
BELGOROD - Mobile             : RUSSIA       hybrid
   WW2 memorial of Prokhorovka tank battle
NOVGOROD                      : RUSSIA       zvon *NEW*
   Yuriev (St.George's) Monastery
SAINT PETERSBURG - CI/1       : RUSSIA       non-trad
   Arka-zvonnitsa (crown)
   Primorsky Park of Victory
SAINT PETERSBURG - CI/2       : RUSSIA       zvon *NEW*
   Arka-zvonnitsa (pillars)
   Primorsky Park of Victory
ZVENIGOROD                    : RUSSIA       zvon *NEW*
   Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery
   (Storozhi monastery of St.Savva)
MADRID - SF/1                 : SPAIN        ring
   South tower
   Real Basilica de San Francisco el Grande
     (The Royal Church)
SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA        : SPAIN        chime *NEW*
TOLEDO                        : SPAIN        chime
   Catedral Primada
STOCKHOLM - STC               : SWEDEN       trad
   S:ta Clara kyrka
STOCKHOLM - STG               : SWEDEN       trad
   Deutsche St.Gertruds Kirche
   (Sct.Gertruds kyrka)
VISBY                         : SWEDEN       trad
   Sancta Maria Domkyrka (Cathedral)
KIEV                          : UKRAINE      trad
   Gatehouse belltower
   St.Michael's Cathedral
WASHINGTON - TM               : USA - DC     non-trad
   Taft Memorial
CEDAR FALLS                   : USA - IA     trad
   University of Northern Iowa
   (was Iowa State Teachers College)
CULVER                        : USA - IN     trad
   Memorial Chapel
   The Culver Academies
   (formerly Culver Military Academy)
LA PORTE                      : USA - IN     trad
   The Children's Carillon
   The Presbyterian Church of La Porte
LAWRENCE - KU                 : USA - KS     trad
   World War II Memorial Carillon
   World War II Memorial Campanile
   University of Kansas
MORGAN CITY                   : USA - LA     trad
   Brownell Memorial Park
OCEAN CITY - T                : USA - NJ     chime
   Ocean City Tabernacle
PHILADELPHIA - STMY           : USA - PA     chime
   St.Mary's-at-the-Cathedral Episcopal Church
DALLAS - CG                   : USA - TX     trad
   Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe (RC)
     (Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe)
MADISON - GC                  : USA - WI     non-trad
   Grace Episcopal Church
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