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BRUGGE - Mobile               : BELGIUM      trad
   Holy Blood Procession mobile carillon
IEPER - B                     : BELGIUM      trad
   Halletoren (Belfort)
IEPER - STG/1                 : BELGIUM      chime *NEW*
   St.George's Memorial Church (Anglican)
IEPER - STG/2                 : BELGIUM      ring *NEW*
   St.George's Memorial Church (Anglican)
MECHELEN - STR/2              : BELGIUM      trad
   (Modern carillon)
   Upper belfry
OTTAWA - PT                   : CANADA - ON  trad
   Peace Tower
   Houses of Parliament
REGINA - VP                   : CANADA - SK  non-trad
   Victoria Park
DALSTON - SMY                 : ENGLAND -E   chime
   Our Lady & St.Joseph Catholic Church
   (was Saint Mary's Catholic Church)
HIGH BEACH                    : ENGLAND -ES  chimola
   Church of the Holy Innocents
HOOTON PAGNELL                : ENGLAND -YW  chime
   All Saints Parish Church
KINGSTON-UPON-HULL - G        : ENGLAND -YE  non-trad
   Holy Trinity Church
   (Most Holy & Undivided Trinity)
   Holy Trinity Church
   (Most Holy & Undivided Trinity)
LONDON - A                    : ENGLAND -W   trad
   The Atkinson Carillon
   above Salvatore Ferragamo
   (was J.Fox & Co.;
     originally Atkinson's Stores)
VERNET-LES-BAINS              : FRANCE - 66  ring *NEW*
   Saint George's Anglican Church
GESCHER - PE                  : GERMANY-BRD  non-trad *NEW*
   Petit & Edelbrock
LUENEN                        : GERMANY-BRD  non-trad *NEW*
AMSTERDAM - FS                : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
   Fa. Siebel - facade
DORDRECHT - G/1               : NETHERLANDS  trad
   O.L.V.Toren (Grote Kerk)
DORDRECHT - G/2               : NETHERLANDS  ring *NEW*
   O.L.V.Toren (Grote Kerk)
DORDRECHT - K                 : NETHERLANDS  ring *NEW*
   't Klockhuys (The Bell House)
HEEMSTEDE                     : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
   Cruquiushoeve - clocktower
LEIDSCHENDAM                  : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
   Fa. van Duffelin - facade
MEERKERK                      : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
WILLEMSTAD                    : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
   Het Arsenaal - façade
ZAANDAM                       : NETHERLANDS  chime *NEW*
BLOOMINGTON - 1               : USA - IN     trad
   Arthur R. Metz Memorial Carillon
   Indiana University
NEW ULM                       : USA - MN     non-trad
   Ted Schonlau Memorial Carillon
   Schonlau Park Plaza
LAS VEGAS                     : USA - NV     non-trad
   Smith Center for the Performing Arts
NEW YORK - CP                 : USA - NY     non-trad
   The James D. Johnson Bells
   The DeVos Memorial Bell Tower
   Central Presbyterian Church
NEW YORK - STT                : USA - NY     trad
   St.Thomas Church (Episcopal)
CEDAR CITY                    : USA - UT     non-trad
   Carter Carillon Tower
   Southern Utah University
VANCOUVER                     : USA - WA     non-trad
   Salmon Run Bell Tower
   Esther Short Park
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